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Who can run faster? Is it man’s best friend or is it man himself?

Now before you go out and race the nearest dog you can find, we have the answer to this question, right here, right now, so save your breath!
Many of you have probably heard of Usain Bolt, the record setting Olympian who holds the “fastest man on Earth” title. But how fast does he run?

Usain Bolt reached a top speed of 27.8 miles per hour / 44.64 kilometers per hour[1]. Wow, that’s fast. The average person however doesn’t run that fast. While there are many factors that play into how fast we can run such as gender, age, height, fitness level and how healthy you are, the average human can run around the 10 miles per hour mark.

Now let’s compare that to dogs. You may have a breed in your mind that you think is the fastest and if you guessed Greyhound, you’re right!

The Greyhound can reach astounding speeds of around 43 miles per hour / 70 kilometers per hour[2] – and you thought humans were fast. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Here’s the approximate top speed[3] of some popular dog breeds:

Since we’ve only compared top speeds, you should keep in mind that endurance would play a large role if we were talking about distance or time. Comparing who could run the furthest or for the longest amount of time at these top speeds would be interesting to find out. We’ll save that for another article!

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We love our dogs for their wonderful, and often goofy personalities and we try our best to capture these moments through photos and videos. Dogs can say a lot with just one look, but some seem to say more than others. Check out these six incredibly silly dog faces – guaranteed to make you smile today!

  1. “Flashback Face”
    As a dog lover, maybe you’ve seen the show “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet. If you have, you’ve definitely seen the now-famous dog named “Stains” who appears to be experiencing a severe flashback while staring at a plate of cupcakes in this video.

    Clearly Stains just really wants those cupcakes and is trying with all his might to obey! The internet loved his silly face so much, several spoof videos were made. In this video, dramatic music is played while Stains looks longingly at the cupcakes. The emphasis on how badly he wants those cupcakes makes the face even more hilarious!

    Or how about this “flashback” video? The wide eyes on Stains’ face look as though he’s being reminded of some tragedy that happened to him long ago. Lastly, this video plays that up by making the joke that the sight of the cupcakes triggered war flashbacks.

    No matter what is going on in the dog’s head, we applaud Stains for being so obedient. Good dog!

  2. Marnie the Dog
    This video isn’t so much about the face that the dog is making – it’s about the face that’s always there! Marnie the dog has one of the silliest and cutest faces we’ve ever seen on a dog. This little sweetheart likes to go on adventures all over town, like this trip to Duane Reade she took with her owner.

    And if one adventure isn’t enough for you, check out Marnie’s entire YouTube channel. This little goofball goes all over the place, just loving life as a silly-faced dog! We’re happy to see that Marnie has such a fun-loving family to take care of her. She’s truly living it up!

  3. Best Guilty Face
    All dog owners know the look. You come home to find the trash can tipped over, or the couch cushion torn to shreds and there’s the dog, looking up at you with guilty eyes. The dog knows they did something wrong, but that guilty face is just too much to handle!

    Most dogs have mastered a good guilty face, but have you ever seen a guilty face like this one? Neither have we! This silly dog bares her teeth when she knows she has done something wrong. Perhaps she thinks she’s smiling? We’re not sure, but we know we love it!

  4. Dog’s Reaction to Ear Petting
    Of course dogs love to be pet. From belly rubs to ear scratches, dogs usually get a face a pure happiness when they are getting love and attention and we’re happy to provide it the love!

    Check out this funny face when this dog gets his ear pet – his lip curls in the silliest way that we’re laughing right along with the owner!

    The dog of course seems perfectly happy – perhaps even unaware of what is so funny. Who could complain when they are getting all that attention?

  5. Reacting to Baby News
    Adding a dog to your family can be a big step. Adding a baby to the family is an even bigger step. Delivering the news of a future baby to family and friends can be very exciting, but how are you supposed to break the news to the dog?

    Well this dog isn’t sure he likes what he hears. In fact he seems downright shocked! And who wouldn’t be? Most dogs are used to being the baby in the family. Who wants to share that role?
    We’re sure this silly sweetheart did well with the new baby once he arrived. Congratulations!

  6. This Dog that Says Cheese
    Is it just us, or is taking a picture of your dog never as easy as you want it to be? Once you’ve gotten your dog to sit still, they decide to look the other way. You try bribing them with a treat, and they get too excited. All you want is one adorable picture! What’s a dog owner to do?

    We find ourselves wishing that the dogs we take pictures of were more like this one. The big, goofy grin is infectious. No wonder the dog’s owner is laughing so much! We are too. And truthfully, we might even be a bit jealous. If every dog said cheese on command, we’d all have some pretty adorable family photos!

Does your dog make any silly faces? Know any hilarious videos that we missed? Share them with us!

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Halloween should be a fun time for adults, kids and of course our dogs! Have some fun with your dog this year and create a costume for them yourself. We’ve scoured just about every single do it yourself guide for dog Halloween costumes. Here are the top 11 we found.

Editor’s Picks

A Delicious Cupcake – From


















Pirate Dog – Jack Sparrow and his Pirate + their Booty! – From Coolest Homemade Costumes – Video guide















Starbucks Dog Costume – From Coolest Homemade Costumes
















Hot Dog Vendor Costume – By Stephanie Lynn

























Unicorn Costume For Your Dog – From the Live Colorful Blog























Fairy Princess Costume For Your Dog – From the Polished Habitat blog




















Little Bad Wolf Costume Dog – Coolest Homeade Costumes














Batman Dog Costume (No-Sew) – From the Sage + Sparkle blog


























Chia Pet – Kitai – From The Flirty Guide blog




















Skunk Dog – Coolest Homemade Costumes














Light-Up Dandelion Dog Costume – by SwitchGirl

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It’s almost that fun time of year where you get to dress up as your alter ego! But it’s not only you that can have fun. Let your furry friend have some fun too this year and dress them up as their (or your) favorite alter ego!

Editor’s Picks

1. Football Player Dog Costume – $2.42 – Costume Craze
Seem’s like it’s only available in size XL however the price is amazing!













2. UPS Dog Costume- $24.99 – Spirit Halloween












3. Spider Pup Dog Costume – $24.99-$29.99 –












4. Darth Vader Dog Costume – $16.99 – PartyCity

















5. Taco Dog Costume – $12.99 – Target














6. Skunk Dog Costume – $14.49 – Casual Canine on Amazon














7. Tootsie Roll Dog Costume – $17.99 –













8. Iced Coffee Dog Costume – $19.99 – Rubie’s on Amazon














9. Pizza Slice Dog Costume – $17.99 –

















10. Vampire Dracula Dog Costume – $17.92 – Costume Craze














11. Santa Dog Costume – $19.99 –




















12. Suit Up Dog Costume – $19.95 – Rubie’s on Amazon

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By now you’ve probably let your pup taste dog ice cream, perhaps taken him for a ride in a doggie stroller or even dressed him up as your favorite character for Halloween. Just when you thought you’ve tried all of the products that have been adapted for dogs, we’ve found four new dog products that until now, we thought only humans could enjoy. Check them out!

  1. Wine for Dogs

    You’ll never have to drink alone again! Apollo Peak, a company that began as a winemaker for cats, has now expanded its repertoire to include wine for dogs. Right now there are two flavors dog owners can choose from: The CharDOGnay and the ZinfanTail.

    But wait…alcohol is bad for dogs right? Absolutely! That’s why all pet-friendly wine made by Apollo Peak contains no alcohol at all. In fact, it doesn’t even contain grapes, a food that is notoriously bad for dogs. If you are considering purchasing a dog-friendly wine made by a different brand, be sure to check the ingredients. You should never feed your dog grapes or alcohol.

    So what is actually in this wine? The wine is made with all-natural ingredients, and the dark coloring of the wine is actually derived from beets. The wine itself has a natural, calming effect on dogs. This is achieved through the use of herbs such as peppermint or chamomile. So while you relax with your human wine, your dog will be relaxing right by your side!

  2. A FitBit for Dogs

    As the company slogan states, “We couldn’t imagine a world where we monitor our own health but not that of our dogs.” Introducing FitBark, the first FitBit equivalent for dogs.

    You’ve probably heard of FitBit, and may even have one yourself. It is essentially a bracelet that tracks your daily activity and monitors your health. Humans can program the FitBit to track the steps they take each day, monitor their heart rate, and even monitor their sleep cycle. Now you can do all that and more for your dog!

    FitBark aims to help dog owners track their pet’s health, and even catch signs of illness early on. With FitBark, a dog owner can get an idea on things such as how much to feed their pup, how much exercise is appropriate for their size and breed, and even monitor their dog’s level of separation anxiety. The FitBark is connected to the dog owner’s phone, allowing for owners to monitor their pets while they are away from them as well.

  3. Dog Sunglasses

    If you’re already thinking of taking the plunge and getting your dog a FitBark, why not get them a nice pair of sunglasses too? After all, all that activity may require some protective eyewear!

    Called “doggles” these dog-friendly goggles actually have multiple uses. Some styles are meant for protection against the sun. Others like this mesh style are more appropriate for keeping out debris. There are also styles which may be suited for the dog who likes fast motorcycles or speed boat rides.

    Whatever the occasion, these doggles are both functional and stylish. So if you and your dog are trying to up your cool factor, consider a pair of these canine sunglasses.

  4. Dog-safe Tattoos

    Generally speaking, tattoos for dogs are not a good idea. A real tattoo hurts to get, and might be extremely painful for your dog to experience. So how can you make a tattoo that’s safe for a dog?

    These dog-safe tattoos by New York pet groomer Jorge Bendersky don’t hurt a bit. In fact, they are just colored stencils on fur! Some even include small jewels that stick to the fur to add a bit of glamor. And on top of that, they only take about 10 minutes to apply! They are colorful, glitzy, and perfectly safe for dogs. The only downside? They can be a little pricey. With a $100 price tag you better be sure your dog isn’t rolling in the mud anytime soon!

    Bendersky uses the finest, non-toxic materials for these glamorous dogs. So even the most skeptical dog owner will know that it’s worth it!

Has your dog been trying out a new product you thought was only for humans? Share it with us!

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While some may not admit it, we all spoil our dogs. Whether you slip your pup an extra treat at meal times or let them snuggle in your bed at night, it’s hard to resist giving our dogs the good life. But would you ever paint your dog’s nails? Or dress them up in a bikini? Check out these fun (and maybe a little wacky!) dog accessories some dog owners have fallen in love with. All are safe and fun for dogs. But would you try them? Take a look!

  1. Dog Nail Polish
    Painting your dog’s nails is on the rise – for some dog owners, coloring their dog’s nails is a fun way to express their pup’s glamourous side. Some owners even choose to match their own nails to their dog’s!

    It’s important to note that human nail polish is not safe for dogs. If ingested by a dog, it can be toxic. If you’re interested in painting your dog’s nails, it’s important to buy a canine-friendly brand of nail polish. But don’t worry – they make plenty of colors! Even the well-known nail polish brand OPI is getting in on the game, making their own line of “pawlish” for dogs.

    As an astute dog owner, you may be a bit skeptical right now. Many dogs won’t sit still to get their nails trimmed, so why would they sit still for nail polish? It takes some patience, but once the dog realizes the polish doesn’t hurt, the process is a breeze! Painting your dog’s nails could end up being a fun bonding experience for you and your dog – and your pup will look great too!

  2. Dog Perfume
    For those dog owners who aren’t keen on that “doggy smell,” puppy perfume could prove to be more useful than fanciful. In fact, some scented sprays are also designed to fight off fleas. Others are designed as a multi-purpose, scented spray, intended to treat your dog’s coat and skin after a bath.

    But spoiling your dog doesn’t have to be practical! And there are plenty of perfume products designed with the glamourous dog in mind. For instance, the brand Pupcake makes several different dog perfumes, all scented to smell like dessert. As if that weren’t enough, each scent is packaged in an adorable bottle!

    As with nail polish, it’s important to only use products that are labeled as dog safe. Human perfume may contain chemicals that could be harmful to dogs if it comes in contact with their skin or is ingested. Only opt for brands that are specifically made for dogs. With this in mind, your dog could be smelling delightful in no time!

  3. Dog Jewelry
    You might have the image of a bedazzled collar in your mind but trust us, this jewelry goes beyond your average collar. While you can certainly aim for practicality and purchase a collar that doubles as a glamorous accessory, some dog owners simply can’t stop there.

    If your dog is a total princess, she’s going to love all the jewelry options she has available to wear. While most of these dazzling products are necklaces, many jewelry items come as a necklace and bracelet set. But what about the little prince in your life? Never fear! Bow ties and neck ties have been made to fit the little dandy in your life.

    While jewelry and colorful ties on dogs can be a lot of fun, it’s important to remember that you should never take dressing up to the extreme. Some dog owners go so far as to get their dog’s ears pierced and even take them to the tattoo parlor. This practice has been banned in New York, but continues to occur elsewhere. There are many who believe this kind of body modification is cruel to animals. As a dog owner, it’s important to keep in mind that tattoos and piercing are painful procedures. Any modification to your pet that isn’t medically necessary should be reconsidered.

  4. Dog Swimsuits
    Our dogs get dressed up in nearly everything else, why not swimsuits as well? In truth, a dog has no need for a swimsuit, and not every dog wants to wear clothes in the first place. But if your dog is the dress-up type, they may love strutting their stuff on the boardwalk in a bikini or swim trunks.

    A swimsuit for dogs should not be confused with a dog life jacket! A swimsuit is simply a fashion accessory that provides plenty of fun, but no safety or protection against drowning. On the other hand, a life jacket that fits your dog is designed to keep them afloat in case they fall off a boat or off the side of a pool. Be sure you know which one you are purchasing – and why!

  5. Have you tried out any of these fashion accessories? Think you might give them a try in the future? Share your stories about spoiling your dog – and maybe share a picture or two as well!

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Feeling the travel bug biting at your heels? Maybe it’s time for you to get away from it all! But packing up and leaving for a week can be difficult for a dog owner. Not every destination is pet-friendly. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of places you and your dog can visit together. And these four vacation spots may surprise you!

  1. Walt Disney World
    Now this one may truly shock you. Dogs in Walt Disney World? Can it be true? You bet it is! Families can bring their dog their Disney vacation.

    Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has many options for accommodations inside the theme park. From luxury suites to value hotels, there is no shortage of places for a family to choose. Disney World even has a campground area called Fort Wilderness where families can pitch a tent, hook up an RV, and yes – even bring their dog!

    For families that bring their dog to Disney World, there is a dog daycare facility called Best Friends Pet Care for those who spend the day exploring the theme parks. The daycare even has overnight options! And when you have picked your dog up from daycare, there is an off-leash park for your pup to play in. There are also many on-leash trails in the Fort Wilderness area to take your dog on long walks.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney World without certain ground rules! All dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Dogs also are not allowed in tents or pop-up campers. All dogs must always be on their best behavior. Noise, aggression, or any other behavior that disrupts other guests and warrants a complaint to management will have to be removed to an off-site boarding facility or leave the resort altogether. So be sure your dog is well trained!

  2. Cunard Cruise Ship
    Thinking of taking to the high seas? Has your dog developed that same sense of adventure? No need to leave your pup at home, so long as you are sailing with the Cunard cruise lines.

    Cunard’s ship the Queen Mary II travels between New York City and Southampton and has a comprehensive pet-friendly policy for dog loving guests. 12 roomy kennels are available to dogs who are looking to set sail. These kennels are under the constant supervision of a Kennel Master, who feeds, walks, and cleans up after the dog while you have a chance to relax. Connected to these kennels are walking areas, both indoor and outdoor. These areas allow dog owners to visit with their dogs as often as they would like during their cruise vacation. As if that weren’t enough, each pet receives a complimentary gift package during their travels!

    Of course with only 12 kennels available, booking in advance is highly recommended. All traveling dogs must comply with the Pet Travel Scheme and have their very own pet passport.

  3. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV may be the last place you think of bringing your dog. Between casino nights and bar hopping, you may think there isn’t much room for pet-friendly activities. But you may be surprised at the luxuries that are available to pets – particularly at the hotels.

    For starters, there are more than 75 pet-friendly hotels in the city of Las Vegas. Many of them are extremely reasonably priced at under $150 a night, and some don’t even charge a pet fee! But perhaps you are thinking luxury? Never fear. Hotels such as the Delano, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio all have pet-friendly policies. In one of these luxury hotels, cuddle time with your pup gets taken to a whole new level!

    Caesar’s Palace is one of 8 Las Vegas hotels owned by the Caesar company participating in the PetStay program. At Caesar’s Palace, a mat and food dishes are provided for your dog in the room. All dogs must be in a crate when left alone in the room, but crates can easily be rented through the front desk. And as long as your dog is on a leash, your best friend can walk through designated hotel common areas, taking in the sites with you!

    At the Delano, pet-friendly luxury is taken very seriously. As their website states, “all dogs are treated with the same modern conveniences as their human counterparts.” This includes a special outdoor space for dogs, a dog-friendly menu, and even butler service for the pup! Butler service includes check-ins, walks, and even a bit of pampering for your pet. And if you need a pet sitter? Simply notify that front desk and arrangements will be made.

    The Bellagio is a bit more strict on their dog-friendly policy, but still accommodating to dog owners. Dogs cannot exceed the maximum weight of 40 pounds. Or you may bring two dogs whose combined weight does not exceed 40 pounds. Despite this, dog owners are still given the opportunity to request a dog sitter at any time. And though all dogs are required to be house-trained, the Bellagio staff is very understanding that accidents do happen. If an accident does occur, dog owners can call housekeeping to immediately take care of the mess.

  4. Washington DC
    Don’t expect to be taking your dog to the Smithsonian or on a tour of The White House. But that doesn’t mean our nation’s capital doesn’t have plenty to offer our four-legged friends. For the history buff who can’t stand to leave their dog at home, luckily there are some options.

    You can start by taking your pup on a walk down the National Mall. Though dogs must remain on a leash at all times, there is plenty of space for a long walk, a brisk run, or a lazy day of napping in the sun. And don’t forget to point out the Washington Monument!

    After that, you and your dog can visit the Lincoln Memorial together. Larger dogs will have to view the memorial from a distance, so thankfully the statue is gigantic. But if you have a small dog who can be carried, feel free to bring it up the steps for an up-close and personal look at our 16th president. Dogs are not allowed inside the memorial, but it is still something you can share with your pup.

    If you’re tired of monuments, consider visiting the Smithsonian – the Smithsonian Gardens that is! There are 13 different Smithsonian Gardens to choose from, and only two do not allow pets on the premises. For those of you seeking a wildlife adventure in an urban setting, consider walking your dog through the Urban Bird Habitat. If plant life is more your speed, you and your dog can stroll through Heirloom Garden or the Kathrine Dulin Folger Rose Garden. With all of the Smithsonian gardens open year-round, seven days a week, you and your dog are sure to find an adventure in one of them!

Have you taken a vacation with your dog recently? What kinds of adventures did the two of you have? Share them with us!

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Summer or winter, there’s always a good time to read a book, whether it’s on the beach or cuddled up on your sofa. A little light-hearted reading is always good for the soul! If you’ve been looking for a few good titles to add to your reading list, try out these dog-themed books!

  1. Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin
    Oogy is the story of how one family came to adopt the “ugliest dog they had ever seen.” Larry Levin and his twin sons went to the veterinarian in 2002 to put their cat down – only to leave that very same day with a new best friend. Oogy the dog had been used as bait in dog fighting, and was left for dead when he was just a puppy. The police came to his rescue, the staff at Ardmore Animal Hospital saved his life, and the Levin’s family gave him a fresh start.

    This New York Times bestseller is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. For any dog lover who understands the meaning of “who rescued who?” the story of Oogy is sure to hit home.

  2. Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship by Tom Ryan
    Like many beautiful and heartwarming stories, this one starts with a deep tragedy. Tom Ryan’s friend dies of cancer, so he decides to dedicate his time to her in a unique way. He decides he will hike all forty-eight of New Hampshire’s four-thousand-foot peaks twice in one winter while raising money for charity. And he’ll do it while accompanied by his little canine friend, Atticus M. Finch.

    Following Atticus is not just a story about conquering the peaks, but a tale of the journey Ryan and Atticus have along the way. The friendship and the bond which man and dog share is unique and inspiring. The lessons that one little dog can teach a grown man are extraordinary. And if you can’t get enough of the saga or Ryan and his dog, check out Ryan’s blog.

  3. Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant
    If you’re reading list is already pretty full this summer, consider at least adding this sweet picture book by Cynthia Rylant. Dog Heaven is the book that answers all the questions we have after reading stories like Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller. Newbery Medalist Rylant offers comfort to anyone who has ever lost a dog.

    Through paintings done by Rylant herself, we see grand fields for running and tasty dog biscuits for feasting upon, all in dog heaven. Still popular since its first publication, this book is sure to bring tears of joy to the eyes of dog lovers everywhere.

  4. The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel by Garth Stein
    A book that stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 150 weeks, this novel should be considered a must-read for all dog lovers. Told from the perspective of a dog named Enzo, this story tells the tale of a family that must learn to navigate a series of tragic ups and downs.

    Enzo’s master Denny is a race-car driver who suffers several family tragedies. And by his side is Enzo, a mutt who is simply trying to make sense of it all. The story is told with the kind of honesty and heart all dog lovers seek.

    A children’s version of the story was also published called Racing in the Rain, also by Garth Stein. This condensed version of the story is great for younger readers, or older readers who are looking for a quick story to read.

  5. Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
    This Newbery Honor book has become a classic with children and adults alike. The story is about a young girl named Opal who finds a stray mutt at the Winn-Dixie supermarket – and decides to keep the dog and name it after the store. Winn-Dixie might be ugly, but is as charming as they come. He even can smile with his teeth! That summer, 10-year-old Opal will make new friends, strange connections, and even grow closer with her family. And it’s all because of her dog, Winn-Dixie.

    This book is an easy read, being aimed at grades 4 through 7. But if you’re looking for something full of heart and hope, look no further. Because of Winn-Dixie is a classic in it’s own time.

There are many, many, many more dog books worth reading that go beyond the five we listed here. What’s on your reading list right now?

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Pet owners pay homage to their dogs in all kinds of ways, and music is one of the most fun. Dog-themed songs and lyrics can be heard on the radio day and night, reminding us all what an important role pups play in our lives.

If you’re still working on building your summer playlist, consider adding these 5 songs to the mix. They are sure to get any dog lover howling in no time!

  1. “Hound Dog” – Elvis Presley
    Any dog-themed playlist worth it’s kibble has to include “Hound Dog.” This classic Elvis Presley song is upbeat, catchy, and easy to learn with only 63 words repeated over and over to a fun, blues beat. The song itself isn’t technically about a dog, but rather comparing a person to a dog.

    If your plans for the summer include a dance party or a barbeque, this song is a must on your playlist. Guests of all ages will be dancing along to this timeless tune!

  2. “Martha My Dear” – The Beatles
    It isn’t immediately obvious that this song is about a dog. With lyrics like, “Martha, my love don’t forget me,” and, “you and me were meant to be,” it’s easy to assume it’s about a woman. But in fact, Martha was not a woman at all. Martha was an Old English Sheep Dog belonging to Paul McCartney.

    Though Paul McCartney has since stated that the lyrics are more geared towards his ex, the inspiration is still drawn from his beloved dog. This song is a much more mellow addition to your playlist. Enjoy it while picnicking in the park, or catching some sun at the beach.

  3. “Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men
    Another necessity for a dog-themed playlist, “Who Let the Dogs Out” is about as upbeat and silly as they come. Though Rolling Stone ranked it third on a list of “10 Most Annoying Songs” it’s impossible to deny how infectious this tune by the Baha Men is. And for anyone who grew up in the 90’s and the early 2000’s, this song has a serious nostalgia factor.

    Though all the songs on our list are kid-friendly, this one is probably the most fun for children. Any summer birthday party will be kicked up a notch when this tune comes on.

  4. “Me and My Arrow” – Harry Nilssen
    Taking it down a notch, this easy, breezy song really is about a dog. This song comes from Harry Nilssen’s album The Point! and is also featured in an animated movie of the same name. It is a story about a boy named Oblio and his adventures with his dog Arrow. And for all you fans of The Beatles out there, the movie was narrated by Ringo Starr!

    “Me and my Arrow” is a gentle tribute to everyone who has ever had a dog for a best friend. Play this song when you go for leisurely walks with your canine companion this summer.

  5. “Why Should I Worry?” – Disney’s Oliver and Company; sung by Billy Joel
    “Why Should I Worry” is a song from Disney’s Oliver and Company, and while it doesn’t technically mention dogs at all, it is sung by a dog. Well actually, that dog is voiced by Billy Joel, which makes this tune ideal for both adults and children.

    Dodger the dog sings about having no worries and no care, because he has “street savoir-faire.” This song makes it fun to imagine what your dogs might be up to when they aren’t with their human companions. Turn this song up during those long, sunny car rides. You’ll be howling along all the way to the beach!

What are you listening to this summer? Any other dog-themed songs you keep on your playlist year-round? Tune us in!

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By now, the Obamas’ dog Bo has become a household name. The Portuguese water dog was given to the family as a gift early during the President’s first term. Though Bo is still considered the First Dog, he now shares the White House with another Portuguese water dog named Sunny.

These two dogs have captured the hearts of all dog-loving Americans. But they certainly haven’t been the first to do so! Though almost every president has owned a pet of some kind, we’ve chosen six of our favorite dogs that have lived in the White House throughout history.

  1. Rollo, belonging to Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt kept a whole menagerie of pets in the White House, including snakes, a pony, a one-legged rooster, and even a hyena! But the most beloved pets during the TR years were certainly the dogs. And Rollo was chief among them.

    Rollo was a giant St. Bernard that was given to the family by Alfred S. Rollo, who the dog was eventually named after. But the truth was that Roosevelt didn’t want the dog at first. He wrote to Mr. Rollo, stating that they didn’t have the room and already had too many dogs. In the end, Rollo the dog won him over.

    The St. Bernard’s charm came from his gentleness with children. Despite being nearly 200 pounds, the kids were able to roughhouse with the dog and never upset him or come to any harm. Rollo never so much as growled at the children. At the time the Associated Press called Rollo the Roosevelt’s “most interesting pet.” He was equally friendly with guests and other White House visitors, but was forever devoted to Roosevelt’s six kids.

  2. Laddie Boy, belonging to Warren G. Harding
    Laddie Boy is the first First Dog to be regularly featured in newspapers and other press. He was an Airedale Terrier belonging to Warren G. Harding and his wife. Laddie Boy’s fame grew in part due to Florence Harding’s dedication to animal rights issues.

    Florence had a deep concern for the welfare of abused and neglected animals. Laddie Boy became the face of the issues Florence called attention to.

    And Laddie Boy’s fame grew. Birthday parties were held at the White House for him. A special chair was fashioned for the dog so he could sit in on cabinet meetings. The newspapers at the time even wrote up mock interviews with Laddie Boy, pretending he could speak with the press. In fact, Laddie Boy was involved in nearly every aspect of President Harding’s life.

    After President Harding’s death, a sculpture of Laddie Boy was commissioned to commemorate Harding. The sculpture was made out of 19,000 pennies all donated by newsboys in honor of Harding’s days as a newspaperman. Laddie Boy sat for the sculptor a total of 15 times before it was completed. The statue is now in the collections at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

  3. Fala, belonging to Franklin D. Roosevelt
    No list of First Dogs would be complete without mentioning Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier named Fala. Fala went everywhere with FDR, and even now sits by his side carved in stone at the Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Memorial. Fala is currently the only First Dog to ever be featured in a presidential memorial.

    Fala traveled to many places with Roosevelt, by boat, car, and train. He met such famous people as Winston Churchill and attended important events such as the Quebec Conferences. At home, Fala was treated like a king. He was fed a bone every morning alongside Roosevelt at breakfast, and feasted on a big supper every night. He was so cute, the kitchen staff had to be told not to spoil him with food scraps!

    One of FDR’s more famous speeches – now known simply as the “Fala Speech” – was in response to Republican adversaries attacking the little dog and spreading rumors. Roosevelt was accused of leaving Fala on the Aleutian Islands and using millions of taxpayer dollars to rescue the little Scottie dog. Roosevelt defended Fala, saying the attacks on the little dog were completely unwarranted. In the speech, FDR says, “I don’t resent attacks, and my family doesn’t resent attacks, but Fala does resent them…He has not been the same dog since. I am accustomed to hearing malicious falsehoods about myself…But I think I have a right to resent, to object to libelous statements about my dog.”

  4. Liberty, belonging to Gerald Ford
    It was Gerald Ford’s daughter Susan who decided to give her father the gift of Liberty – the golden retriever that is! Susan Ford got White House photographer David Hume Kennerly to help her find the perfect puppy for her parents. When Kennerly contacted the breeder, he didn’t want to reveal the dog was intended for the President of the United States. The breeder asked a lot of questions – and was even skeptical about the prospective family! That is until Kennerly finally revealed who Liberty’s new family would be. Then the breeder was thrilled!

    Liberty adjusted well to the White House, and Ford adored her immediately. Often Ford was the one taking her for walks. After some time, the family decided to breed Liberty with a golden retriever from Oregon. The 9 puppies were born right in the White House. Four of the puppies were given away as gifts, three were purchased by friends, and one was given to Leader Dogs for The Blind. And the last puppy? The Fords decided to keep her.

    Misty the puppy grew up in the White House, playing and exploring alongside her mother Liberty. She tended to get herself into trouble though! Ford’s wife Betty has memories of Misty and Liberty picking up important documents off of the floor with their mouths. Misty also eventually became a mother, following the tradition her mother Liberty started.

  5. Rex, belonging to Ronald Reagan
    Rex was not the first dog the Reagan’s brought into the White House, but he was perhaps the most memorable. After sending their high-energy Bouvier des Flandres named Lucky to live at their California ranch, the Reagan’s were left in the White House with no dog. That is until William F. Buckley gave the Reagan’s a little Cavalier King Charles spaniel as a gift.

    Rex, though small, was a bundle of energy. He could often be seen pulling President Reagan along on the leash. Some suspected this was Reagan’s way of avoiding reporters! Many people also reported hearing Rex barking incessantly – outside of the Lincoln Bedroom. The little dog refused to ever set foot in the bedroom, which is rumored to be haunted. He was constantly barking at something only he could see.

    The little spaniel was certainly spoiled. One of his first official duties as First Dog was to flip the switch that lit the Christmas tree in 1985. Later on, he was given the gift of a custom designed dog house. The house was designed by Theo Hayes, the great-great-grandson of President Rutherford B. Hayes. The house even featured tiny portraits of the Reagan’s hanging on the inside!

  6. Buddy, belonging to Bill Clinton
    Buddy the chocolate Lab didn’t arrive on the scene until Bill Clinton’s second term, when he decided to bring the 3-month-old puppy into the White House. The two became fast friends.

    But Buddy wasn’t the only pet in the White House during the Clinton administration. Socks the cat became Buddy’s rival, and the two animals became famous for their feuds. When Buddy first arrived at the White House, Socks famously hissed at the puppy on the White House lawn.

    The public loved both of them though. Fan clubs sprung up across the country devoted to Buddy. The dog received many letters from children across the United States. Hillary Clinton published a book of the letters their pets received called Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets. The proceeds from the book were donated to the National Park Service.

    Buddy was always playful, friendly, and eager to make a friend. Tragically, his friendly nature is what ultimately caused his death. After Bill Clinton’s second term, Buddy was living at home with the Clinton family. He ran to greet a contractor and was hit by a passing vehicle. The accident was deeply saddening, but Buddy will always be remembered for his playful spirit.

Do you have a favorite First Dog? Is there a breed you would love to see living in the White House someday? Share it with us!

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