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Physical Characteristics:
Height: 12-16”
Weight: 25-35 lbs.
Energy Level: High
The American Kennel Club recognizes the Swedish Vallhund in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Health & Longevity

Average Life Span: 12-14 years
The Swedish Vallhund is considered to be a healthy breed and does not have too many health concerns and conditions that you need to be aware of. While this breed is considered healthy, you always need to watch out for poor breeding practices.

Some of the conditions that can be passed down to your pup include joint dysplasia, eye disease, and patellar luxation.

Joint dysplasia may be passed down to your pup and can cause crippling effects and painful arthritis. Joint dysplasia can occur in either the hip or elbow and happens when the joint does not work properly. When this condition is present, you may notice lameness in your pup’s limbs.

Eye disease can be a concern in the Swedish Vallhund, and you need to keep a close watch for things such as cataracts and PRA. PRA is also known as progressive retinal atrophy and occurs when the retina degenerates over time. This condition will eventually lead to blindness.

Lastly, patellar luxation can occur in your pup and happens when the knee becomes dislocated from its place. This condition may need surgery to be corrected and can cause pain for your pup.

The Swedish Vallhund has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

Temperament & Train-ability

The Swedish Vallhund is often referred to as a pup that is watchful, intelligent, and energetic. You will find that your new pup is a ball of energy that likes to explore and run around. It is important that your pup has the room to run and can unwind out in your backyard. If you do not have a backyard, you still do need to make sure your pup gets enough mental and physical stimulation. A local park or field is a great alternative for playing with your pup if you do not have a backyard.

Your Swedish Vallhund will need to receive a walk or two per day to expel extra built up energy. If your pup does not receive enough exercise, you may come home to a mess.

Many people think of this dog as small in size, but huge in personality. You will never have a problem with your pup showing his or her personal side and you can expect some laughs and giggles throughout the day.

This breed is loving and will come to you for some cuddles throughout the day. Your Swedish Vallhund does have a bit of an independent side, so they are not going to be attached to you at the hip.

Your Swedish Vallhund can serve as a watch dog as he or she is alert and attentive to his or her family. You will find that your pup barks at strangers and is a bit wary of those who he or she does not know well.

This breed does get along with children, but is not too tolerant when small children tease or injure the pup, so be sure to supervise your pup. Getting along with others in the home is not a problem and this breed often attaches more to one particular person in the household.

Training is considered to be easy to moderate. You may find that your pup does have a stubborn streak now and again, but it is not something you cannot work through. You should be patient when it comes to training and make sure you have a soft and gentle approach.


This breed does not shed a lot, which means grooming requirements are not too complicated. You will want to make sure that you brush your pup’s coat at least a couple of times per week to ensure no tangles or mats occur.

You only need to bathe your Swedish Vallhund as it is needed when he or she becomes dirty or stinky. When you do bathe your pup, make sure that you choose a mild shampoo so that skin irritation does not occur.

While bathing is not necessary, you do want to make sure you clean out your pup’s ears to prevent infection. You should use an ear cleansing solution and a cotton ball to clean the outer area of the ear at least once a week. You do not want to put anything into your pup’s ear as this can cause injury.

In addition to the ear cleaning, you need to make sure you trim your pup’s nails to prevent overgrowth. Nails that become too long can snag and rip easily, which will cause pain to your pup. You should trim your Swedish Vallhund’s nails once per month or as needed to keep them at a healthy length.


Your Swedish Vallhund will consume anywhere between 1.5 cups and 2 cups of food per day. You should split this total into two meals, ideally in the morning and at night.

Your pup needs to be fed a premium brand of dry kibble to ensure he or she receives the proper amount of nutrients. When you look for a dry food brand, look for one that contains whole food and not any chemicals or fillers.

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The average cost of a Swedish Vallhund puppy is about $600 to $900. You will find that the price depends on the breeder you select and in no way does the price reflect how healthy the pup is.

When it comes to the cost of your puppy, make sure you factor in additional costs such as preventative medicine, vet checkups, and food.

Paws ‘N’ Pups Ranking

Paws ‘N’ Pups ranks every breed out of 4 with 1 being easiest to integrate into your life and 4 being the toughest – The lower the ranking the better.

Ranking takes into account a few basic factors including cost, skill level needed, high vs low maintenance and how critical regular training is to success. The Swedish Vallhund has a lot of personality and you will be proud to own this breed. It is important to remember that this breed does not always do well with small children and may attempt to nip or herd them. You also need to make sure that you socialize your pup early on to prevent any issues later on down the road when it comes to other pets in your home. This breed ranks a 2.5.


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