4 Fun Items To Spoil Your Pup With

While some may not admit it, we all spoil our dogs. Whether you slip your pup an extra treat at meal times or let them snuggle in your bed at night, it’s hard to resist giving our dogs the good life. But would you ever paint your dog’s nails? Or dress them up in a bikini? Check out these fun (and maybe a little wacky!) dog accessories some dog owners have fallen in love with. All are safe and fun for dogs. But would you try them? Take a look!

  1. Dog Nail Polish
    Painting your dog’s nails is on the rise – for some dog owners, coloring their dog’s nails is a fun way to express their pup’s glamourous side. Some owners even choose to match their own nails to their dog’s!

    It’s important to note that human nail polish is not safe for dogs. If ingested by a dog, it can be toxic. If you’re interested in painting your dog’s nails, it’s important to buy a canine-friendly brand of nail polish. But don’t worry – they make plenty of colors! Even the well-known nail polish brand OPI is getting in on the game, making their own line of “pawlish” for dogs.

    As an astute dog owner, you may be a bit skeptical right now. Many dogs won’t sit still to get their nails trimmed, so why would they sit still for nail polish? It takes some patience, but once the dog realizes the polish doesn’t hurt, the process is a breeze! Painting your dog’s nails could end up being a fun bonding experience for you and your dog – and your pup will look great too!

  2. Dog Perfume
    For those dog owners who aren’t keen on that “doggy smell,” puppy perfume could prove to be more useful than fanciful. In fact, some scented sprays are also designed to fight off fleas. Others are designed as a multi-purpose, scented spray, intended to treat your dog’s coat and skin after a bath.

    But spoiling your dog doesn’t have to be practical! And there are plenty of perfume products designed with the glamourous dog in mind. For instance, the brand Pupcake makes several different dog perfumes, all scented to smell like dessert. As if that weren’t enough, each scent is packaged in an adorable bottle!

    As with nail polish, it’s important to only use products that are labeled as dog safe. Human perfume may contain chemicals that could be harmful to dogs if it comes in contact with their skin or is ingested. Only opt for brands that are specifically made for dogs. With this in mind, your dog could be smelling delightful in no time!

  3. Dog Jewelry
    You might have the image of a bedazzled collar in your mind but trust us, this jewelry goes beyond your average collar. While you can certainly aim for practicality and purchase a collar that doubles as a glamorous accessory, some dog owners simply can’t stop there.

    If your dog is a total princess, she’s going to love all the jewelry options she has available to wear. While most of these dazzling products are necklaces, many jewelry items come as a necklace and bracelet set. But what about the little prince in your life? Never fear! Bow ties and neck ties have been made to fit the little dandy in your life.

    While jewelry and colorful ties on dogs can be a lot of fun, it’s important to remember that you should never take dressing up to the extreme. Some dog owners go so far as to get their dog’s ears pierced and even take them to the tattoo parlor. This practice has been banned in New York, but continues to occur elsewhere. There are many who believe this kind of body modification is cruel to animals. As a dog owner, it’s important to keep in mind that tattoos and piercing are painful procedures. Any modification to your pet that isn’t medically necessary should be reconsidered.

  4. Dog Swimsuits
    Our dogs get dressed up in nearly everything else, why not swimsuits as well? In truth, a dog has no need for a swimsuit, and not every dog wants to wear clothes in the first place. But if your dog is the dress-up type, they may love strutting their stuff on the boardwalk in a bikini or swim trunks.

    A swimsuit for dogs should not be confused with a dog life jacket! A swimsuit is simply a fashion accessory that provides plenty of fun, but no safety or protection against drowning. On the other hand, a life jacket that fits your dog is designed to keep them afloat in case they fall off a boat or off the side of a pool. Be sure you know which one you are purchasing – and why!

  5. Have you tried out any of these fashion accessories? Think you might give them a try in the future? Share your stories about spoiling your dog – and maybe share a picture or two as well!

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