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Tamaskan Puppies For Sale

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– Hinata’s First Litter.
– THEME: Fire litter.
– SIRE: Nanuk (Nanuk von Sirius Lupus) – outcross.
– DAM: Hinata (Sylvaen Katana).
– DOB: 08.08.2016. 8 Puppies: 4 males & 4 females.
– Debby@sylvaen.com.

  • Date of birth: 08/08/16

Adawe Tamaskan
– Born: March 27, 2016.
– 9 puppies – 6 males, 3 females.
– http://adawetamaskan.wixsite.com/mysite/contact-us

  • Date of birth: 03/27/16

Hawthorne Tamaskan
– 2016 Fall Breeding Planned: Pending passing hip and elbow scores.
– our girl Ruuq (Hawthorne Astrila) will be bred to our stud Darwin (J&J Devil of Piru).
– Please email us at hawthornetamaskan@gmail.com to inquire about these upcoming plans and to build your relationship with us as your breeder. http://hawthornetamaskan.webs.com/contactus.htm.

White Elk Tamaskan
– Born: July 11, 2015. Dam: Rhea (Saxon Aquila at White Elk).
– Sire: Darwin (J&J Devil of Piru at Hawthorne).
– 10 puppies (5 boys, 5 girls).
– WhiteElkTamaskan@gmail.com.

  • Date of birth: 07/11/16

Moondance Tamaskan
– Moondance Tamaskan is in the process of completing health testing for Teyah and Tlun.
– At this time all of the health tests are completed.
– We are waiting for the DNA profiling to be completed.
– Both girls are expected to go into heat in November with puppies expected in January 2017.
– Stay tuned for litter and application information!
– Teresa Cutler. teresa@moondancetamaskan.com.
Adoption is an excellent alternative to buying a puppy. Click here to find a rescue shelter in your area.