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Physical Characteristics:
Height: Up to 16”
Weight: 12-30 lbs.
Energy Level: Moderate – High
The Jack A Bee is found in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Tan
  • White

Health & Longevity

Average Life Span: 12-16 years
The Jack A Bee is a hybrid breed that comes from the Jack Russell Terrier and the Beagle. This hybrid breed has some known medial conditions and diseases that you need to be aware of. Working with a reputable breeder can limit how many diseases your Jack A Bee inherits. Some medical concerns include eye problems, intervertebral disk disease, epilepsy, Legg-Perthe’s Disease, patellar luxation, deafness, cherry eye, hip dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.

The Jack A Bee may face some eye conditions ranging from an eye infection to cataracts. The most common condition seen in this breed is the cherry eye. This condition occurs when the third eyelid in your pup is prolapsed. This condition causes the eye to appear bright red. Fortunately, this condition is not painful and would only need to be corrected for cosmetic reasons. When it comes to other eye conditions, simply monitor your pup’s eyes and make note of any changes. You should contact your veterinarian if you believe that something may be wrong with your pup’s eyes.

Intervertebral disk disease affects the spinal column in dogs and can lead to paralysis. This condition is considered painful and may cause some nerve damage.

Epilepsy is a common condition found in the Jack A Bee and can cause some distress to your pup and you. Seizures can be mild or they may be quite violent with a lot of convulsing and foaming at the mouth. It is important that you learn how to handle seizures if your pup has them because this can make the difference between a safe pup and one that injures themself.

Legg-Perthe’s Disease is characterized by the degeneration of the head on the femur bone. This leads to some pain in your pup and there may be some inflammation as well.

Knee dislocation, also referred to as patellar luxation, occurs in small dogs frequently, but is not limited to only this breed. The condition is painful for your dog and you will often be alerted to a problem when your pup holds his or her leg up in the air.

Deafness is a common condition in senior pups and can happen to your Jack A Bee. Unless your puppy is born deaf or has an inherited or genetic condition, this is not a huge concern. Senior dogs can lose their hearing partially or fully.

Joint problems are common in the Jack A Bee, specifically with the hip. Hip dysplasia occurs when the joint is deformed or it does not fit into the socket properly. This can cause pain and will make it difficult for your puppy to stand or lie down.

Lastly, hypothyroidism is a condition that is marked by a malfunctioning thyroid. When this occurs, your pup may become obese or may have trouble gaining weight. It is important to speak with your vet if you think that there may be a problem with your Jack A Bee’s thyroid.

The Jack A Bee’s life expectancy is 12 to 16 years.

Temperament & Train-ability

The Jack A Bee is considered to be a dog that is quite playful, loyal, and loving. You will find that your pup likes to be near you and will beg for attention quite often. In fact, if you are not paying attention to your Jack A Bee, he or she may bark or paw you to gain your attention.

This breed likes to be close to his or her companion and will stick by your side whenever possible. This means that your pup does not like to be left alone and can suffer from separation anxiety at times.

One key difference with the Jack A Bee is that he or she can be a good watch dog. In fact, this breed will protect you and your family while remaining weary of strangers and alerting you to potential danger.

You will find that your dog is playful and loves a good game of chase, tug-of-war, and games with tennis balls. Your pup will need some exercise, but is a good choice for an apartment or condo. You should walk your Jack A Bee once per day.

This breed is smart and obeys commands, but can be difficult to train to start with. It will take some commitment from you to ensure that he or she is trained correctly. You want to make sure you remain positive, consistent, and firm. This breed will not respond to harsh training methods and may become stubborn and ignore you.

It is important to note that this breed can become a bit aggressive and nip if not properly trained and socialized. This breed does not always make a good option for those households with children and pets.


The Jack A Bee has some moderate grooming needs and his or her coat cannot be ignored. You will need to brush your pup daily to keep the coat silky and remove any loose hairs that he or she may have.

You do not want to bathe your pup too often as this can strip the oils from his or her coat. When you do need to give him or her a bathe, use a shampoo that is mild or for sensitive skin. Never use soap or shampoo that is made for humans.

While you do not have to bathe your Jack A Bee often, you need to make sure you clean his or her ears once a week and trim his or her nails once a month or sooner if necessary.


Your Jack A Bee will eat about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of dry food per day and should be fed a high quality kibble. You want to look for foods made with natural ingredients and try to avoid fillers and wet food as much as possible.

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A Jack A Bee puppy will cost anywhere between $300 and $750. In addition to this cost, you will need to factor in costs for yearly expenses such as vaccines, vet appointments, any surgeries such as a neuter or spay, preventative medications, food, and supplies.

Paws ‘N’ Pups Ranking

Paws ‘N’ Pups ranks every breed out of 4 with 1 being easiest to integrate into your life and 4 being the toughest – The lower the ranking the better.

Ranking takes into account a few basic factors including cost, skill level needed, high vs low maintenance and how critical regular training is to success. The Jack A Bee is a good companion for a single person, couples, or seniors. You may have a hard time training him or her and will find that sometimes this breed can be a bit nippy. In addition, you may have trouble getting your Jack A Bee to except children or other pets in the home. This breed ranks a 3.


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