Summer Playlist Essentials: Try These 5 Dog-Themed Songs!

Pet owners pay homage to their dogs in all kinds of ways, and music is one of the most fun. Dog-themed songs and lyrics can be heard on the radio day and night, reminding us all what an important role pups play in our lives.

If you’re still working on building your summer playlist, consider adding these 5 songs to the mix. They are sure to get any dog lover howling in no time!

  1. “Hound Dog” – Elvis Presley
    Any dog-themed playlist worth it’s kibble has to include “Hound Dog.” This classic Elvis Presley song is upbeat, catchy, and easy to learn with only 63 words repeated over and over to a fun, blues beat. The song itself isn’t technically about a dog, but rather comparing a person to a dog.

    If your plans for the summer include a dance party or a barbeque, this song is a must on your playlist. Guests of all ages will be dancing along to this timeless tune!

  2. “Martha My Dear” – The Beatles
    It isn’t immediately obvious that this song is about a dog. With lyrics like, “Martha, my love don’t forget me,” and, “you and me were meant to be,” it’s easy to assume it’s about a woman. But in fact, Martha was not a woman at all. Martha was an Old English Sheep Dog belonging to Paul McCartney.

    Though Paul McCartney has since stated that the lyrics are more geared towards his ex, the inspiration is still drawn from his beloved dog. This song is a much more mellow addition to your playlist. Enjoy it while picnicking in the park, or catching some sun at the beach.

  3. “Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men
    Another necessity for a dog-themed playlist, “Who Let the Dogs Out” is about as upbeat and silly as they come. Though Rolling Stone ranked it third on a list of “10 Most Annoying Songs” it’s impossible to deny how infectious this tune by the Baha Men is. And for anyone who grew up in the 90’s and the early 2000’s, this song has a serious nostalgia factor.

    Though all the songs on our list are kid-friendly, this one is probably the most fun for children. Any summer birthday party will be kicked up a notch when this tune comes on.

  4. “Me and My Arrow” – Harry Nilssen
    Taking it down a notch, this easy, breezy song really is about a dog. This song comes from Harry Nilssen’s album The Point! and is also featured in an animated movie of the same name. It is a story about a boy named Oblio and his adventures with his dog Arrow. And for all you fans of The Beatles out there, the movie was narrated by Ringo Starr!

    “Me and my Arrow” is a gentle tribute to everyone who has ever had a dog for a best friend. Play this song when you go for leisurely walks with your canine companion this summer.

  5. “Why Should I Worry?” – Disney’s Oliver and Company; sung by Billy Joel
    “Why Should I Worry” is a song from Disney’s Oliver and Company, and while it doesn’t technically mention dogs at all, it is sung by a dog. Well actually, that dog is voiced by Billy Joel, which makes this tune ideal for both adults and children.

    Dodger the dog sings about having no worries and no care, because he has “street savoir-faire.” This song makes it fun to imagine what your dogs might be up to when they aren’t with their human companions. Turn this song up during those long, sunny car rides. You’ll be howling along all the way to the beach!

What are you listening to this summer? Any other dog-themed songs you keep on your playlist year-round? Tune us in!

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