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Employee happiness is more important than ever, and the perks that big name companies offer proves the point. From free snacks to free beer, workplaces have put a priority on employee satisfaction. But one of our favorite perks is the benefit of bringing your dog to work. Check out these 6 companies that have excellent, dog-friendly work policies.

  1. Google
    Continually listed as one of the best companies to work for, Google just got a little better. Although many employees brought their dogs to work in the early days of Google, it wasn’t always a part of the official company policy until recently. Fast Company published part of Google’s code of conduct, which states the following:

    “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.”

    In addition to that, the policy reminds employees to be mindful of allergies and to always clean up after accidents. With these rules established, employees can relax and enjoy the benefits of dogs in the workplace. Perfect for a playful company like Google!

  2. Ben & Jerry’s
    Dogs in the office of an ice cream company? You bet! Ben & Jerry’s has had a comprehensive policy on dogs in the workplace since 2000. The policy states that no dog is allowed in conference rooms, lunch rooms, or bathrooms. Common areas like those are off-limits to canines with the intention of respecting employees who may be allergic or scared. Dogs must remain within their designated cubical space and utilize the designated bathroom areas.

    By keeping all employees comfortable, dog owners who bring their pets to work can enjoy the benefits of lowered stress and improved moods with their dogs by their side.

  3. Etsy
    Of course if you have your own Etsy shop, you can bring your dog to work every day! But the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, NY has been a dog-friendly work space since 2005. Ironically, Etsy’s employee experience manager isn’t a dog lover at all, but is a big advocate of the policy.

    “They make people smile almost universally, and I think they allow anxiety to diffuse when they suddenly skitter by,” Sarah Starpoli said on their blog. The dogs also help to inspire a sense of community within the company, something that strengthens the workplace as a whole.

  4. Amazon
    Amazon is another big-whig in the business world with a comprehensive dog policy. Employees who are interested in bringing their dog to work have a few things to check off their list before their pup can join them in the cubicle. This includes getting permission from fellow employees and supervisors, in case someone is allergic or uncomfortable.

    Once the dogs get the official okay, they are made to feel incredibly comfortable at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters! With doggie water fountains and poop bags stationed throughout the landscape of the office, everyone is made to feel happy. In 2015, there were plans underway to build on on-site dog park! Amazon clearly stays on the cutting edge in every way possible.

  5. Build-a-Bear Workshop
    It’s stands to reason that a company whose business is all about making furry friends, should have a great furry friends policy! And clearly it’s a popular one. Fortune 100 has named Build-a-Bear one of the top 100 companies to work for three years in a row.

    Part of the great dog friendly policy includes fantastic, dog friendly birthday celebrations. Dogs are given canine friendly treats during party time. Build-a-Bear even has a chief executive dog named Milford who throws his own office birthday party and invites all his dog friends. Furry friends are clearly taken very seriously here.

  6. Clif Bar & Co
    Because Clif Bar is such an environmentally focused company, much of the benefits for dogs revolve around the great outdoors. With so many dogs arriving at work each day, lunch breaks tend to look more like dog daycare. Employees can often be found walking with their dogs together, throwing a frisbee, or enjoying the large off-leash area the pets have access to.

    Employees also benefit from a pet health insurance discount, a perk that can be hugely helpful for those expensive veterinary bills. Didn’t think that was enough? Employees actually get paid time off for volunteering for animal organizations. Keep up the good work Clif Bar!

Do you work somewhere with a dog friendly policy? If not, would you like to see one at your workplace? Tell us about it!

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You’ve heard it before: adopt don’t shop! Adopting a dog in need is a wonderful option for future pet owners who are looking for a unique friend they can give new life to. But if it weren’t for dedicated rescue organizations, those adoptable dogs wouldn’t even be around to tell their harrowing stories. Below are four of our favorite (and very creative!) rescue groups that are pulling out all the stops to save our dogs.

  1. K9s for Warriors
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in American veterans is a very real, very challenging disorder to cope with. K9s for Warriors provides service dogs to army veterans who are coping with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual trauma. These dogs are able to assist the veterans in returning to regular civilian life by helping them build confidence and offering support.

    As if that wasn’t fantastic enough, 95% of these dogs are rescued from shelters. Not only are veterans gaining a new life, but so are their canine companions. The organization is only 5 years old, but they are making huge accomplishments every day. Currently they hope to pair 12 warriors a month with a service dog!

    In just 5 years time, K9s for Warriors is definitely making a difference. Just check out their testimonials page for a glimpse at how life changing this organization has been for veterans across America.

  2. Pilots N Paws

    When considering the prospect of rescuing dogs, the biggest concern is often housing. But a lot of people forget about transportation! That’s where Pilots N Paws comes in. They’re a community of volunteer pilots who offer to fly dogs for the purposes of transporting them off of the streets, from kill shelters to rescue groups, and even from rescue groups to a new home. Transporting dogs can certainly be an expensive endeavor, so for volunteers to offer their time to fly these dogs is a huge asset to rescue groups.

    On their website there is a place where a flight for a dog can be requested. The forum on their site serves as a place where pilots can swap stories, coordinate schedules, and recruit volunteers. And there are plenty of stories to be had! Like this one about a couple who transported 9 dogs and cats from Virginia to New York. Or this incredible rescue mission that involved ten pilots and 167 dogs and cats! These devoted pilots give up several days at a time to ensure the safe transport of dogs to better lives.

  3. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

    The goal of Old Friends is to give new life to the dogs that often get overlooked: the seniors. According to their website, many senior dogs get passed over for adoption due to their shorter life expectancy and potential for high veterinary costs. Old Friends is a Tennessee-based rescue group that aims to change the misconception that senior dogs do not make ideal pets.

    While the dogs wait patiently to find their forever homes, these pups are given the royal treatment at Old Friends. The dogs have plenty of space both outdoors and indoors to play, nap, relax, and just live out their days happily. This video showcases just how lucky these dogs are to be waiting for their forever homes at Old Friends.

    One of the ways Old Friends encourages the adoption of their dogs is by showcasing their fabulous personalities. Their Facebook page features hundreds of photos of the dogs, giving daily life updates, and showcasing the dogs’ personality quirks. Recently, Old Friends even launched a presidential campaign! The campaign video features Mildred the pug strutting her stuff in a red, white, and blue bandana.

    We love that Old Friends works hard to give these golden oldies the best retirement years a dog could possibly have.

  4. New Leash on Life

    If you can rescue dogs, why not rescue people too? New Leash on Life takes unwanted dogs who are at risk of being euthanized and pairs them up with prison inmates, giving both the dogs and the inmates an opportunity for a fresh start.

    The rescued dogs live with the incarcerated inmates for 12 weeks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New Leash on Life teaches the inmates how to train, socialize, and care for the dog they are assigned to. The dog becomes a highly desirable and adoptable pet, and the inmate gains skills that can be applied to a future job once they earn their parole. New Leash on Life even provides internship opportunities for inmates seeking work in the animal care field.

    Dogs that go through the training program with inmates make wonderful pets and are successfully adopted to families. In fact, the program is so successful many of the dogs go on to work with owners who are coping with autism, a recent stroke, or depression. New Leash on Life has responded to this success by launching a new program in 2014 that specifically prepares dogs with the skills for helping people in need. Keep up the good work!

Is there a rescue group in your hometown doing great work for your community? Share it with us!

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From the police force to the sheep pasture, from assisting the blind to assisting the elderly, dogs get put to work in countless capacities. A lot of these jobs you’ve probably heard of, but some of the jobs dogs perform are a little more unique. Check out these five cool jobs that dogs do everyday!

  1. Truffle Sniffing

    Truffles are a fungus that grows under ground and are highly prized by chefs and other members of the culinary world. They are also extremely difficult to find, and as a result can cost between $800 and $1200 per pound! So how can a chef who wants to capture that earthy flavor find enough truffles to satisfy their needs? The answer is a dog with a great nose!

    And not just any dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo is one of the newest breeds recognized by the AKC, and has been specifically bred to sniff out the rare truffles. The high demand for truffles keeps these dogs in business. And the job itself rewards the pups for doing what they do best – sniffing!

    A company in California called the Truffle Dog Company is a booming business dedicated to finding truffles using the talents of dogs, and also teaching others how to train their dogs in truffle detection. The organization does not exclusively use Lagotto Romagnolos, but has proved that dogs as a species work better than the European method of using pigs to detect truffles. And now with this locally sourced method of harvesting, truffles are only a sniff away!

  2. Baseball Aquatic Retrieving Korps

    Pacific Bell Park, the official baseball stadium for the San Francisco Giants is located right next to the bay. When a player hits a home run, the balls often end up right in the water. These hits that sail over the 450-foot wall that blocks the bay have become affectionately known as “Splash Hits.” But without someone to retrieve them, the bay would be littered with baseballs.

    That’s where the Baseball Aquatic Retrieving Korps comes in! B.A.R.K. is a team of six Portuguese water dogs that began retrieving baseballs out of San Francisco Bay in the summer of 2000. The idea came from comedian Don Novello who approached the Giants with the idea in 1996. And the idea took off! Baseballs that were retrieved by these dogs were worth a lot of money. After the baseballs are auctioned off, the proceeds were all donated to Pets in Need, a local animal shelter.

    Unfortunately, after a few years of dogs swimming for baseballs, the program had to shut down due to safety concerns. Competition from other boaters became too much for the dogs to handle. But we are still holding out hope that they will resurrect this fun addition to America’s favorite pastime!

  3. Scat Hunters

    Yes, these dogs and their handlers are on a mission to sniff out feces – but for a noble cause! The Center for Conservation Biology sends out dog and handler teams into remote areas to track and locate animal scat. The teams live in the wilderness for weeks at a time, collecting as many samples in as wide an area as possible. The samples are then sent back to a lab for testing.

    So what exactly can you learn from a bunch of poop? According to the Center for Conservation Biology, a scat sample can provide information on “a wide variety of genetic, physiological, toxicological and dietary indicators…These indicators enable us to ascertain species abundance, distribution, resource use, and physiological health all in relation to the environmental pressure(s) the species is encountering.” In short, the information provided from scat can help to preserve and protect a species, answering any questions a landowner or national park may have about any animals living on the land.

    The dogs used for these jobs have all come from rescue organizations. When choosing a dog who will be suited for the job, dogs who are high energy and highly driven are sought out. Dogs who hunt for scat need to be focused on only that single thing. And they also need to love their tennis ball – which is their reward for a job well done!

  4. Cancer Detection

    If you weren’t already convinced of the incredible abilities of working dogs, try this one on for size. Dogs are now being trained to sniff out the presence of cancer in the human body. As if that weren’t enough, these dogs can often detect cancer better than some lab tests! The InSitu Foundation has been working for years to develop a highly scientific training program for dogs to learn cancer detection.

    Each dog typically trains for 6 to 8 months, sniffing over 300 samples during that time. These are healthy samples, cancerous samples, or disease control samples. Dogs sniff samples of breath, urine, saliva, and plasma, but never an actual person during their training. When a dog can tell the difference between a cancer cell and a healthy cell, they are rewarded. The goal is to teach the dog how to smell the general scent of cancer in many different sample types.

    Early detection of cancer can save lives, and the InSitu Foundation’s goal is to use highly trained dogs to do that. And the dogs love it! With treats, petting, toys, and plenty of love as a reward, who wouldn’t want to go to work every day?

  5. Cat Rescue

    This one is bit more unusual. So unusual that the title of “Cat Rescuer” has only ever been bestowed upon one little Schnauzer mix named Ginny.

    Ginny was a rescue dog herself, found abandoned with three puppies in a closet. She and her puppies healed quickly at the shelter they were brought to, and could then be adopted out. A man named Phillip Gonzales arrived at the rescue organization one day looking for a companion dog. He was suffering from depression and was seeking a friend. Though Ginny was not his first choice, they soon formed a bond.

    It all started with one fateful walk. During the walk Ginny ran towards a pipe and immediately began to paw at it. Gonzalez realized that inside were five stray kittens. Ginny’s rescue mission had begun.

    The little mix breed proved to have a knack for finding lost cats and kittens, and a truly nurturing presence for the felines. Over the course of her life, she and Gonzalez rescued almost 1,000 cats together. Gonzalez took care of many of them in his own home and worked with local shelters to ensure they were adopted. Though Ginny is no longer with us to rescue cats and kittens, perhaps one day another little dog will take up her legacy.

Know any other cool dog jobs we missed? Share them with us!

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Some of us grew up with dogs in our lives from day one, while others saw the dogs on television and movies and longed to have one of their own. Having a furry best friend by our side was all we wanted. And some of the most amazing fictional dogs come from cartoons. These dogs were the cream of the crop – man’s best friend at his finest. And if we’re being honest? We still daydream about those cartoon dogs being real. Here are 6 cartoon dogs we would love to have as pets in real life.

  1. Snoopy

    As perhaps the most famous of man’s best friends, Snoopy is a beagle after everyone’s heart. Made famous by the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles Schultz, America has fallen in love with his goofy personality and wild antics. Snoopy is a dog who plays by his own rules – a trait that often frustrates his owner Charlie Brown.

    Having Snoopy for a pet would be more like having a younger sibling. Snoopy doesn’t need constant attention the way other dogs might. He’s perfectly content entertaining himself. Whether he’s fighting off the Red Baron, or teasing Lucy for the hundredth time, Snoopy is about as independent as they come.

    But of course, Snoopy still considers Charlie Brown his number one. No matter how much Snoopy likes to be independent, he will always be there for his owner in the end. And in the words of Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

  2. Odie

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, Odie from the Garfield comic strip is not much of an independent thinker. In fact, he’s not much of a thinker at all. Odie is lovably stupid, and often falls victim to Garfield’s teasing – though he never seems to realize it.

    If Odie were your pet you probably would never stop laughing. His doofy nature always seems to get him into silly situations. But Odie never seems to stop looking on the bright side! What he lacks in intelligence he certainly makes up for in charm.

    Though Garfield is the star of Jim Davis’ beloved comics, Odie is the slapstick comedian we all adore. And while Garfield may show his affections is strange ways, Odie still keeps on smiling!

  3. Lady and Tramp

    You can’t have Lady without having Tramp – and why would you want anything less? There’s nothing sweeter than two dogs who really love each other. And this canine couple from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp is about as cute as they come.

    A wealthy Cocker Spaniel falls for a rugged street mutt in this Romeo and Juliet for dog lovers. If this adorable dog couple lived in your house, you’d probably be taking way too many pictures. The sweet snuggles, the sharing of food, and of course the (eventual) four puppies would be almost too much to handle!

    Owning Lady and Tramp, you would also have to be okay with having plenty of other dogs around. They both have lots of friends! But if you’re a true dog lover, the more the merrier!

  4. Clifford

    Any kid who read Clifford the Big Red Dog fantasized at least once about owning a huge dog as a pet. And Clifford is the perfect gentle giant. His loyalty to Emily is unparalleled, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

    With Clifford as your pet, the possibilities are endless. Looking for a backyard tire swing? Clifford’s tail will help you out! Want to be in the town parade? You don’t even need to build a float! And above all, with all that red fur, Clifford makes the best cuddle buddy in town.

    Norman Bridwell, the author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series created a lovable giant that every kid dreams of. If only he could really grow that big!

  5. Gromit

    If you’ve ever seen Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit clay animation movies, you know that if it weren’t for Gromit the dog, Wallace would never get anything done. Though he never talks, Gromit can speak volumes with just a facial expression. Although it would seem that Wallace never gets the hint.

    With Gromit as your pet, you can be sure he’d get you out of a scrape or two. Though Gromit acts impatient with Wallace’s stupidity, Gromit will always be there to get his human out of a jam – or at least he’ll try! And at the end of the day, Gromit just wants to sit back with his newspaper and a cup of tea. He’s a dog with sophisticated taste.

    Gromit will surely get you out of any conundrum you find yourself in – or at least stay by your side through the whole thing. What are best friends for?

  6. Dug

    Of all the dogs we’ve listed so far, Dug from the movie UP is the only one who can talk to his owners. Clearly that’s a huge bonus! We’ve all imagined what our dogs might sound like with human voices, and Dug brings that dream to reality.

    Dug would be an extremely loyal pet. Even when he worked for Charles Muntz in the Disney/Pixar film he was eager to please. Dug is also easily distracted – by birds, squirrels, tennis balls, you name it! His distractibility would give you hours of entertainment.

    It’s hard not to fall in love with this goofball. Though he may not be the fastest, fiercest, or smartest of dogs, he certainly is the most fun. Dug, we’d be happy to be your master!

We know we didn’t list them all. Who is your favorite? Tell us which cartoon dog you always wished you could be best friends with!

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Young or old, it’s always fun to teach a dog new tricks. Some tricks are really impressive – and a few are downright hilarious! We’ve collected five of some of the funniest videos of dog tricks we can find. Think you and your dog could tackle these impressive moves? Take a look!

1. For some dogs, self-control is a tough thing when they are presented with a delicious treat. But what about 12? Watch this dog balancing treats on his snout – without eating any! Hilarious and impressive!


2. Carrying in the groceries can be tiresome. So wouldn’t it be great if someone did it for you? What if that someone was your dog? Watch these golden retrievers assist their owner with the groceries. And they look so happy to help!


3. Dogs tend to make a mess of the house from time to time. Don’t you wish your pup would clean up after themselves once in a while? Well this cutie does! Watch as this dog not only cleans the house – but greets his guest too! We’ve never seen a more adorable host.


4. A dog with road rage? And you thought you’d seen it all during your morning commute. This dog can not only honk the car horn, but has a little attitude to go with it. Eyes on the road everyone. Too funny!


5. Move aside Air Bud, we’ve got some hockey players in the house! We bet your dog can’t play hockey like these pups can. The uniforms are cute as a button on these little dachshunds, and their moves are even better. Check out those slap shots and saves – game on!


Have you seen any other funny dog tricks lately? Think your dog can top these? Let us know in the comments below!

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Social media has changed a lot of things. One change we’re especially happy to see is the ever-growing presence of celebrities’ dogs online! Sure it’s fun to glimpse into the life of a celebrity, but when there is a dog involved? Sign us up!

Here are six of the cutest celebrity pets you can find on social media. Try not to overload on the cuteness!


  1. Miley Cyrus’s Dog Emu

Miley Cyrus is well known for having a lot of pets, but one of her cutest additions is her Shetland Sheepdog named Emu. Cyrus got Emu in 2014 shortly after the passing of her dog Floyd. Since then Emu has been getting a lot of love on Cyrus’s Instagram. Emu’s full name is actually Emu Coyne Cyrus, name after Miley Cyrus’s friend Wayne Coyne, who is the front man for the Flaming Lips. Emu’s long, beautiful fur has that hippie vibe that Cyrus is so proud of within herself. A match made in heaven!


  1. Justin Bieber’s Dog Esther

Justin Bieber’s little dog named Esther is simply the cutest little ball of fluff on four legs! Of course, Bieber himself agrees. Esther gets plenty of love on Bieber’s own instagram account, but Esther has a few other accounts dedicated to her as well. You can follow this Instagram account that’s devoted just to Esther, or this Twitter account with pictures of the adorable pup. Esther could make a “Belieber” out of anyone!


  1. Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs Asia and Koji

The cuteness is almost too much to handle with these two. Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs light up her Instagram with dress up photos and squishy faces. For a while, Asia was Lady Gaga’s only dog. The little black Frenchie had a brief modeling career with Coach, and even posed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar! But Gaga wanted to give Asia a friend, and added Koji to the family. We’re so happy she did!


  1. Nick Jonas’s Dog Elvis

Nick Jonas has had his golden retriever Elvis since he was sixteen, and takes him everywhere. The public has gotten to watch Elvis grow from a fluffy puppy to a handsome dog. Elvis gets some of his own social media love through a Facebook fan page dedicated to him. You can sometimes spot the two of them out for walks. When Nick Jonas was performing on Broadway, he even moved Elvis to the city so they could be together and explore New York. Aww!


  1. Cinnamon, Ariana Grande’s Dog

Ariana Grande is another celebrity with a serious love for dogs. Right now, she is the proud owner of six pups! So it was hard to pick the cutest of the bunch…but we think Cinnamon takes the cake. Cinnamon is a mix that Grande adopted when she was just a little puppy. According to Grande, the poor thing was found in a box! Now based on her many Instagram photos, we suspect Grande may have a new favorite. Too cute!


  1. Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Finn

It’s safe to say that Amanda Seyfried is obsessed with her Australian Shepherd Finn. And so are we! The two of them together make an adorable pair, and tend to ham it up for the camera. Seyfried is known for posting a lot of photos of Finn on her Instagram. And we’re quite thankful for that! Oh and of course…Finn has his own Twitter account too.

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It’s no secret that your dog is your fur-baby. So when your pup’s birthday is just around the corner, you want to make the day extra special. But if you’re like most of us two-legged folks, we’re more used to throwing parties for human children – not dog children. What’s a dog-parent to do?

When you want to do something special with your dog, the best place to start is (drum roll please) with your dog! It’s always best to first and foremost take into consideration your dog’s preferences and temperament when introducing something new and different (and fun!). Your dog might be the life of the dog park, but tucks their tail at the mention of a groomer. Or maybe your furry friend can fetch a ball like there’s no tomorrow, but wouldn’t be so great on an off leash hike.

Here are five different ways you can celebrate your dog’s birthday this year. Each idea is individual, just like each and every dog. Consider your pup’s preferences, and have a blast!

  1. Throw a Party
    The only thing better than playing with a dog is playing with LOTS of dogs! Why not invite your pup’s friends over for a birthday party? Contact the owners of the dogs your pet knows best. Maybe you met them through the dog park, doggie daycare, or your dog walker. Invite a small group to the park or your backyard for some extra special playtime.Naturally with all those excited, wagging tails, the dogs are going to want to run around a bit. So give them time to do that! But it can also be fun to provide some activities. Have a costume contest with prizes for the most creative. Host a show featuring trick demonstrations. You can even set up a kiddie pool to keep the dogs cool and happy on a warm day. And if you’re having trouble thinking of party games, has some great ideas. Don’t forget your camera!
  2. Get Outside
    Maybe your dog isn’t the life of the party, but still loves to run and play. Make your dog’s birthday a time for the two of you to bond in the great outdoors!If you live near a mountain, forest, or nature reserve, consider taking your dog for a day hike. Depending on your dog’s temperament and the local laws, this could be a great time for your dog to explore and play off leash. Always be sure to double check what the rules are before letting your dog off leash.Of course not all hikes have to be in the woods. Maybe you live near the ocean or a beautiful lake and want to take advantage of that. Long walks on a dog-friendly beach can be a fun way to get some running and swimming in on your dog’s special day.Getting outside also doesn’t have to be exclusive to country dogs. Give your city dog a little outdoor time too! Is there a new park in your neighborhood? A bigger one across town you’ve been dying to try? Your dog’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new. Check out Pet Friendly Travel for a complete guide to off leash parks and beaches in the United States. Grab your dog’s favorite toy, and have a ball!
  3. Give Your Dog the Spa Treatment
    Let’s face it, some dogs simply prefer the glamorous life over roughing it on a hike in the woods. If your dog is the type to wag their tail at just the mention of the groomer, why not give them a spa day?A simple bath and haircut is a great way to make your dog feel extra special on their birthday. If your dog has regular grooming appointments, try scheduling one on their birthday. Contact your local groomer and let them know it’s your pup’s special day. Maybe they’ll give them a little extra TLC!For some dogs, a regular grooming appointment may not be enough. If you want to treat your dog to a little something extra, consider a spa day. Doggie spas are an up-and-coming business trend, and offer a wide variety of amenities. In addition to standard grooming services, some spas offer manicures, facials, massage, hair dye, and even Reiki! Consult with the spa technician before moving forward with one these specialized services. Because remember, it’s your dog’s special day! You always want to make sure they will enjoy their spa day experience.
  4. Bake a Cake – or Other Tasty Treats!
    There’s no denying it – almost every dog you meet is in love with one thing: FOOD! Bake something extra special for your pup’s big day.The sky is the limit when baking for dogs! With the right ingredients, you can make your furry friend anything from cakes to cupcakes, cookies to ice cream. But be sure to check the recipes! Not all food is created equal, and some things may upset your dog’s tummy. Check out All Recipes for some great cooking inspiration.Maybe you’re not the baking type? Not to worry. Other avid bakers have got you covered. Entire bakeries have opened up all across the country, exclusively making tasty morsels for dogs. And if one of these bakeries isn’t in your area, be sure to contact your local pet supply shop. Many smaller pet stores carry well-made, local dog treats that you’ll feel great about giving to your dog.
  5. Gifts, of Course!
    A new toy is always a thrill! Maybe there’s a new style of chew toy you’ve been dying to try. Or perhaps your pup just destroyed their last ball. Whatever the circumstance, a new toy can really turn a dog’s day around.But what to buy? If your dog isn’t too picky, try purchasing something new. Do you play fetch every time you go to the park? Switch to a pull rope for a little variety. Does your dog spend hours chewing on flavored bones? Try a Frisbee this time.Maybe your dog is a little more particular. If your dog loves to play fetch, try hunting for an upgraded ball or Frisbee. If your dog tends to chew right through the toys, go for something more durable. Want to keep playing as the sun sets? Search for glow in the dark or LED toys. Go to your local pet store and ask what they have in stock. As an added bonus, choose something that will be engaging and fun for both of you. And then go play!

Of course none of these ideas are exclusive. Combine them, mix and match, and get creative! Choose activities and treats that are suitable to your dog’s temperament, capabilities, and preferences. You know your dog best! Remember, this is a day for you and your fur-baby. Make it a special one. Happy birthday!

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