6 Companies Where You Can Take Your Dog To Work

Employee happiness is more important than ever, and the perks that big name companies offer proves the point. From free snacks to free beer, workplaces have put a priority on employee satisfaction. But one of our favorite perks is the benefit of bringing your dog to work. Check out these 6 companies that have excellent, dog-friendly work policies.

  1. Google
    Continually listed as one of the best companies to work for, Google just got a little better. Although many employees brought their dogs to work in the early days of Google, it wasn’t always a part of the official company policy until recently. Fast Company published part of Google’s code of conduct, which states the following:

    “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.”

    In addition to that, the policy reminds employees to be mindful of allergies and to always clean up after accidents. With these rules established, employees can relax and enjoy the benefits of dogs in the workplace. Perfect for a playful company like Google!

  2. Ben & Jerry’s
    Dogs in the office of an ice cream company? You bet! Ben & Jerry’s has had a comprehensive policy on dogs in the workplace since 2000. The policy states that no dog is allowed in conference rooms, lunch rooms, or bathrooms. Common areas like those are off-limits to canines with the intention of respecting employees who may be allergic or scared. Dogs must remain within their designated cubical space and utilize the designated bathroom areas.

    By keeping all employees comfortable, dog owners who bring their pets to work can enjoy the benefits of lowered stress and improved moods with their dogs by their side.

  3. Etsy
    Of course if you have your own Etsy shop, you can bring your dog to work every day! But the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, NY has been a dog-friendly work space since 2005. Ironically, Etsy’s employee experience manager isn’t a dog lover at all, but is a big advocate of the policy.

    “They make people smile almost universally, and I think they allow anxiety to diffuse when they suddenly skitter by,” Sarah Starpoli said on their blog. The dogs also help to inspire a sense of community within the company, something that strengthens the workplace as a whole.

  4. Amazon
    Amazon is another big-whig in the business world with a comprehensive dog policy. Employees who are interested in bringing their dog to work have a few things to check off their list before their pup can join them in the cubicle. This includes getting permission from fellow employees and supervisors, in case someone is allergic or uncomfortable.

    Once the dogs get the official okay, they are made to feel incredibly comfortable at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters! With doggie water fountains and poop bags stationed throughout the landscape of the office, everyone is made to feel happy. In 2015, there were plans underway to build on on-site dog park! Amazon clearly stays on the cutting edge in every way possible.

  5. Build-a-Bear Workshop
    It’s stands to reason that a company whose business is all about making furry friends, should have a great furry friends policy! And clearly it’s a popular one. Fortune 100 has named Build-a-Bear one of the top 100 companies to work for three years in a row.

    Part of the great dog friendly policy includes fantastic, dog friendly birthday celebrations. Dogs are given canine friendly treats during party time. Build-a-Bear even has a chief executive dog named Milford who throws his own office birthday party and invites all his dog friends. Furry friends are clearly taken very seriously here.

  6. Clif Bar & Co
    Because Clif Bar is such an environmentally focused company, much of the benefits for dogs revolve around the great outdoors. With so many dogs arriving at work each day, lunch breaks tend to look more like dog daycare. Employees can often be found walking with their dogs together, throwing a frisbee, or enjoying the large off-leash area the pets have access to.

    Employees also benefit from a pet health insurance discount, a perk that can be hugely helpful for those expensive veterinary bills. Didn’t think that was enough? Employees actually get paid time off for volunteering for animal organizations. Keep up the good work Clif Bar!

Do you work somewhere with a dog friendly policy? If not, would you like to see one at your workplace? Tell us about it!

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