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Irish Terrier Puppies For Sale

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Cloverdale Puppies
– My Irish terriers love to please their owners,they love to be told they are doing a “good job” and that they are a “good boy”, when you couple that need to please with their intellect, you really have something special.
– I am a founding member of Stamp Out Puppy Mills, we ask everyone to educate themselves about puppy-mills, and how to avoid them.
– My vet administers all the puppies vaccines, I do not do them myself.
– All my puppies are raised in my home with my nieces age 10, and 18 and my nephew age 3.
– They are well socialized with our cats, a variety of dogs from the neighborhood, and even our CHICKENS! .
– They are imprinted at a young age and form a strong loving bond with their owners.
– To further the bonding process each puppy is bottle fed, they learn from just a week old to connect with humans and relate them as alpha.
– Please understand that the bottle feeding is a treat, they get their nutrients, vitamins, colostrum etc.
– from their mothers milk.
– I have found that when you bottle feed a puppy the entire relationship it has with humans is improved, on every level, they are more loyal, they obey commands better, they want to please their owner even more, I could go on and on.
– Please feel free to talk with me about the breakthroughs I have made in this area.
– I breed only the highest quality Irish terriers If the breeding pair does not pass rigorous health, conformation, and temperament tests I do not breed them.
– I offer just a few select puppies a year.
– I breed not only for great looks but for outstanding personalities and health.
– My puppies are the best of the best.
– They may be more expensive than some of the others 1,200 males 1,300 females, in the dog world you truly do get what you pay for.
– I do numerous things other breeders do not do.
– “Once you get to know an Irish Terrier well enough to get acquainted with his personality, to recognize the depth of his love, to behold his proud almost swaggering carriage, his catlike grace of movement and blinding speed and coordination of
muscle, and his magnificent courage and heart, and to see his unnerving intelligence displayed again and again, you will be convinced that the Irish Terrier is one of the most magnificent of God’s creations in the dog family.
-“From “Long-Legged Irishman, Biography of a Terrier,”by Byron N. Martin.
– All my puppies come with their own crate, blanket, and toy they have had since weaning.
– I find this really cuts down on the stress of transportation plus when he/she gets to you it gives him/her a familiar place that smells and feels like home.
– I have more pictures and love to answer any questions you might have about this remarkable breed.
– Location: Portland, OR, United States
– Telephone: 503-473-3687

  • $1,200
  • Date of birth: September 09, 2016

Daniel Sackos
– 3males, 3 females
– Vancouver, WA 98682
– Visit Website(360) 892-0947

  • Date of birth: August 18, 2016

Irish Terriersusa.
– 2 females, 1 males
– Bruce & Henrietta Good
– 90 West St Sequim WA 98382 US
– Phone: +1.2064843830
– E-mail: hattie.good.2015@gmail.com

  • Date of birth: September 02, 2016

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