4 Products That Are No Longer Only For Humans

By now you’ve probably let your pup taste dog ice cream, perhaps taken him for a ride in a doggie stroller or even dressed him up as your favorite character for Halloween. Just when you thought you’ve tried all of the products that have been adapted for dogs, we’ve found four new dog products that until now, we thought only humans could enjoy. Check them out!

  1. Wine for Dogs

    You’ll never have to drink alone again! Apollo Peak, a company that began as a winemaker for cats, has now expanded its repertoire to include wine for dogs. Right now there are two flavors dog owners can choose from: The CharDOGnay and the ZinfanTail.

    But wait…alcohol is bad for dogs right? Absolutely! That’s why all pet-friendly wine made by Apollo Peak contains no alcohol at all. In fact, it doesn’t even contain grapes, a food that is notoriously bad for dogs. If you are considering purchasing a dog-friendly wine made by a different brand, be sure to check the ingredients. You should never feed your dog grapes or alcohol.

    So what is actually in this wine? The wine is made with all-natural ingredients, and the dark coloring of the wine is actually derived from beets. The wine itself has a natural, calming effect on dogs. This is achieved through the use of herbs such as peppermint or chamomile. So while you relax with your human wine, your dog will be relaxing right by your side!

  2. A FitBit for Dogs

    As the company slogan states, “We couldn’t imagine a world where we monitor our own health but not that of our dogs.” Introducing FitBark, the first FitBit equivalent for dogs.

    You’ve probably heard of FitBit, and may even have one yourself. It is essentially a bracelet that tracks your daily activity and monitors your health. Humans can program the FitBit to track the steps they take each day, monitor their heart rate, and even monitor their sleep cycle. Now you can do all that and more for your dog!

    FitBark aims to help dog owners track their pet’s health, and even catch signs of illness early on. With FitBark, a dog owner can get an idea on things such as how much to feed their pup, how much exercise is appropriate for their size and breed, and even monitor their dog’s level of separation anxiety. The FitBark is connected to the dog owner’s phone, allowing for owners to monitor their pets while they are away from them as well.

  3. Dog Sunglasses

    If you’re already thinking of taking the plunge and getting your dog a FitBark, why not get them a nice pair of sunglasses too? After all, all that activity may require some protective eyewear!

    Called “doggles” these dog-friendly goggles actually have multiple uses. Some styles are meant for protection against the sun. Others like this mesh style are more appropriate for keeping out debris. There are also styles which may be suited for the dog who likes fast motorcycles or speed boat rides.

    Whatever the occasion, these doggles are both functional and stylish. So if you and your dog are trying to up your cool factor, consider a pair of these canine sunglasses.

  4. Dog-safe Tattoos

    Generally speaking, tattoos for dogs are not a good idea. A real tattoo hurts to get, and might be extremely painful for your dog to experience. So how can you make a tattoo that’s safe for a dog?

    These dog-safe tattoos by New York pet groomer Jorge Bendersky don’t hurt a bit. In fact, they are just colored stencils on fur! Some even include small jewels that stick to the fur to add a bit of glamor. And on top of that, they only take about 10 minutes to apply! They are colorful, glitzy, and perfectly safe for dogs. The only downside? They can be a little pricey. With a $100 price tag you better be sure your dog isn’t rolling in the mud anytime soon!

    Bendersky uses the finest, non-toxic materials for these glamorous dogs. So even the most skeptical dog owner will know that it’s worth it!

Has your dog been trying out a new product you thought was only for humans? Share it with us!

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