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Physical Characteristics:
Height: 22-28”
Weight: 44-66 lbs.
Energy Level: High
The American Kennel Club recognizes the Portuguese Podengo in the following colors:

  • Chestnut
  • Fawn
  • Gold Gray
  • Off-White
  • Red
  • White & Black
  • White & Chestnut
  • White & Fawn
  • White & Gold
  • White & Gray
  • White & Orange
  • White & Red
  • White & Yellow
  • Yellow

Health & Longevity

Average Life Span: 12-14 years
The Portuguese Podengo is considered a newer breed, so there is limited data about the types of medical, inherited, and genetic conditions this breed may have. With the little data that is available, it is believed that this breed is healthy and hardy since not many problems have been reported.

It is important that you work with a reputable breeder who screens his or her pups and parents before breeding them. If they do not, genetic conditions can begin to become part of the blood lines and puppies may be born unhealthy.

While there is little data, breeders and the AKC know about other diseases that affect dog breeds similar to this one. From that knowledge, it is suggested that you keep an eye out for the following conditions in your Portuguese Podengo: obesity, joint dysplasia, demodectic mange, back injuries, and patellar luxation.

Obesity is a concern in many breeds of dog, especially if they are not fed the correct diet and do not receive as much exercise as they should. It is important that you monitor your pup’s weight and feed him or her a wholesome food that is not packed with chemicals and fillers.

If you think that your pup is obese, your veterinarian may place him or her on a diet to better manage the excess weight. It is important that you do not let your pup become obese, as this can lead to heart disease and other complications.

Joint dysplasia can affect the hip or elbow joint in your pup. This condition is very painful and can result in arthritis in the joints. You will likely notice that your pup has trouble walking around, standing up, and laying down due to the painful joints.

Demodectic mange is a parasite that lives on a dog’s skin and when there is an overgrowth or population of them, they can cause problems. Typically, you will notice that your pup itches his or her skin excessively and may experience hair loss.

Back injuries can occur in your Portuguese Podengo, so it is important to monitor their behavior and calm them down when they are too rambunctious. If a back injury does occur, it is vital that you seek veterinary care to ensure that your puppy does not become paralyzed.

Lastly, patellar luxation or a knee dislocation can occur when your pup runs around and plays outdoors. This condition can cause a lot of pain and you will often notice that there is a problem because your pup will hold his or her leg elevated and may become lethargic and avoid play time or outdoor activities.

The Portuguese Podengo has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

Temperament & Train-ability

The Portuguese Podengo is considered to be a very intelligent breed, which means that he or she is also easy to train and learns commands quickly. You will find that your pup responds well to you and is eager to learn as much as possible. It is unlikely that you will run into any trouble when it comes to getting your pup to listen to you.

This breed is often a one-person dog, which means that they will become attached to a single person in the home the most. This is not to say that he or she will not get along with others in the home, because the Portuguese Podengo is actually quite good with kids, other pets, and is affectionate. Depending on how your pup was bred, you may notice that your pup is not as affectionate as some other breeds, and this can be because the Portuguese Podengo was bred to hunt and he or she has a lot of this drive in him or her.

The Portuguese Podengo makes a good watchdog and will protect you and your family. He or she is suspicious of strangers, so proper introductions are always required.

It is important that you socialize this breed as much as possible because a Portuguese Podengo that is not socialized can be aggressive, fearful, nervous, and shy.

This breed needs room to run around and is a great pet for someone with a fenced in backyard. You will find your pup likes to play and will roam the yard back and forth. You will need to keep an eye out, though because this breed likes to escape and dig.


The Portuguese Podengo is considered a low maintenance pup and does not have a lot of grooming requirements. You should brush your pup once per day to remove loose hairs and tangles from the coat.

This breed does shed a bit, but nothing that cannot be cleaned with a broom or a vacuum. If you do not want your pup to shed as much, simply increase the number of brushings daily.

You only need to bathe your pup when it is necessary, but you need to clean out his or her ears at least once per week to prevent ear infections.

Lastly, you need to make sure you trim your pup’s nails at least once per month to ensure that overgrowth does not occur, as this can lead to the breaking, splitting, and snagging of the nails.


Your Portuguese Podengo will consume about 2.5 cups to 3 cups of dry food per day. You should ideally divide this amount up between two meals offered in the morning and again at night.

When you choose a brand of dry food for your Portuguese Podengo, it is important that you choose one that will meet his or her activity level and nutritional needs. For instance, a very active dog should consume a diet that is high in protein and lower in calories.

The food you choose should contain wholesome ingredients that are not made up of fillers, chemicals, and by-products. You can feed your pup wet food occasionally, but do not rely on it as a source of nutrition because it can lead to obesity and does lack in some nutrients and vitamins.

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A Portuguese Podengo will cost you about $1,000. This price may vary depending on whether or not the breed is in demand and what breeder you choose to work with. It is unlikely that you will find this breed in your local shelter, but that is the right place to start your search.

Paws ‘N’ Pups Ranking

Paws ‘N’ Pups ranks every breed out of 4 with 1 being easiest to integrate into your life and 4 being the toughest – The lower the ranking the better.

Ranking takes into account a few basic factors including cost, skill level needed, high vs low maintenance and how critical regular training is to success. The Portuguese Podengo is a good choice for any family. This breed will adapt well to your life and is affectionate. You will find this breed is easy to train, but does become attached to a single person in the home. Without the proper training, this pup can be fearful, shy, and aggressive. This breed ranks a 3.


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