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Physical Characteristics:
Height: 13-22”
Weight: 45-60 lbs.
Energy Level: Moderate
The Siberpoo is found in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White

Health & Longevity

Average Life Span: 10-13 years
The Siberpoo is a hybrid breed that is a cross between a Poodle and a Siberian Husky. When it comes to health concerns, it is important to look at major health conditions on both sides since the puppy can inherit any of the genetic disorders.

Some of the major health concerns that you need to keep an eye out for include Addison’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, epilepsy, Von Willebrand’s Disease, bloat, hypothyroidism, and patellar luxation.

Addison’s Disease in dogs is characterized by a low production of corticosteroids in the body. Without this substance, your dog’s body will not function properly.

Cushing’s Disease is often found in older dogs, but it can occur at any time. This condition is caused by a tumor located on the pituitary gland and can cause a variety of symptoms to pop up from muscle weakness to excessive panting.

Epilepsy can occur in your Siberpoo and can vary in severity from mild to violent. If your dog does suffer from seizures, it may be caused by an underlying condition.

Von Willebrand’s Disease is a blood disorder that occurs due to the platelets in the body not clotting because of a lack of protein to bond them together.

Your Siberpoo may develop bloat, and if not taken care of right away, it can be deadly. This condition occurs when too much air is swallowed or collected in the stomach. The gas expands the stomach, which places pressure on the organs around it.

Hypothyroidism can occur in your Siberpoo, and when it does, your Siberpoo may be obese or have trouble gaining weight.

Lastly, patellar luxation is a common problem in the Siberpoo. This condition is best known as a knee dislocation. It causes pain and may lead to weakness in your pet’s limbs.

The Siberpoo’s life expectancy is 10 to 13 years.

Temperament & Train-ability

The Siberpoo is often described as a dog who is cheerful and likes to play. Many owners will say that this breed is friendly and loves to express himself. These descriptions are as close to the truth as you can get.

This breed loves his or her family and will become a forever companion. He or she is friendly and will greet you with a grin and a lick. If you allow it, you will find your Siberpoo on the couch next to you or in your bed curled up beside you.

Siberpoos are loyal to their family and great with children and other animals alike. Early socialization is important to help ensure no aggression develops, but you can be confident that this breed is not going to show an aggressive side.

One thing that you need to make note of is that this particular breed should not be left at home or alone for periods of time. Siberpoos tend to have separation anxiety and even if you are only gone for 20 minutes, they will act like you’ve been gone for days at a time. This breed commonly acts out when left alone and you may come home to a mess or damaged furniture.

The Siberpoo is not an easy to train dog, although he or she is trainable and intelligent. The reason behind not being able to train him or her easily is stubbornness. You need to make sure that you work with your puppy every day and remain consistent. Since the Siberpoo is stubborn, you should take baby steps to train him or her. You should avoid punishing and scolding of your Siberpoo when it comes to training, as this can cause your progress to revert and go in the opposite direction.


The Siberpoo does have some grooming needs and it will largely depend on the type of coat that your puppy has. If your pup has a Poodle coat and it is curly, you will need to brush him or her daily to release tangles and remove mats. Also, your puppy will need to visit the groomer every couple of months for a trim.

If your puppy has a coat like the Siberian Husky, he or she will need to be brushed every other day or three to four times a week. You can expect this coat to shed much more than the Poodle’s coat.

No matter the type of coat that your puppy has, only bathe him or her when it is really necessary. You should trim his or her nails on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth. When your Siberpoo’s nails become too long, they can snag, break, or split and this is painful for any pup.

In addition to a nail trim, you should check and clean your Siberpoo’s ears once a week. If you notice any dirt or wax, simply use a cotton ball and ear solution to clean it out.


Your Siberpoo will require two and a half to three cups of food per day. Ideally, you should divide the food up into two meals.

When it comes time to choose a food, make sure you choose one that uses all natural and wholesome ingredients such as chicken, rice, and vegetables. These quality foods will keep your puppy fit, healthy, and full.

If you choose a poor brand of food or you rely on wet food, you will find that your puppy’s tummy may get upset and he or she may gain too much weight too quickly.

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The cost of a Siberpoo puppy ranges between $600 and $1,500. It is common for female puppies to cost more and depending on the breeder you work with, you may pay more money as well.

Paws ‘N’ Pups Ranking

Paws ‘N’ Pups ranks every breed out of 4 with 1 being easiest to integrate into your life and 4 being the toughest – The lower the ranking the better.

Ranking takes into account a few basic factors including cost, skill level needed, high vs low maintenance and how critical regular training is to success. The Siberpoo is a wonderful dog to own and is great with children and loves to cuddle. This breed is considered difficult to train, and you may find yourself frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. If you are able to train your Siberpoo, you will have a wonderful and happy dog on your hands for many years. This breed ranks a 3.


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