6 Cartoon Dogs We Wish Were Real

Some of us grew up with dogs in our lives from day one, while others saw the dogs on television and movies and longed to have one of their own. Having a furry best friend by our side was all we wanted. And some of the most amazing fictional dogs come from cartoons. These dogs were the cream of the crop – man’s best friend at his finest. And if we’re being honest? We still daydream about those cartoon dogs being real. Here are 6 cartoon dogs we would love to have as pets in real life.

  1. Snoopy

    As perhaps the most famous of man’s best friends, Snoopy is a beagle after everyone’s heart. Made famous by the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles Schultz, America has fallen in love with his goofy personality and wild antics. Snoopy is a dog who plays by his own rules – a trait that often frustrates his owner Charlie Brown.

    Having Snoopy for a pet would be more like having a younger sibling. Snoopy doesn’t need constant attention the way other dogs might. He’s perfectly content entertaining himself. Whether he’s fighting off the Red Baron, or teasing Lucy for the hundredth time, Snoopy is about as independent as they come.

    But of course, Snoopy still considers Charlie Brown his number one. No matter how much Snoopy likes to be independent, he will always be there for his owner in the end. And in the words of Charles Schultz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

  2. Odie

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, Odie from the Garfield comic strip is not much of an independent thinker. In fact, he’s not much of a thinker at all. Odie is lovably stupid, and often falls victim to Garfield’s teasing – though he never seems to realize it.

    If Odie were your pet you probably would never stop laughing. His doofy nature always seems to get him into silly situations. But Odie never seems to stop looking on the bright side! What he lacks in intelligence he certainly makes up for in charm.

    Though Garfield is the star of Jim Davis’ beloved comics, Odie is the slapstick comedian we all adore. And while Garfield may show his affections is strange ways, Odie still keeps on smiling!

  3. Lady and Tramp

    You can’t have Lady without having Tramp – and why would you want anything less? There’s nothing sweeter than two dogs who really love each other. And this canine couple from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp is about as cute as they come.

    A wealthy Cocker Spaniel falls for a rugged street mutt in this Romeo and Juliet for dog lovers. If this adorable dog couple lived in your house, you’d probably be taking way too many pictures. The sweet snuggles, the sharing of food, and of course the (eventual) four puppies would be almost too much to handle!

    Owning Lady and Tramp, you would also have to be okay with having plenty of other dogs around. They both have lots of friends! But if you’re a true dog lover, the more the merrier!

  4. Clifford

    Any kid who read Clifford the Big Red Dog fantasized at least once about owning a huge dog as a pet. And Clifford is the perfect gentle giant. His loyalty to Emily is unparalleled, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

    With Clifford as your pet, the possibilities are endless. Looking for a backyard tire swing? Clifford’s tail will help you out! Want to be in the town parade? You don’t even need to build a float! And above all, with all that red fur, Clifford makes the best cuddle buddy in town.

    Norman Bridwell, the author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series created a lovable giant that every kid dreams of. If only he could really grow that big!

  5. Gromit

    If you’ve ever seen Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit clay animation movies, you know that if it weren’t for Gromit the dog, Wallace would never get anything done. Though he never talks, Gromit can speak volumes with just a facial expression. Although it would seem that Wallace never gets the hint.

    With Gromit as your pet, you can be sure he’d get you out of a scrape or two. Though Gromit acts impatient with Wallace’s stupidity, Gromit will always be there to get his human out of a jam – or at least he’ll try! And at the end of the day, Gromit just wants to sit back with his newspaper and a cup of tea. He’s a dog with sophisticated taste.

    Gromit will surely get you out of any conundrum you find yourself in – or at least stay by your side through the whole thing. What are best friends for?

  6. Dug

    Of all the dogs we’ve listed so far, Dug from the movie UP is the only one who can talk to his owners. Clearly that’s a huge bonus! We’ve all imagined what our dogs might sound like with human voices, and Dug brings that dream to reality.

    Dug would be an extremely loyal pet. Even when he worked for Charles Muntz in the Disney/Pixar film he was eager to please. Dug is also easily distracted – by birds, squirrels, tennis balls, you name it! His distractibility would give you hours of entertainment.

    It’s hard not to fall in love with this goofball. Though he may not be the fastest, fiercest, or smartest of dogs, he certainly is the most fun. Dug, we’d be happy to be your master!

We know we didn’t list them all. Who is your favorite? Tell us which cartoon dog you always wished you could be best friends with!

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