6 Cutest Celebrity Dogs

Social media has changed a lot of things. One change we’re especially happy to see is the ever-growing presence of celebrities’ dogs online! Sure it’s fun to glimpse into the life of a celebrity, but when there is a dog involved? Sign us up!

Here are six of the cutest celebrity pets you can find on social media. Try not to overload on the cuteness!


  1. Miley Cyrus’s Dog Emu

Miley Cyrus is well known for having a lot of pets, but one of her cutest additions is her Shetland Sheepdog named Emu. Cyrus got Emu in 2014 shortly after the passing of her dog Floyd. Since then Emu has been getting a lot of love on Cyrus’s Instagram. Emu’s full name is actually Emu Coyne Cyrus, name after Miley Cyrus’s friend Wayne Coyne, who is the front man for the Flaming Lips. Emu’s long, beautiful fur has that hippie vibe that Cyrus is so proud of within herself. A match made in heaven!


  1. Justin Bieber’s Dog Esther

Justin Bieber’s little dog named Esther is simply the cutest little ball of fluff on four legs! Of course, Bieber himself agrees. Esther gets plenty of love on Bieber’s own instagram account, but Esther has a few other accounts dedicated to her as well. You can follow this Instagram account that’s devoted just to Esther, or this Twitter account with pictures of the adorable pup. Esther could make a “Belieber” out of anyone!


  1. Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs Asia and Koji

The cuteness is almost too much to handle with these two. Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs light up her Instagram with dress up photos and squishy faces. For a while, Asia was Lady Gaga’s only dog. The little black Frenchie had a brief modeling career with Coach, and even posed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar! But Gaga wanted to give Asia a friend, and added Koji to the family. We’re so happy she did!


  1. Nick Jonas’s Dog Elvis

Nick Jonas has had his golden retriever Elvis since he was sixteen, and takes him everywhere. The public has gotten to watch Elvis grow from a fluffy puppy to a handsome dog. Elvis gets some of his own social media love through a Facebook fan page dedicated to him. You can sometimes spot the two of them out for walks. When Nick Jonas was performing on Broadway, he even moved Elvis to the city so they could be together and explore New York. Aww!


  1. Cinnamon, Ariana Grande’s Dog

Ariana Grande is another celebrity with a serious love for dogs. Right now, she is the proud owner of six pups! So it was hard to pick the cutest of the bunch…but we think Cinnamon takes the cake. Cinnamon is a mix that Grande adopted when she was just a little puppy. According to Grande, the poor thing was found in a box! Now based on her many Instagram photos, we suspect Grande may have a new favorite. Too cute!


  1. Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Finn

It’s safe to say that Amanda Seyfried is obsessed with her Australian Shepherd Finn. And so are we! The two of them together make an adorable pair, and tend to ham it up for the camera. Seyfried is known for posting a lot of photos of Finn on her Instagram. And we’re quite thankful for that! Oh and of course…Finn has his own Twitter account too.

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