6 of the Silliest Faces You’ve Ever Seen a Dog Make

We love our dogs for their wonderful, and often goofy personalities and we try our best to capture these moments through photos and videos. Dogs can say a lot with just one look, but some seem to say more than others. Check out these six incredibly silly dog faces – guaranteed to make you smile today!

  1. “Flashback Face”
    As a dog lover, maybe you’ve seen the show “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet. If you have, you’ve definitely seen the now-famous dog named “Stains” who appears to be experiencing a severe flashback while staring at a plate of cupcakes in this video.

    Clearly Stains just really wants those cupcakes and is trying with all his might to obey! The internet loved his silly face so much, several spoof videos were made. In this video, dramatic music is played while Stains looks longingly at the cupcakes. The emphasis on how badly he wants those cupcakes makes the face even more hilarious!

    Or how about this “flashback” video? The wide eyes on Stains’ face look as though he’s being reminded of some tragedy that happened to him long ago. Lastly, this video plays that up by making the joke that the sight of the cupcakes triggered war flashbacks.

    No matter what is going on in the dog’s head, we applaud Stains for being so obedient. Good dog!

  2. Marnie the Dog
    This video isn’t so much about the face that the dog is making – it’s about the face that’s always there! Marnie the dog has one of the silliest and cutest faces we’ve ever seen on a dog. This little sweetheart likes to go on adventures all over town, like this trip to Duane Reade she took with her owner.

    And if one adventure isn’t enough for you, check out Marnie’s entire YouTube channel. This little goofball goes all over the place, just loving life as a silly-faced dog! We’re happy to see that Marnie has such a fun-loving family to take care of her. She’s truly living it up!

  3. Best Guilty Face
    All dog owners know the look. You come home to find the trash can tipped over, or the couch cushion torn to shreds and there’s the dog, looking up at you with guilty eyes. The dog knows they did something wrong, but that guilty face is just too much to handle!

    Most dogs have mastered a good guilty face, but have you ever seen a guilty face like this one? Neither have we! This silly dog bares her teeth when she knows she has done something wrong. Perhaps she thinks she’s smiling? We’re not sure, but we know we love it!

  4. Dog’s Reaction to Ear Petting
    Of course dogs love to be pet. From belly rubs to ear scratches, dogs usually get a face a pure happiness when they are getting love and attention and we’re happy to provide it the love!

    Check out this funny face when this dog gets his ear pet – his lip curls in the silliest way that we’re laughing right along with the owner!

    The dog of course seems perfectly happy – perhaps even unaware of what is so funny. Who could complain when they are getting all that attention?

  5. Reacting to Baby News
    Adding a dog to your family can be a big step. Adding a baby to the family is an even bigger step. Delivering the news of a future baby to family and friends can be very exciting, but how are you supposed to break the news to the dog?

    Well this dog isn’t sure he likes what he hears. In fact he seems downright shocked! And who wouldn’t be? Most dogs are used to being the baby in the family. Who wants to share that role?
    We’re sure this silly sweetheart did well with the new baby once he arrived. Congratulations!

  6. This Dog that Says Cheese
    Is it just us, or is taking a picture of your dog never as easy as you want it to be? Once you’ve gotten your dog to sit still, they decide to look the other way. You try bribing them with a treat, and they get too excited. All you want is one adorable picture! What’s a dog owner to do?

    We find ourselves wishing that the dogs we take pictures of were more like this one. The big, goofy grin is infectious. No wonder the dog’s owner is laughing so much! We are too. And truthfully, we might even be a bit jealous. If every dog said cheese on command, we’d all have some pretty adorable family photos!

Does your dog make any silly faces? Know any hilarious videos that we missed? Share them with us!

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