Chihuahua Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Chihuahua breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

If you are a breeder and would like to be added to list, would like to update you’re listing or would like to be removed from this list, please use this form.

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Breeder Name City State
4 Paws To Heaven Florida
A Bundle Of Love Four Oaks North Carolina
A Little Chihuahua Love Oklahoma
Acorn Pines Maryhill Washington
Adorable Chihuahuas Doyle California
Aija Ingrida Gasaway USA
Akc Texas Chihuahuas Texas
Alabama Toys And Teacups Arab Alabama
Allisons Akc Long Haired Chihuahuas Texas
Amarillo Fields Indiana
Andrews Chihuahuas Medina Ohio
Angels In The Mist Graham Washington
Anikas Chihuahuas Bloodlines Oakland California
Animal Haus Chihuahuas Bristol Virginia
Animal Haus Kennel USA
Ann Tanner Charming Little Chis California
Applejack Chihuahuas Westford Massachusetts
Ashlyn Chihuahuas Georgia
Badger Crest Kennels Washington
Baldwin Puppies Loxley Alabama
Barking Chihauhaus Texas
Bear Mountain Family Farms Squaw Valley California
Big And Small Puppy Pets Joshua Texas
Bjs Chihuahuas Brockport New York
Blankenship Chihuahuas Bothell Washington
Blazing Star Chihuahuas Indianapolis Indiana
Blue Chick Farm Rigby Idaho
Blue Chis Ranch High Point North Carolina
Burr Oak Kennel Covington Texas
Cabo Chihuahuas A Tiny Bit Of Mexico Columbus Ohio
Campfire Kennels Ohio
Carsten Chihuahuas Bois D Arc Missouri
Carstens Chihuahua Bois D Arc Missouri
Cathys Charming Chihuahuas Sharon Springs New York
Cbs Weechis Largo Florida
Central Cal Chihuahuas Squaw Valley California
Chi Angel Chihuahua Of Michigan Michigan
Chibabies Chihuahuas Wisconsin
Chichibabies Chihuahuas Greenwood Arkansas
Chihuahua Acres At H And H Ranch Prescott Arizona
Chihuahua Depot Marietta Georgia
Chihuahua Express Louisville Kentucky
Chihuahua Magnificat Independence Missouri
Chihuahua Mania Canal Fulton Ohio
Chihuahua Palace World Frankfort Illinois
Chihuahua Puppies Roseville California
Chihuahua-Landcom Illinois
Chihuahuas In Rainbow Colors Oregon
Chihuahuas Wee Love Lavon Texas
Chinchars Chihuahuas Florida
Chiscots Kennels Alabama
Christina And Carl Randalls Chihuahuas Port Richey Florida
Cocos Chihuahuas Saginaw Michigan
Coffee Creek Kennel Oklahoma
Country Heaven Chihuahuas Apache Oklahoma
Craigs Kennels Ponchatoula Louisiana
Crazy Ladies Chihuahuas Oregon
Crossroads Chihuahuas Palm Bay Florida
Cuddlebug Chihuahuas Gallipolis Ohio
Cudlpupy USA
Cynthia Foust Burlington North Carolina
D And Ts Paw Paw Patch USA
Daisy Lane Kennels California
Day By Day Farm And Kennel Missouri
Daystar Chihuahuas California
Decor Kennels Mc Bain Michigan
Dees Dolittle Chihuahuas Washington
Dfw Long Hair Chihuahua Allen Texas
Diva Dolls Tracy California
Djs Chihuahua Idaho Falls Idaho
Dogwood Gap Kennels Sylvania Georgia
Doublecreek Kennel Oxford Alabama
Dralions Chihuahuas Marcy New York
Dream Team Kennels Beaverdam Virginia
Dulittle Chihuahuas Holden Louisiana
Eastexchis Texas
Edgewood Kennels Bangor Pennsylvania
El Grande Chihuahua Pennsylvania
Exotic Appleheads Berryville/Fayetteville Arkansas
Faerie Garden Chihuahuas Columbia South Carolina
Fairytailpuppies Mission Texas
Firehouse Chihuahuas Star North Carolina
Fortora Farms Analomink Pennsylvania
Garden Of Paghat The Ratgirl The Washington
Grace Sette New Hyde Park New York
Guardian Angels Chihuahuas Cleburne Texas
Haas Chihuahua’s Union Michigan
Hallmark Farm Kennel Chihuahuas Punxsutawney Pennsylvania
Halo Chihuahuas Joplin Michigan
Hannah Chihuahua Breeder Mouthcard Kentucky
Happy Farm Kennel Plantersville Texas
Hesters Kennel Vonore Tennessee
Hfk Bostons And Chihuahuas Plantersville Texas
Highland Chihuahuas Lincoln Park Michigan
Higland Hills Chihuahuas Muse Oklahoma
Hockenhaus Kennel Mifflin Pennsylvania
Housepuppies Powderly Oklahoma
Hurley Up Chihuahuas Aynor South Carolina
I Heart Chihuahuas Oxford Georgia
Jax Chihuahuas Jacksonville Florida
Jennifer A Snyder South Bend Indiana
Jens Chi Babies California
Jerries Pet Place Fort Valley Georgia
Joelles Chihuahuas Paso Robles California
Johnny Puppies California
Judis Precious Littles Napa California
Jw Chihuahuas Washington
Kalebrick Kennel Missouri
Kathleen Walla Walla Washington
Katys Chihuahuas Mcminnville Oregon
Kesa Cocker Spaniels And Chihuahuas Clearwater Florida
Kiara’s AKC Chihuahuas Utica Michigan
Kims Country Kennel Magazine Arkansas
Kingdom Acres Akc Chihuahuas Phelan California
Kokopelli Kennels Mesa Arizona
Kountrytymes Chihuahuas Hertford North Carolina
La Casas Chihuahuas Phoenix Arizona
Lake Country Kennels Minnesota
Lamars Doghouse Percival Iowa
Las Vegastiny Chihuahua Las Vegas Nebraska
Lavida Chihuahuas Sabetha Kansas
Lil Promised Land Elizabeth Colorado
Little Paws Kennels Stahlstown Pennsylvania
Littlepups World Greenville Alabama
Long Coat Chihuahuas West Virginia
Longcoat Chihuahuas Burlington North Carolina
Love A Chihuahua Holland Patent New York
LoveBug Chihuahuas Barstow California
Luxury Chihuahuas Florida
Magical Mini Chihuahuas Roseville Michigan
Mans Best Friend Kennel Bryant Alabama
Maplewood Kennel Albright West Virginia
Marges Paradise Virgina
Mar-Les Chihuahuas Arkansas
Marlis Chis San Jose California
Marquis Royal Court Mississippi
Mercys Kennels USA
Michelles Chihuahuas Lakewood California
Miracolos Chihuahuas Arizona
Mistis Chihuahuas Lexington North Carolina
Mo Dog Kennels Rothville Missouri
Msd 2 Luv Kennel Raleigh North Carolina
Munchkinland Chihuahuas California
Murdock Kennels Gilbert South Carolina
Muriel Portland Oregon
My Blu Chihuahus Cocoa Florida
Nanas Puppies Wilson New York
Natelsong Chihuahuas Crescent City California
Oak Ridge Chihuahuas Arkansas
Paradise Kennels Rogersville Missouri
Paradox Chihuahuas El Cerrito California
Parlor De La Pooch Thomasville North Carolina
Parrish Family Kennel Indiana
Patti Popwell Bunnell Florida
Paws-N-Claws Abilene Kansas
Pet Shack Chihuahuas Winnsboro South Carolina
Phylis Bechert Greenwood Indiana
Pooh Corner Chihuahuas Newville Pennsylvania
Ppwv Chihuahuas Logansport Indiana
Precious Paws 4 You Groveton Texas
Precious Paws Of Texas Texas
Precious Puppies Birmingham Iowa
Puppy 123 Florida
Redwood Mountain Akc Chuhuahuas California
Rgv Puppies Texas
Rillito Chihuahuas Tucson Arizona
Rumblin Eko Kennels USA
Sacred Tree Chihuahuas Missouri
Salems Finest Chihuahuas Salem Oregon
Sd Doggies South Dakota
Shala Chihuahuas Missouri
Shiloh Creek Kennels Winston Salem North Carolina
Shobett Chihuahuas Grand Lake Oklahoma
Si Si Chihuahuas Pennsylvania
Silver Mountains Chihuahuas And Cane Corsos Mason City Iowa
Soigne Chihuahuas South Carolina
Spunkypaws Chihuahuas Hood River Oregon
Stateline Kennels Centre Alabama
Summers Maltese Birmingham Alabama
Sungold Chihuahuas Osceola Indiana
Sweesys Chihuahuas Texarkana Arkansas
Sweet Love Kennels Petersburg West Virginia
Sweet N Sassy Dry Prong Louisiana
TA Kennels Willow Spring North Carolina
Tangos Haus USA
Tc Tiny Paws Goldendale Washington
Tennessee Chihuhaua Spring Hill Tennessee
Teresas Akc Chihuahuas Riverside California
Terrys Tiny Toys Chihuahuas Tennessee
Texas Long Coats Hubbard Texas
The Chihuahua Stork Greeley Colorado
Tina Passmore Vero Beach Florida
Tinker Toy Puppies Gadsden Alabama
Tiny Paw Prints Mountain Home Texas
Tiny Paws And Claws Houston Texas
Tinychi Tampa Bay Area Florida
Tips Chihuahuas Solsberry Indiana
Tnt Chihuahuas Hampstead North Carolina
Tree Hill Chihuahuas Buffalo New York
Ueys Homeraised Puppies Florida
Umpqua Valley Kennels Llc Drain Oregon
Victory Acres Chihuahuas Jasper Mississippi
Victory Chihuahuas Beloit Wisconsin
Water-Hill Chihuahuas Canton Texas
Weestar Chihuahuas San Diego California
Whimsey Folly Chihuahuas Waldport Oregon
Whitakers Chihuahuas Oklahoma
Windmill Mill Ranch And Kennels Florida
Wynhaven Kennel North Carolina
Wynhavens Uneke Chihuahuas Pelham North Carolina
Yankeebellechihuahuas Augusta Maine
Yingchuu Chihuahua Auburn Washington
Your Pup Texas


Breeder Name City Province
Arcreya Reg’d Chihuahuas Gore Bay Ontario
Bloomsbury Chihuahuas Ontario
Charbain Kennels Saskatchewan
Chihuahua Palace Quebec
Crystaljems Chihuahuas British Columbia
Del-Rae Chihuahuas Castor Alberta
Dewdrops Chihuahuas Delta British Columbia
Dragomir Reg’d Saskatchewan
Lovealot Kennel Reg’d Ontario
Manorborn Regd Newfoundland
Meander Chihuahuas Nova Scotia
My Chihuahuas Canada
Premium Chihuahuas Edmonton Alberta
Rawr Chihuahuas Alberta
Rnf Kennel Pearsonville New Brunswick
Rocky Mountain Chihuahuas Markerville Alberta
Samson Chihuahuas Alberta
Sc Chihuahuas Mission British Columbia
Sidhe Dogs Saskatchewan
Station One Regd Kennels New Brunswick
Summer Knight Kennels Prince George British Columbia
Wisherwood Perm Regd British Columbia
Zephyrs Chihuahuas Beaverlodge Alberta


Breeder Name City State or Country
Chihuahua Austria Austria
Chihuahua-4906 Austria
Chihuahua-Abtenau Austria
Chihuahuas Of Endless Love Austria
ChihuahuasAustria Austria
Chihuahuazucht Austria
Dela Luna Clara Chihuahuas Austria
El-Chicco Austria
Hotdogs Austria
Kummaschloessle Austria
Las Bellas Chihuahuas Austria
Of Little Finess Chihuahua Kennel Austria
Vom Irgengut Chihuahuas Austria
Vom Kumma Schlossle Chihuahuas Austria
Von Schonberg Vienna Chihuahua Austria
Von Sierra Bajatarahumara Chihuahuas Austria
Chiuh Belarus
Dream Kassandryplemennoy Kennel Russian Toya Ichihuaxua Belarus
Imperial Luxury Belarus
Cowboys And Angels Chihuahuas 2040 Antwerpen Belgium
Deperrocortes Belgium
Des Petits Mickeys Belgium
El Perro Mexicano Chihuahua Belgium
From The Island Of Ouberg Belgium
Landvanaalst Belgium
Souvenir Cheyenne Chihuahuas Belgium
Vant Land Van Aalst Chihuahuas Belgium
Chihuahuaeli Bulgaria
Chihuahuaeli Bulgaria
Elf S Wonderland Chihuahua Kennel Bulgaria
Russian Roulette Fci Kennel For Chihuahua Bulgaria
Sholin Vikris Bulgaria
Silk Touch Chihuahuas Bulgaria
Chihuahua Austria Austria
Chihuahua-4906 Austria
Chihuahua-Abtenau Austria
Chihuahuas Of Endless Love Austria
ChihuahuasAustria Austria
Chihuahuazucht Austria
Dela Luna Clara Chihuahuas Austria
El-Chicco Austria
Hotdogs Austria
Kummaschloessle Austria
Las Bellas Chihuahuas Austria
Of Little Finess Chihuahua Kennel Austria
Vom Irgengut Chihuahuas Austria
Vom Kumma Schlossle Chihuahuas Austria
Von Schonberg Vienna Chihuahua Austria
Von Sierra Bajatarahumara Chihuahuas Austria
Chiuh Belarus
Dream Kassandryplemennoy Kennel Russian Toya Ichihuaxua Belarus
Imperial Luxury Belarus
Cowboys And Angels Chihuahuas 2040 Antwerpen Belgium
Deperrocortes Belgium
Des Petits Mickeys Belgium
El Perro Mexicano Chihuahua Belgium
From The Island Of Ouberg Belgium
Landvanaalst Belgium
Souvenir Cheyenne Chihuahuas Belgium
Vant Land Van Aalst Chihuahuas Belgium
Chihuahuaeli Bulgaria
Chihuahuaeli Bulgaria
Elf S Wonderland Chihuahua Kennel Bulgaria
Russian Roulette Fci Kennel For Chihuahua Bulgaria
Sholin Vikris Bulgaria
Silk Touch Chihuahuas Bulgaria
Chihuahua Croatia Croatia
Chihuahua Pondi Croatia
Choco-Day Croatia
Patuljastipsi Croatia
Ambra Professional Czech
Aniger Czech
Aqarella Bohemica Chihuahua Kennel Czech
Babocka Admiral Czech
Bohemia Mandigachihuahuas And White Swiss Shepherds Czech
Bohemia Orion Czech
Carova Czech
David A Goliath Czech
De Sarina Chihuahua Kennel Cz Czech
Denelis Extra Czech
Domaci Stesti Kennels Czech
Ehl Dynasty Chihuahuas Kennel Czech
Happy Gang Kennel Chihuahua Czech
Heart Of Europe Czech
Iremir Czech
Jarvin-Box Chihuahua Kennel Fci Czech
Jolly Pixie Kennel Czech
Kennel Bohemia Kevin Czech
Kennel Dream Of Joy Czech
Kennel Mineo Czech
Le-Ru-Ji Chihuahua Czech
Lipavik Czech
Luxardo Star Czech
Manor Chihuahua Kennel Czech
Nejdrazsi Klenot Czech
Nepean River Chihuahuas Czech
Nepean River Kennels Czech
Od Dorrinky Czech
Od Kouzelne Sudicky Czech
Od Machacku Czech
Ramgad-Moravia Chihuahua Czech
Smart Heart Czech
Solunka Czech
Vida Perra Chihuahua Kennel Czech
Vidorria Eterna Czech
Z Dynastie Chan Czech
Z Dynastie Chan Chihuahua Czech
Z Jasminovych Hor Czech
Z Trebanskeho Údoli Chihuahua Czech
Z Vresu A Kapradi Czech
Action Alet Kostomlaty N.Labem Czech Republic
Adorable Puppy Chihuahuas Praha Praha
Alet-Chi Czech Republic
Bohemiakevin Czech Republic
Bohemiaorion Czech Republic
Chihua Czech Republic Czech Republic
Chihuahua Czech Republic Czech Republic
Chiw Czech Republic
Civavky Czech Republic
Alens Dream Chihuahua Kennel Hovedgaard Denmark
Bonnabells Chihuahua Denmark
Bymyloves Denmark
Canis-Minor Denmark
Casmier Kennel Denmark
Chihuahua-Hvalp Denmark
Frebonas Chihuahua Denmark
Hello World Chihuahuas Borup Roskilde
Kennel Hellstrom Denmark
Kennel Tikus Denmark
Kennel-Dyrdal Denmark
Kennelfrontrunners Denmark
Kivisdk Denmark
La Chighana Ringsted Vestsjaelland
Minipet Denmark
Rudebecks Chihuahua Denmark
Svejgaards Chihuahuas Denmark
Titmouses Chihuahua Denmark
Youre Beautiful Denmark
Zanevi Denmark
Abbasong Chihuahuas Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
Adolfina Newport Hampshire
Aeresta Sunderland Tyne And Wear
Afterglow Preston Lancashire
Aldersbrook Chelmsford Essex
Allison Griffiths Nr. Oswestry Shropshire
Amanda Stevens Maidstone Kent
Amaray Epping Essex
Amarose Shropshire England
Amberillia Chihuahuas Bradford Westyorkshire
Amiroyal Hampshire Hampshire
Andalanes Doncaster South Yorkshire
Andrea Sanderson Southport Merseyside
Angcherish Plymouth Devon
Angelaians Thirsk North Yorkshire
Ann And Leroy Allen Crook Durham
Anna Marski Leicester Leicestershire
Annachi Jersey Channel Islands
Annasden Chatham Kent
Annemarie Brejwo Rochdale Lancashire
Arrowbien Ely Cambirdgeshire
Aumakua Farnborough Hampshire
Azmex Basildon Essex
Barnaclerock Taunton Somerset
Barwater Warrington Cheshire
Beaudiddley Bulldogs Hartlip Kent
Beaulamey Chihuahuas St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
Beverley Moore Near Tiverton Devon
Bluebonbons Wolverhampton West Midlands
Bordeneo Manchester Lancashire
Bramerita Chihuahuas Spalding Lincs
Bratilda Washington Tyne And Wear
Brettchis Bourne Lincolnshire
Brodiegan Kettering Northants
Brogansian Ponteland Northumberland
Carole Hatfield Pontefract West Yorkshire
Cathy Dougill Bolton Manchester
Charlotte Howard Arundel West Sussex
Chelleolas Old Romney Kent
Cherrybirch Redruth Cornwall
Cherryschis Upchurch Kent
Chiaffie Warrington Cheshire
Chicash Ipswich Suffolk
Chicharik Portsmouth Hants
Chicobeau Chihuahuas Mytholmroyd West Yorkshire
Chilaskis Leigh Lancashire
Cholas Chihuahuas Holt Wiltshire
Claire Rennie Berwick Northumberland
Clancaspa Ashington Northumberland
David And Jane Ward Wetherby North Yorkshire
Dawn Foster Derby, Derbyshire
Debbie Kingston Upminster Essex
Debschi Boston Lincolnshire
Dejacqueray Manchester United Kingdom
Dididogs Yelverton Devon
Donluchi Hull. East Yorkshire
Donrobby Ascot Berkshire
Dunbrook Mundesley Norfolk
Efterpi Eastbourne West Sussex
Emarae Spalding Lincolnshire
Ferjalris Doncaster North Lincs
Fiona Perrin Warrington Cheshire
Frances Bentley And Jon Day Leicester Leicesterstershire
Frant Tunbridge Wells Kent
Fridstail Rotherham South Yorkshire
Gemma Hampton Folkestone Kent
Georgia Reed Newhaven East Sussex
Germane Goodson Preston Lancashire
Happyhouse Barrow-In-Furness Cumbria
Harobedenna Stoke-On-Trent Staffordshire
Helen Bannister Lancaster Lancashire
Hollyel Sevenoaks Kent
Honourmoore Bow London
Izzyvix Driffield East Yorkshire
Jackabees Portsmouth Hampshire
Jaddore South Wirral Cheshire
Jade Pye Colchester Essex
Jahneemahs Houghton Le Spring Tyne And Wear
Jaynesloves Broseley Shropshire
Jazzychi Bristol Avon
Jedjess Ferryhill Co Durham
Jinnyjoes Market Rasen Lincolnshire
Jo Hailwood Chipstead Surrey
Jocarchi Lye West Midlands
Kajeric Gloucester Gloucestershire
Karelee Stockton-On-Tees Cleveland
Kathy Rigby Rufford West Lancashire
Kiedervale Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
Kimarker Blandford Forum Dorset
Kurukulla Beckenham Kent
Laqueta Camborne Cornwall
Laura Roughton Hartford Cheshire
Leanne Bennett Houghton-Le-Spring Tyne and Wear
Leanne Maguire Heslton Cornwall
Leia Holden Manchester
Lenbychis Tadworth Surrey
Lindsay Spalding Farnham Hertfordshire
Littlehako Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
Lobochi Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
Lovalee Nr. Haverhill Suffolk
Lowenchi Luton Bedfordshire
Lowenlove Grimsby Lincolnshire
Luckdragons Newport Isle Of Wight
Lucy Thomas Newmarket Suffolk
Lughnasadh Walton-On-The-Naze Essex
Luisa Hurd Leyland Lancashire
Lynda Maria Scafe Derby Derbyshire
Lynpix Derbyshire/Notts Nottinghamshire
M Wickens Sevenoaks Kent
Madeleine Buitelaar Greetham Lincolnshire
Mairichis Macclesfield Cheshire
Mardegrae Ellel Lancashire
Marilouvale Lincoln N Lincs
Marina Foley Bristol South Gloucestershire
Martin Bruce Ealing London
Mattadam Carlisle Cumbria
Meksika Sheppey Kent
Melissa Smith Carnforth Lancashire
Mexelle Mexican Hairless And Chihuahua Wokingham Berkshire
Mischtikals Southport Lancashire
Miss Tayler Lewis Erith Kent
Mopszawawa Hereford Herefordshire
Morelia Chihuahuas Bromley Kent
Myojo Spalding Lincs
Natalie Waite Goole South Yorkshire
Nikitos Wantage Oxon
Northunpride Colchester Essex
Oldbarns Goxhill North Lincolnshire
Outhgill Thirsk North Yorkshire
Oxsirius Abingdon Oxfordshire
Pamela Graham Hitchin Hertfordshire
Pappersley Chihuahuas Stourbridge West Midlands
Parkbow Bishop Auckland Co Durham
Paula Sarll Hockley Essex
Peakvalley Chihuahuas Mansfield Notts
Pepeetolynn Doncaster S Yorks
Perrera Rushden Northamptonshire
Perritoamor Canterbury Kent
Persempre Nr Winscombe Somerset
Pixels Chihuahuas Wimbledon London
Pocoperro Chihuahuas Chalton Bedfordshire
Pocosol Topcliffe North Yorkshire
Princero Sunderland Tyne And Wear
R Simpson Harrogate Northyorkshire
Ragsnkisses Dudley West Midlands
Rainbowpooch And Finpugz Wirral Cheshire
Rattlenhum Bognor Regis West Sussex
Reddragons Silloth Cumbria
Renovatichi Market Rasen Lincolnshire
Rhianna Farnworth Paignton Devon
Richard And Nicola Adams Middlesbrough Cleveland
Riverbeck Fareham Hants
Rokirst Chatteris Cambridgeshire
Romaneve Thurrock Essex
Roshdawn Chihuahuas St-Helens Merseyside
Rozamie Ely Cambridgeshire
Rubyanlo Cleator Moor Cumbria
Rycolah Canewdon Essex
Samangie Leicester Leicestershire
Samariiah London London
Sanmarco Notts
Sebapins Dudley West Midlands
Seraphiel Skegness Lincolnshire
Sheldobchi Heanor Derbyshire
Smichaelstud Kenilworth Warwickshire
Souldrop Kettering Northants
Spindlepoint Penrith Cumbria
Stokies Newcastle Upon Tyn England
Storyland Stoke- On-Trent Staffordshire
Suggmins Bradford West Yorkshire
Sytami Blackburn Lancashire
Talocan Whitehaven Cumbria
Tavullia Driffield East Riding Of Yorkshire
Teaco Chihuahuas Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
Teamor Castleford West Yorkshire
Teclo Mrs C M Holmes Hertfordshire
Tinklebury Preston Lancashire
Traboul Cockers Basildon Essex
Traladam Cramlington Northumberland
Trevlin Stockton On Tees Cleveland
Triarder Whitley North Yorkshire
Trinzy Ormskirk Lancashire
Truganini Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Twinklemorse Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
Valenchino Driffield East Yorkshire
Victoria Goad Kendal Cumbria
Vikki And Nick Smith Fareham Hampshire
Vikkilous Carlisle Cumbria
Webbkids Rye East Sussex
Welbourne Chihuahuas Wigton Cumbria
Wyndcatch Spalding Lincolnshire
Xaverina Chihuahuas Brierley Hill West Midlands
Youngheart St Ouen Jersey
Zoe Walton Stockton On Tees Cleveland
Chihua Estonia Estonia
Girls Best Friends Chihuahua Kennel Estonia
Jurnin Family Chihuahua Kennel Estonia
Kennel Pearl House Chihuahua Estonia
Kennel Sweet Peach Estonia
Kennel Unistus Estonia
Krisse Sunny Star Estonia
Laluna Estonia
Magic Show Kennel Estonia
Millgret Estonia
Minidog Estonia
Norcros Chihuahuas Tallinn Harjumaa
Pearlhouse Chihua Estonia
Perfect Sweet Dream Estonia
Ratio Vivendi Chihuahua Kennel Estonia
Sweetchihua Estonia
Tvorkschihua Estonia
Vinzenta Temi Estonia
Chikatan Chihuahua Finland
Elrikan Kennel Finland
Freewebscom -Paivivartiainen Finland
Hopeanuolen Kennel Finland
Katri Rantanen Finland
Kennel Oisco Finland
Kennel Pomchih Finland
Kennel Snowsett Finland
Kenneljakaranda Nettilemmikki Finland
Koivukosken Chihuahuat Järvenpää
Minimajesty Finland
Rainbow Baby Kennel Finland
Sippelins Finland
Symbolic Kennel Finland
Viwaun Finland
Chihuahua-And-Cofr France
Closdathena France
De La Niche Imperiale Chihuahua France
De La Rose Noire France
Del Templo Mayor Chihuahuas France
Des Disciples De Yoda France
Des Dragons Maya Chihuahua France
Des Etoiles Dartemis Chihuahuas France
Des Mille Et Une Patte France
Des Muses Du Haut Forez Chihuahua Long And Short Hair Pomeranians France
Des Petits Azteques Chihuahuas France
Des Petits Compagnons France
Du Bois Barbu France
Du Bois Maudets Elevage De Chihuahua Lof France
Du Chant Des Madones Chihuahua France
Du Coeur Des Tenebres Chihuahua France
Du Moulin De Kerliviry Chihuahuas France
Du Sanctuaire Des Lycans France
Elevage Dacca Larentia Chihuahua France
Elevage De La Grange Enchantee France
Elevage De La Plaine Dilliberis Chihuahua France
Elevage De Misandre France
Elevage Des Korrigans De La Lande France
Elevage Des Secrets Du Lantana France
Elevage Rosalie Chihuahua France
Elevagedudouxmystere France
Elevage-Leslutinsdugolfe France
Francinefaude France
Grand-Baronnet France
Harpouy Dauzan Chihuahua France
La Douce Esperance Ville-Aux-Clercs France
La Legende Des Elfes Chihuahuas France
Le Domaine Darlequin France
Le Domaine De La Brique Rosechihuahua Et Yorkshire France
Le Jardin Des Lutins France
Le Temple Des 7 Merveilles Yorkshire Terrier Pinscher Nain Et Chihuahua France
Les Chihuahuas Du Centre Var France
Les Chihuahuas Du Var France
Les Patibullies Chihuahua Bulldog Petit Brabancon France
Les Pyramides De Cholula France
Orange France
Plaines Cornouailles France
Plipets France
Popart France
Royaume Dexquise France
Saphir And Co France
The Sourannya Kennel Spanish Water Dog France
Via Spedona Epône Paris Region
Via-Spedona France
Vindhyana France
Wanadoo France
Aus Der Rauberhohle Chihuahuas Germany
Batbaby Germany
Chihuahua Of Most Beautiful Bandits Germany
Chihuahua Vom Leinatal Germany
Chihuahua-Dogde Germany
Chihuahuas Von Der Rolandstadt Germany
Chihuahuas Von Zutziwutz Germany
Chihuahuazucht Del Sol Germany
Chihuahuazucht Lovely Fools Germany
Chihuahuazucht Vom Leinzeller Schloss Germany
Chihuahua-Zucht Vom Wichtelhof Germany
Chihuahuazucht Von Den Ruhrschnauzen Germany
Chihuahua-Zucht-Von Tampico Germany
Chinalas Chihuahuas Germany
Cyaras Chihuahuas Germany
De Chico Lobo Chihuahua Germany
De La Arboladaokv/Fci Chihuahua Zucht Germany
De La Paz Chihuahua Germany
De La Vida Chihuahuas Germany
De Manzano Chihuahuas Germany
El Dorados Germany
El Paschinos Chihuahua Short And Longhaar Germany
European Friendship Chihuahuas Germany
From The Cp Starlights Chihuahuas Germany
From The Weavers Castle Chihuahuas Germany
From Vanilla Sky Chihuahuas Germany
Gingillinos Germany
Glenns Beautiful Germany
Golden Moon Chihuahuas Germany
Halifax-Chihuahuas Germany
Joyas Chihuahuas Germany
La Piccola E Bella Perla Germany
Le Petit De Mopane Germany
Lil Angels Of Chihuahualand Germany
Little Chihuahua Germany
Little Sunshine Of High Mountain Chihuahua Germany
Of Beauty Diamonds Germany
Of Black Forest Chihuahuas Germany
Of Gremlins Castle Chihuahuas Germany
Of True Eyes Vdh-Fci Germany
Smillers Chihuahua Kennel Germany
The Little Jos Chihuahua And Yorkshire-Terrier Germany
Tiffanys Germany
Tijuana Chihuahuas Neumuenster Schlesw.-Holst.
Vom Alstertal Chihuahua Germany
Vom Bodensee Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Dorneywaldchen Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Feengrund Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Hollerbaum Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Holsteiner Land Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Lande Liliput Germany
Vom Montfortwald Chihuahuas Vdh Fci Germany
Vom Reichswald Chihuahua Germany
Vom Silberberg Chihuahuas Germany
Vom Thanhuser Land Chihuahua Germany
Vom Traumland Germany
Vom Wattenmeer Chihuahua Germany
Vom Wetschaftstal Chihuahuas Germany
Von Artimilien Chihuahua Germany
Von Candybell Chihuahua Germany
Von Crasselino Chihuahua Germany
Von Den Bartenwetzern Germany
Von Den Kleinen Raudies Chihuahuas Germany
Von Der Feenquelle Chihuahua Germany
Von Der Robinsoninsel Chihuahuas Germany
Von Der Rohliranch Chihuahuas Germany
Von Hohenlohe Fichtenau Chihuahua Germany
Von Mexican Dreams Chihuahuas Germany
Hellas Chihuahua Greece
B.B.’s Angels Chihuahuas Hungary
Baber-Menti Kennel Hungary
Dancing Master Kennel Hungary
Dicarlo Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Four Seasons Kennel And Four Seasons Mexican Kennel Hungary
Little Amulettt Kennel Hungary
Little Aztec Warrior Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Little Kereszturi Little Chihuahua Hungary
Lovely Gangsters Kennel Hungary
Made In Superior Chihuahua Hungary
Madre De Dios Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Mecseki Aproka Chihuahua Hungary
Meoe-Atk Hungary
Mksztkok Hungary
Mona-Corsa Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Pearl White Spot Kennel Hungary
Pecsi Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher Kennel Hungary
Pelsocsivi Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Pottomhazi Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Rengohegyi-Orman Kennel Chihuahua Hungary
Saint Simon Kennel Hungary
Sombrero Kennel Hungary
Sweet Temper Chihuahua Hungary
Szentivaneji Chihuahua Kennel Hungary
Top Of The Hunterberg Kennel Hungary
Chihuahua Hrfi Iceland
Chihuahua Iceland Iceland
Himna Iceland
Isabella Iceland
Sunnuhvols Kennel Iceland
Fionnbhru Dublin Dublin
Julie Daley Ashington Northumberland
Menphis Portlaoise Laois
Peter And Carolyn Wheatland Thurles Co Tipperary
Vendochi Ireland
Allevamento Del Serpente Piumato Italy
Allevamento Della Valle Degli Gnomi Italy
Allevamento Delle Piccole Iene Italy
Allevamento Ma Vie Italy
Allevamento Zanna Bianca Alani Chihuahua E Chinese Crested Dog Italy
Babykiller Italy
Ballybroke Italy
Chihuahua Iobloggo Italy
Dei Minicuori Kennel Italy
Del Borgoratto Allevamento Amatoriale Di Chihuahua Italy
Delbaccano Italy
Delite Danila Kennel Chihuahua Italy
Della Sierra Tarahumara Italy
Della Torre Dovarda Kennel Italy
Delladeaminerva Italy
Delpassodelturchino Italy
Di San Gimignano Italy
Dolce Chihuahua Italy
Dolce Sogno Kennel Chihuhua Italy
Fashion Pride Kennel Chihuahua And Russiky Toy Italy
Gremontree Kennel Italy
Hillside Rendezvous Kennel Italy
La Perla Di Kutra Italy
Littletigers Chihuahua Italy
Lovely Sprites Chihuahuas Italy
Misty Meadows Italy
Moonlightfire Kennel Italy
Polbo Kennel S Polya Borodina Italy
Purple Heart Chihuahuas Italy
Stardogs Chihuahua Italy
Tiny Oro Chihuahuas Italy
Aivery Bell Kennel Kazakhstan
Benitas Sans Facon Jurmala Latvia
Chihua Latvia Latvia
Chihuahua Latvia Latvia
Chihuahua-Alarms Latvia
Chihua-Riga Latvia
Edenaschihua Latvia
Emianchi Style Latvia
Fraudebra Latvia
Goldchiwawa Latvia
Lanas Legacy Kennel Latvia
San Facon Latvia
Vestbull Marupe Latvia
Bugivugis Lithuania
Cefejas Kennel Yorkshire Terrier And Chihuahua Lithuania
Chihuadog Lithuania Lithuania
Chihuahua Lithuania Lithuania
Gintarinis Mazylis Lithuania
Kennel Imperijos Perlas Lithuania
Ltsunys Lithuania
Mazoji Didenybe Vilnius Vilnius
Oeno Chihuahuas Vilnius Gineitiskes
Sirdute Lithuania
Ugnies Zenklas Chihuahuas Vilnius Vilniaus Apskr.
Veislynas Lithuania
Le-Petit-Monchichi Luxembourg
Of Tibetan Flowers Show Kennel For Shih Tzu Havanese And Chihuahua Luxembourg
Bordpol Staffordshire Bull Terriers And Chiuhahuas Malta
Cragarnat Marsaxlokk Malta
Amor Del Perro Chihuahuas Netherlands
Athenas Once Upon A Dream Chihuahuas Netherlands
Chihuahua-Pups Netherlands Netherlands
Del Cachorro Diablo Netherlands
Diente De Plata Netherlands
Dutch Angels Chihuahuas Netherlands
From Masadas Homechihuahuas And Shar-Peis Netherlands
Fromcapashome Chihuahua Kennel Netherlands
Goedbloeds-Bambi Chihuahua Netherlands
Hometown Glory Chihuahua Kennel Netherlands
Hometown Glorys Chihuahua Kennel Netherlands
Nuevo Comienzo Chihuahua Kennel Netherlands
Petit Poms Chihuahua Netherlands
Siejetskas Netherlands
Sweet Melenas Lage Zwaluwe Netherlands
Ultimate Glorys Chihuahuas Netherlands
Van Vlerckensteynwhite Swiss Shepherd Dogs And Chihuahuas Netherlands
Vd Tiny Diva Netherlands
Zilverhuys Chihuahuas Netherlands
Drumadowney Ballyclare, Antrim
Kate Cooke Limavady Londonderry
P And T Robinson Newtownards Down
Roedamar Coleraine Londonderry
Sleepybrook Newry Co Down
Amazing Tails Norway
Chi-Cago Norway
Chidelia Chihuahuas Norway
Chititsias Norway
Dyrdal Karmoey Norway
Flattun Kennel Sirevåg
Flor De Canela Norway
Fossehaugen Norway
Greathill Norway
Griffon Norway
Happydoo Norway
Kennel Koru Chihuahua Norway
Kennel Minichamp Norway
Kennel My Alter Ego Norway
Kennel Reanelis Chihuahua And Shih Tzu Norway
Kennel-Lilleengel Norway
Koru Vinterbro Norway
Ninos Del Futuro Chihuahuas Haugesund Norway
Pocoangelo Aksdal Tysvær
Sipikira Norway
Sound Of Saga Chihuahuas Norway
Star-Chi Chihuahua Norway
Thelminas Halden Norway
Vi Lykkes Chihuahua Bergen West Coast
Agoxa Chihuahua Kennel Poland
Amica Canis Poland
Amicus Canis Poland
Anarchia Box Dobra Poland
Apocatequil Chihuahuas Kennel Poland
Caletto-Kennel Poland
Chiatena Poland
Chupacambra Fci Chihuahuas Kennel Poland
Classy Dogs Poland
Dominator Poland
Eminentiacanis Poland
Fortunatus Siberian Husky Poland
Hodowla Chiatena Poland
Hodowla Piccolo Bello Poland
Hodowla Samedino Chihuahua Poland
Hodowla Terra Atlantis Fci Chihuahua Poland
Kennel Z Braci Mniejszych Poland
Know How Poland Fci Poland
Konski Raj Fci Poland
Laka Di-Di Poland
Le Notti Bianche Poland
Per Aspera Ad Astra Poland
Reproduktory Poland
Sanapiro Fci Chihuahua Poland
Sasima Fci Poland
Z Blekitnego Rodu Chihuahua Breeding Fci Poland
Z Domu Rosa Chihuahuas Poland
Z Nitusiowego Raju Chihuahua Poland
Casa Algarvia Silves Faro
Startagus English Cocker Spaniel Lisboa Lisboa
Adelka Russia
Akitka Russia
Altavitanatali Russia
Amigo Mexicano Russia
Iorkichihi Russia
Legendainkov Russia
Lionlike Russia
Massars Moscow Rus
Matir-Chihua Russia
Mi-Zukroha Russia
Montesumadog Russia
Omnyvarus Russia
Oms1961 Russia
Pinkcandy2007 Russia
Polkan Russia
Polkasha Russia
Sanflai Russia
Shamel Russia
Shani Shan Russia
Sladkiymyod Russia
Toy Shih Russia
Unique-Discovery Russia
Akselans Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Alfa Plus Kennel Russian Federation
Alirais Kennel Russian Federation
Arms Lion Chihuahua And Yorkshire Terrier Russian Federation
Astra Vitus Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Belaja Magija Russian Federation
Belissimo Bravo Russian Federation
Blue Beryl Russian Federation
Bulwaif Kennel Russian Federation
Casa Bonita Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Chihua Bluz Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Chihuahua Chihodomik Russian Federation
Chihua-Mydogru Russian Federation
Chinua Chihuahuas Kennel Ot Chernovoy Russian Federation
Christichsun Kennel Russian Federation
Cream Dream Russian Federation
Deli Birs Russian Federation
Della Tachichi Chihuahua Russian Federation
Dolce Paese Russian Federation
Donskoe  Assorti Russian Federation
Dushi Otrada Russian Federation
Flower Show Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
From Lagoon Of Dreams Russian Federation
Gentle Kiss Russian Federation
Glizellis Russian Federation
Gold Montesumы Russian Federation
Goluboe Tango Russian Federation
Grand Classik Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Grand Mole Russian Federation
Helenas Band Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Honor Shanteval Russian Federation
Hrustalnaya Mechta Russian Federation
Iltanto Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Is Korolevstva Dalba Kennel Fci Russian Federation
Iz Doma Verdi Russian Federation
Kennel Boss Consulate Russian Federation
Kennel Chihuahua Irlit Russian Federation
Kennel Chihuahua Legacy Of The Incas Russian Federation
Kennel Dogs Pearl Of Kazan Russian Federation
Kennel Dyumari Russian Federation
Kennel Golden Aya Russian Federation
Kennel Grand Mole Russian Federation
Kennel Kim Zonnenberg Russian Federation
Kennel Magnet Fun Kennel Magnit Udachi Russian Federation
Kennel Mini Crumbs Russian Federation
Kennel Ponaliteyorkshire Terrier And Chihuahua Russian Federation
Kennel Russisch Geist Russian Federation
Kennel Slichobor Russian Federation
Kennel Svetozar Russian Federation
Kennel Tiny Chihuahua El Land Russian Federation
Kennel Usadba Gnomov Russian Federation
Komel Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Kukolki Maya Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Leinvagio De Amore Russian Federation
Litlars Niju Russian Federation
Livia-Pache Russian Federation
Lora Lain Kennel Russian Federation
Los-Miosru Russian Federation
Luchian Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Mal Da Udal Russian Federation
Malenkyi Kapitan Russian Federation
Massar Chihuahuas And Japan Chins Kennel Russian Federation
Masway Kennel Chihuahua Russian Federation
Mini Dogs Russia Russian Federation
Miracle Divnoe Russian Federation
Misterija Remo Russian Federation
Moya Oda American Staffordshire Terrier Kennel Russian Federation
My Chihua Russian Federation
My Dwarf Russian Federation
Neo Classics Chihuahuas Kennel Russian Federation
Nursery Pink Angel Russian Federation
Nursery Silk Nose Russian Federation
Oevrika Russian Federation
Pko Nature Center Rcc Russian Federation
Professional Kennel Ilkinji Pugs Chihuahuas Yorkshire Russian Federation
Raritys Brand Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Santiak Dogs Russian Federation
Shah Arpilin Gerard Depardieu Russian Federation
Silk Nose Kennel Silk Nose Russian Federation
Small Miracle Russian Federation
Space Invaders Russian Federation
Splendid Three Color Sennenhunds Russian Federation
Stone Ice Land Russian Federation
The Open Kb Chihuahua Russian Federation
Vento Fortuna Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Via Zarmina Chihuahua Russian Federation
Victoria Art Russian Federation
Vivat Victory Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Vlastitel Vetrov Russian Federation
Volshebny Angel Russian Federation
Von Hoffental Russian Federation
Xeliantos Little Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Yanger Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Zoyas Kingdom Fci Chihuahua Kennel Russian Federation
Zvezdnaya Straga Chihuahuas Russian Federation
Amoruccio Glasgow Lanarkshire
Cairnsbrian Bathgate West Lothian
Casabellas Glasgow Lanarkshire
Chirouxe Riggend Northlanarkshire
Garnox Kilbirnie Ayrshire
George Marshall Edinburgh Midlothian
H And R Alderson Edinburgh Mid Lothian
Kevin Oneill Dalry North Ayrshire
Nicola Matheson Falkirk Stirlingshire
Orkneyjems Sanday Orkney
Rachel Carson Shotts Lanarkshire
Microschihuas Kennel Serbia And Montenegro
Montenegro Stars Serbia And Montenegro
Ammeron Chihuahua Slovakia
Amsher Slovakia
Andrax Gold Kennel Slovakia
Andrea Gemini Slovakia
Banditos De Maxin Slovakia
Chs Z Jantarovej Cesty Slovakia
Darksan Kennel Beagle Slovakia
Diamonds Of Tabita Slovakia
Dominika Susterova Dog Handler Slovakia
Dorothella Slovakia
From Swiss Mountains Chihuahua Kennel Slovakia
Golden Mimi Slovakia Slovakia
Goldenmedal Kennel Slovakia
Intergalaxia Chihuahua Kennel Slovakia
Kennel Cevaro Chihuahua Long Coat Hair And German Shepherd Dogs Slovakia
Nebrasca Edda Fci Slovakia
Ni No Friend Kennel Slovakia
Nueva Sorpresa Slovakia
Queens Diamond Slovakia
Slnecna Zahrada Slovakia
Spod Melichovej Skaly Slovakia
Tri Horky Slovakia
Z Vrbova Chihuahua Slovakia
Zamatove Ocko Kennel Slovakia
Zuzanin Raj Kennel Slovakia
Chihuahuasi Slovenia
Cirman Family Kennel Slovenia
Erendira Chihuahuas Slovenia
Joy Pack Chihuahuas Slovenia
Kennel Slo White Rose Slovenia
Des Monts Secrets De Loural Chihuahuas Spain
Diamantes De Ibiza Ibiza Baleares
Do Monte Coruto Spain
El Beso del Dragon Spain
El Sueno De La Dama Spain
Herederos del Olimpo Spain
Horizonte Chihuahuas Spain
Los Lobos De Grunewald Spain
Los Reyes del Nueve Spain
Los Taquitos Del Sur Chihuahuas Spain
Nahani Smooth Coat Chihuahuas Spain
Of True Diamonds Chihuahuas Spain
Parquealcedo Spain
Riverillo Chihuahuas Y Pomeranias Spain
Ser Camelot Chihuahuas Spain
Smallest Dogs In The World Spain
The Nedbals Manor Of Brave Hearts Málaga Spain
Torre Del Pilar Chihuahuas Bollullos Mitación Sevilla
Azmirs Kennel Sweden
Beautypaw Sweden
Bjoornstugans Kennel Sweden
Black Fajters Chihuahua Sweden
Bus Angelns Chihuahua And Phalene Sweden
Chininas Kennel Sweden
Chis Amazing Sweden
Claudias Stars Kennel Sweden
Cubic Zirconia Chihuahuas Sweden
Diarmaids Kennel Chihuahua Sweden
Guttamalas Tomelilla Skåne
High Fives Lancashire Heeler And Chihuahua Sweden
Init To Winit Sweden
Kennel Mosaique Sweden
Kennel Team Hollanders Sweden
Krumelurens Chihuahua Sweden
Mini Fashion Sweden
Nightwish Lulea Norrbotten
Oneways Smooth Collies And Chihuahuas Sweden
Pias Kennel Sweden
Skogsalvans Kennel Sweden
Smatuvans Kennel Mölndal Sweden
Smatuvans Kennel Fci Sweden
Socute Longhaired Chihuahuas Sweden
Sodervagens Sweden
Sugarhills Chihuahua Kennel Sweden
Superlicious Tyringe Scania
The Small Ones Kennel Sweden
Tinyqueens Kennel Sweden
White Highlights Kennels Sweden
Beminita Switzerland
Chihuahua Of Dream Eyes Switzerland
Chihuahua Switzerland Switzerland
Chihuahuaclub-Sombrero Switzerland
Chihuahuazucht Of Rivendell Switzerland
Heembach Switzerland
Lincolnsberg Switzerland
Sir Glenns Company Switzerland
Swisscoton Switzerland
Jacot De Guillarmod Vaud
Bosphorus Kingdom Kennel Turkey
Briscola Kennel Ukraine
Carpathian Dream Kennel Ukraine
Chihua Ukrain Ukraine
Diamond Ray American Staffordshire Terrier And Chihuahua Kennel Ukraine
Emerald In Gold Chihuahua Kennel Ukraine
From Vicktoriya City Ukraine
Kennel Chihuahua Daysun Ukraine
Kennel Fci Rodnichok Iz Tiger Sada Japanese Chin Russian Toys Chihuahua Ukraine
Kennel Krassel Chihuahua Ukraine
Kennel Luce Forte Ukraine
Kennel Pitbulej Kdl-Knl Ukraine
Kennel Von Donau Welle Ukraine
Kievskaya Miniatyura Ukraine
Legenda Toltekov Ukraine
Lilliput Chihuahua Dog Kennel Ukraine
Mon Meilleur Ami Kennel Ukraine
Royal Joy Ukraine
Ungvarium Kennel Ukraine
Vellory Style Chihuahua Kennel Ukraine
Vostochnaya Mechta Ukraine
Blushred Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Chivibe Chihuahuas Milton Keynes Bucks
Coltham United Kingdom
Coltham Gloucester Gloucestershire
Comfy Pets United Kingdom
Dumyat Kennels United Kingdom
Gabriels Belle Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Keenaughts Long And Smooth Coat Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Magpugchi Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Mandys Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Serendipitys Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Smokiex Tibetan Mastiffs United Kingdom
Stadmeyer Yorkshire Terriers United Kingdom
Tamilay United Kingdom
Tiffany Chihuahuas United Kingdom
Traboul Chihuahua United Kingdom
Traboul Cocker Spaniels United Kingdom
Aelybryn Bargoed Mid. Glammorgan
Amarantos Chihuahuas Wrexham Clwyd
Apwillow Abersychan Torfaen
Bluchilli Chihuahuas And French Bulldogs Chester Flintshire
Boetandales Llanidloes Powys
Clare Huxley Mold Flintshire
David Reimers Wrexham Wrexham
Donami Rhondda Mid Glam
Dyfrdwy Corwen Denbighshire
Gadlas Caernarfon Gwynedd
High Rise Chihuahuas Cardiff South Glamorgan
Jimsbest Ferndale Rct
Khanor Holyhead Anglesey
Laura Halton Prestatyn Denbighshire
Lemaritz Anglesey North Wales
Lilengland Chihuahuas Narberth Pembrokeshire
Magikala Llanwrda Sir Gaerfyrddin
Mandy Peffers Ffrith Wrexham
Penrose Abergavenny Monmouthshire
Rhian Dyer Cardigan Ceredigion
Rhydawel Crymych Pembs
Somergemz Tonyrefail Wales
Sweetchi Pontypool Torfaen
Zarinska Wrexham Wrexham

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Adawar Deloraine Tasmania
Adrahil Campbelltown New South Wales
Allsan Tweed Heads South New South Wales
Ashblanc Spring Hill Queensland
Auschi Morley Warren
Babychi Upper swan Warren
Batanachia Echunga South Australia
Bendonichi Benalla Victoria
Bocado Cairns Queensland
Bordeauxvali Victor Harbour South Australia
Braperemi Crookwell New South Wales
Burrunbarchi Kennels Knights Hill New South Wales
Caasteele Tamworth New South Wales
Calysta Crookwell New South Wales
Carinhas Ballarat Victoria
Chaniekan Granville New South Wales
Chardell Darwin Northern Territory
Cheekychi Central Coast New South Wales
Chichiroyale Melbourne Victoria
Chidolls Somerville Victoria
Chinkie Yen Lethbridge Park New South Wales
Chinkira Westbury Tasmania
Chintaro Perth Warren
Chisanchi Brisbane Queensland
Chitoy Melbourne Victoria
Cogglyn Chester Hill New South Wales
Coluchi Gosford New South Wales
Contill Bullsbrook Warren
Crestview Tingalpa Queensland
Cutizele Barragup Warren
Decerto Perth Warren
Dinkidichi Narellan Vale New South Wales
Dreistleigh Grafton New South Wales
Eevyon Brisbane Queensland
Efectivo Orange New South Wales
Elcasita Brisbane Queensland
Ellieliane Tinana South Queensland
Emmoge Canowindra New South Wales
Epi Chihuahuas Sydney New South Wales
Fanettichi Bowen Queensland
Fantasiachi Millicent South Australia
Fayrelyn Childers Queensland
Forangee Ballarat rural Victoria
Fureverchi Sydney New South Wales
Grandimage Manildra New South Wales
Gyplea Melbourne Victoria
Haftado Gracemere Queensland
Hickmott Blacktown New South Wales
Incasunrise South Burnett Queensland
Invalhalla Bathurst New South Wales
Jaja Brisbane Queensland
Jaradisechi Devonport Tasmania
Jatona Windsor New South Wales
Jayjess Charlton Victoria
Jennichis Gold Coast Queensland
Kaliente Adelaide South Australia
Kelvisite Laggan New South Wales
Kfinchchihuahua’s Blackett New South Wales
Knoxx Peregian Springs Queensland
Lanvilla Australia
Lilithlimna Kurrajong New South Wales
Loyalpride Brisbane Queensland
Mancuso Orange New South Wales
Manoah Near Newcastle New South Wales
Mayjoehaven Nagambie Victoria
Meglitzy Toowoomba Queensland
Memtex Regents Park Queensland
Mexicatl Brisbane Queensland
Monamichi The Funny Farm Tasmania
Mordosa Halbury South Australia
My Chicos Townsville Queensland
Natzbratz Near Lithgow New South Wales
Nickson Kennels Adelaide South Australia
Nighthaven Boyanup Warren
Norpeti Langford Warren
Pacorro Bouldercombe Queensland
Pelischa Southern River Warren
Pepelopaz Mackay Queensland
Pequenochi Cairns Queensland
Pezim Perth Warren
Picolopaws Beverly Hills New South Wales
Pomiarose Tamworth New South Wales
Poochiekoo South East Queensland
Priminchi Sutton New South Wales
Questachi Elizabeth South South Australia
Reynosa Near Geelong Victoria
Rogelio Perth Warren
Sandtoys Bellbird New South Wales
Sharlea Parkes New South Wales
Shelmara Kyneton Victoria
Shochi Sunbury Victoria
Shumar Sunshine Coast Queensland
Skybee Emu Plains New South Wales
Sompeeto Atkinsons Dam Queensland
Southeastchi Bunyip Victoria
Staplechi Adelaide South Australia
Sundaycruise Broadford Victoria
Sweetgrass Caparra New South Wales
Tarquila Blackbutt Queensland
Tibchi Lewiston South Australia
Tonichi Null aware Victoria
Torichidore Seville Grove Warren
Toyopet Brisbane Queensland
Trackajack Central Coast New South Wales
Triscadec St Clair New South Wales
Velpaj Chihuahuas Manildra New South Wales
Voncronan Adelaide South Australia
Wachowa Brisbane Queensland
Wickachad Bacchus Marsh Victoria
Wittongapark Gympie Queensland
Xplizatebluz Brisbane Queensland
Yorkmanor Adelaide South Australia
Zabetha Hillcrest Queensland
Ziliam Uranquinty New South Wales
Kitaco Rangiora New Zealand
Salinacruz Tauranga New Zealand
Teddee Auckland New Zealand