4 Surprising Places You Can Vacation With Your Dog

Feeling the travel bug biting at your heels? Maybe it’s time for you to get away from it all! But packing up and leaving for a week can be difficult for a dog owner. Not every destination is pet-friendly. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of places you and your dog can visit together. And these four vacation spots may surprise you!

  1. Walt Disney World
    Now this one may truly shock you. Dogs in Walt Disney World? Can it be true? You bet it is! Families can bring their dog their Disney vacation.

    Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL has many options for accommodations inside the theme park. From luxury suites to value hotels, there is no shortage of places for a family to choose. Disney World even has a campground area called Fort Wilderness where families can pitch a tent, hook up an RV, and yes – even bring their dog!

    For families that bring their dog to Disney World, there is a dog daycare facility called Best Friends Pet Care for those who spend the day exploring the theme parks. The daycare even has overnight options! And when you have picked your dog up from daycare, there is an off-leash park for your pup to play in. There are also many on-leash trails in the Fort Wilderness area to take your dog on long walks.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney World without certain ground rules! All dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Dogs also are not allowed in tents or pop-up campers. All dogs must always be on their best behavior. Noise, aggression, or any other behavior that disrupts other guests and warrants a complaint to management will have to be removed to an off-site boarding facility or leave the resort altogether. So be sure your dog is well trained!

  2. Cunard Cruise Ship
    Thinking of taking to the high seas? Has your dog developed that same sense of adventure? No need to leave your pup at home, so long as you are sailing with the Cunard cruise lines.

    Cunard’s ship the Queen Mary II travels between New York City and Southampton and has a comprehensive pet-friendly policy for dog loving guests. 12 roomy kennels are available to dogs who are looking to set sail. These kennels are under the constant supervision of a Kennel Master, who feeds, walks, and cleans up after the dog while you have a chance to relax. Connected to these kennels are walking areas, both indoor and outdoor. These areas allow dog owners to visit with their dogs as often as they would like during their cruise vacation. As if that weren’t enough, each pet receives a complimentary gift package during their travels!

    Of course with only 12 kennels available, booking in advance is highly recommended. All traveling dogs must comply with the Pet Travel Scheme and have their very own pet passport.

  3. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV may be the last place you think of bringing your dog. Between casino nights and bar hopping, you may think there isn’t much room for pet-friendly activities. But you may be surprised at the luxuries that are available to pets – particularly at the hotels.

    For starters, there are more than 75 pet-friendly hotels in the city of Las Vegas. Many of them are extremely reasonably priced at under $150 a night, and some don’t even charge a pet fee! But perhaps you are thinking luxury? Never fear. Hotels such as the Delano, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio all have pet-friendly policies. In one of these luxury hotels, cuddle time with your pup gets taken to a whole new level!

    Caesar’s Palace is one of 8 Las Vegas hotels owned by the Caesar company participating in the PetStay program. At Caesar’s Palace, a mat and food dishes are provided for your dog in the room. All dogs must be in a crate when left alone in the room, but crates can easily be rented through the front desk. And as long as your dog is on a leash, your best friend can walk through designated hotel common areas, taking in the sites with you!

    At the Delano, pet-friendly luxury is taken very seriously. As their website states, “all dogs are treated with the same modern conveniences as their human counterparts.” This includes a special outdoor space for dogs, a dog-friendly menu, and even butler service for the pup! Butler service includes check-ins, walks, and even a bit of pampering for your pet. And if you need a pet sitter? Simply notify that front desk and arrangements will be made.

    The Bellagio is a bit more strict on their dog-friendly policy, but still accommodating to dog owners. Dogs cannot exceed the maximum weight of 40 pounds. Or you may bring two dogs whose combined weight does not exceed 40 pounds. Despite this, dog owners are still given the opportunity to request a dog sitter at any time. And though all dogs are required to be house-trained, the Bellagio staff is very understanding that accidents do happen. If an accident does occur, dog owners can call housekeeping to immediately take care of the mess.

  4. Washington DC
    Don’t expect to be taking your dog to the Smithsonian or on a tour of The White House. But that doesn’t mean our nation’s capital doesn’t have plenty to offer our four-legged friends. For the history buff who can’t stand to leave their dog at home, luckily there are some options.

    You can start by taking your pup on a walk down the National Mall. Though dogs must remain on a leash at all times, there is plenty of space for a long walk, a brisk run, or a lazy day of napping in the sun. And don’t forget to point out the Washington Monument!

    After that, you and your dog can visit the Lincoln Memorial together. Larger dogs will have to view the memorial from a distance, so thankfully the statue is gigantic. But if you have a small dog who can be carried, feel free to bring it up the steps for an up-close and personal look at our 16th president. Dogs are not allowed inside the memorial, but it is still something you can share with your pup.

    If you’re tired of monuments, consider visiting the Smithsonian – the Smithsonian Gardens that is! There are 13 different Smithsonian Gardens to choose from, and only two do not allow pets on the premises. For those of you seeking a wildlife adventure in an urban setting, consider walking your dog through the Urban Bird Habitat. If plant life is more your speed, you and your dog can stroll through Heirloom Garden or the Kathrine Dulin Folger Rose Garden. With all of the Smithsonian gardens open year-round, seven days a week, you and your dog are sure to find an adventure in one of them!

Have you taken a vacation with your dog recently? What kinds of adventures did the two of you have? Share them with us!

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