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Texas Heeler Puppies For Sale

Paws ‘N’ Pups has the most up-to-date listings of puppies for sale near you. Our listings are from top breeders from around the country. This page is updated on a weekly basis to showcase new puppies available for sale or upcoming litters that will be ready to take home soon. If you need help finding a puppy or if you are a breeder with puppies, please feel free to contact us.

Blue Heelers in Texas

– 1 male and 3 females; bkbheelers@gmail.com or Text 830-624-4487; Burnt Kerosene Kennels, LLC P.O. Box 312256 New Braunfels, Tx 78130.

  • Date of birth: 11/03/2016

Texas Heelers Puppies
– 2 females; Duke and Kaypi litter due around October 16th ; My animals, including dogs and puppies, are my first priority and main focus daily.
– When looking through the various pages of the ALT Texas Heeler website, please know and feel confident that any puppies or dogs raised at our home have been given tremendous individual time and care.
– We pride ourselves on quality, comfort, health, and over-all happy, socialized well-being.
– Puppies are whelped in Dalhart, TX.
– Puppies are raised indoors under climate control.
– At around 4 weeks old the pups have the ability to go in and outdoors at their own discretion.
– Puppies are offered food at around 4-5 weeks old. Every litter is unique and different so times for outdoor living and food introduction may vary slightly.
– All puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age.
– All puppies are vaccinated for Parvo/Distemper/Leptospirosis at 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks of age.
– All routine medical and vaccinations are given to puppies until they reach their new homes.
– All of our puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee, vaccination records and a registration application.
– Our Texas Heeler puppies are 50% Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and 50% Australian Shepherd.
– Our Texas Heeler puppies are bred from Purebred sires and dams.
– Prices vary from $500 to $600 for Merle, blues, solids, and tri colored Texas Heeler Puppies.
– All Purebred Heeler (100% Australian Cattle Dog or Blue/Red Heeler) puppies are $600.
– Many of the Texas Heeler puppies are born naturally docked.
– Some of the remaining puppies will have their tails docked and dew claws removed.
-(A tail and dew claws can remain untouched if I have added your information to our “Notification List” with specific instructions about tails and claws. We will dock and remove dew claws accordingly).
– **If I have already accepted a deposit from you, our agreement stands, and this new system will not apply.
– We will no longer be accepting deposits prior to puppies being born.
– Once puppies are delivered, puppies will be offered on an unreserved basis.
– I will be adding names and contact info to a “Notification List” to notify folks when puppies have arrived and can be chosen.
– I would suggest checking the site around the time of estimated, or posted due dates, or contacting me if you have not heard from me around this time.
– Once puppies have arrived, I will accept a deposit towards a specific puppy.
– I add your information to my Notification List for a specific litter.
– I will notify you when puppies are born and if any are available.
– I then begin to contact folks as soon as all the puppies have arrived with photos and info.
– I will begin taking deposits for specific pups.
– I then take new photos each week as the puppies grow and change then videos once they are mobile.
– The deposit does go towards the total cost of the pup.
– Some Texas Heeler puppies are born naturally docked while others are not.
– We will leave some puppies with tails and some will be docked.
– Please read the above information regarding tails.
– $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure selected puppy.
– The deposit can transfer to another litter.

  • $600
  • Date of birth: 9/07/16

Farm Pups
– Australian Cattle Dogs … a.k.a … Blue & Red Heelers; All of our Blue/Red Heeler puppies will be CKC Registered and pricing begins at $500.
– Many factors including, sex, color, and pedigree affect​ the pricing of our puppies.
– Shania & Booger’s Puppies Are Here!
– Born August 12th and ready to go on October 7th.
– Now taking deposits! This litter is all blue and all females, no males available at this time, sorry.
– Our next expected litter is Gypsy & Booger due in October. ​
– 1) Wait until the pictures have been posted (date listed above).
– 2) When you see a puppy you like please call Heather at 860-608-8731; we will begin taking deposits on puppies starting at 9am. If you get our voice-mail please leave a message. We will return calls in the order we receive them.
– 3) Upon talking to Heather to confirm your pick is available you will then be required to place a non-refundable $200 deposit either via Pay-Pal or Credit Card.
– 4) We will not “Hold” a puppy for you without a deposit.
– 5) If you prefer to pick your puppy in person please call Heather and make an appointment to view the puppies after the posting of pictures.
– We will for-worn you that our litters typically sell out rather fast and there may or may not be any puppies still available after we begin taking deposits.
– If you want to be certain to get a puppy please be prepared to call at 9am the morning the pictures are posted.
– 6) You will receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hrs of placing your deposit.
– 7) As the time gets closer to picking up your puppy please schedule a pick up appointment with Heather either by phone or email.
– 8) On your pickup date please be sure to bring the remaining balance in Cash when you come.
– 9) If you are delayed or are unable to make your scheduled pick up time please call Heather to let her know (preferably on or before your appointment not several hours later).
– 10) Please keep in mind we are a small hobby kennel with a limited number of puppies available.
– The welfare of our dogs and the litters we raise are our top priority.
– We greatly appreciate our puppy customers and strive to go above and beyond.
– Therefore, we have established these guidelines to keep it fair for all of our customers near and far.
– Please do not ask us to “bend the rules”. Thank you!

  • Date of birth: 10/7/2016

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