Bull Terrier Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Bull Terrier breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

If you are a breeder and would like to be added to list, would like to update you’re listing or would like to be removed from this list, please use this form.

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Breeder Name City State
A1Bullterriers Nashville Tennessee
Akc Didgeridoo Bull Terriers Spokane Washington
Alam Lizama Phoenix Arizona
Alexis Kessler Spanish Fort Alabama
Backwoods Chase Michigan
Baker Street Bull Terriers Pennsylvania
Bluegrass Bull Terriers Of Kentucky Richmond Kentucky
Casey Fowler Lewistown Montana
David Yadon Liberty Missouri
Dino Bull Terriers Albuquerque New Mexico
Goldies Bull Terriers Of Tennessee Tennessee
Jessica Journeycake Savannah Georgia
John Nolen Blountsville Alabama
Jon Lynch Gallatin Missouri
Kathleen Powell Burneyville Oklahoma
Kevin Anderson Glendale Arizona
Ky Hillbullies Dover Kentucky
Luis Vargas El Paso Texas
Meeker Ranch Wann Oklahoma
Paul Bason Burlington North Carolina
Phantom Long Face Bull Terriers Big Cabin Oklahoma
Robert Lozano Corning California
Sheryl Jennings Linden Michigan
Tara Camarena Puyallup Washington
Tracey Ramirez Leavenworth Kansas
Wylie Bullies Wylie Texas


Breeder Name City State or Country
Klandawnice Antrim
Bullterrier Austria
Pick A Bull Austria
Glamourous Belgium
Kepala-Kras Laakdijk Terheijden
Kingsfarm’s Burgerhoutsestraat Bj Roosendaal
Nebari Gaslaan Winschoten
Of Laelaps Gildebroederstraat Tilburg
Of Pretty Pinks Rijnseweg Ng Odijk
Ofvelvetspine Gillis Waas
Sunset Razcalz Zonnestraat Denderhoutem België
Users Belgium
Yoeckydo’s Louis Lecocqstraat Leopoldsburg België
Plovdiv Bull Kennel Bulgaria
Cwmdulais Warrington
Pyrga Bull Terrier Kennel Cyprus
Kennel Canea Bulls Czech
Kennel Od Benga – Miniature Bullterier Czech
Kennel Soncco Cua Czech
Marso-Bull Czech
Minibull Z Kosova Miniature Bullterrier Kennel Czech
Minitauros Miniature Bullterrier Czech
Nitarm Czech
Solo Magnifica Bull Terriers Czech
Wild Fámy Czech
Asmoddeus Czech Republic
Chsgabriayllaron Czech Republic
Cskuklik Czech Republic
Betterbrand Bull Terriers Denmark
Bullicompagnes Miniture Bullterrier And Bullterrier Denmark
Jeniki’s American Staffordshire Terriers Denmark
Kennel Breslau’s Denmark
Steadfast Bull Terriers Denmark
Wehlast Bull’s Bull Terriers Denmark
Dansk-Terrier-Klub Denmark 
Enodden Denmark 
Bulsenka South West
Margins Manchester
Whittlepride Lancashire
Borsalino Essex
Bullorrties Essex
Corrindogz Essex
Debully Essex
Evamatt Estonia
Hot Estonia
Kennel Bullipere Estonia
Kennel Pistrix Estonia
Kennel Snow Blues Estonia
Llexusquattro Estonia
Mooncraft’s Kennel Estonia
Parabellum Estonia
Snow Blues Miniature Bullterrier and Jack Russell Terrier Estonia
Snowblues Estonia
Amanter’s Finland
Personal Finland
Cfabas France
Domaine D’Yspahan France
Élevage Canin Des Honey’s Bulls France
Elevage Des Jardins De Margaux France
Elevage Des Terres Du Salagou France
Elevage Du Grand Molosse France
Hell’s Line Kennel France
Jardinsdemargaux France
Les Gardiens De Gaia Miniature Bull Terrier France
Les Près D’Hermare Bull Terrier France
Roxa-Lina Miniature Bullterrier France
Trickortreat France
Alte-Veste Germany
Bullybande Miniatur Bullterrier Germany
Capones Kennel Germany
Della Dorsale Cane Corso Germany
Empire’s Return Miniatur Bullterrier Germany
Little Dream Catchers Miniature Bullterrier Kennel Germany
Miniatur Bullterrier Aus Der Südpfalz Germany
Miniatur Bullterrier Zum Lemptal Germany
Miniatur-Bullterrier Vom Wendland Germany
Pocket Monsters Miniature Bullterrier Germany
Von Der Schwedenschanze Miniatur Bullterrier Und Shar Pei Germany
Angels Warriors Greece
Cerwyn – English Bull Terrier Kennel Greece
Dimbull Of Darkness Kennel Nafplio
Immortal Spirits Bull Terriers Greece
Black-And-White-Gipsys Hungary
Bulls Of Planet Hungary
Bullterrific Bull Terrier Hungary
Dancing With The Bulls Kennel Hungary
Dauntless Bulls Bullterrier Kennel Hungary
Domboparti Kennel Hungary
Independent Bullterrier Kennel Hungary
Lilliputian Bull Kennel Hungary
Millenium Angels Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel Hungary
Moonflower Hungary
Nomen Est Omen Bull Terriers Hungary
Pannonszépe English Bullterreier Kennel Hungary
Referexity Kennel – Bull Terrier Hungary
Sárvízparti Kennel Hungary
Speaking Eyes Kennel Hungary
Star Of Bullywood Miniature English Bullterrier Kennel Hungary
Strong Star Kennel – Bull Terrier Hungary
Thunderbolt’s Bullterrier Kennel Hungary
Torpe Ordog Hungary
Wonderful Wind Of Dreams Kennel Hungary
Zemplen Fighter Kennel Hungary
Zempléni Fighter Kennel Hungary
Zaracle Bull Terriersand Smooth Fox Terriers Ireland
Allevamento Del Dianiri Italy
Minibull Kennel Italy
Miska Terriers Italy
Rp Kennel – Bull Terrier Miniature Kennel Vialone
Springer Minibull Terrier Italy
Sharbul Lancashire
Rigadog Latvia
Velvestmbt Latvia
Victorystyle Latvia
Terjeruklubas Lithuania
Real Strong Bulls Malta
Ta’ Seguna Kennels Malta
Ultimatebullies Malta
Charrycas Merseyside
Fort Knox Kennel Moldova
Little Lord’s Land Kennel Netherlands
Bullywood North Wales
Credetta North Wales
Kingsline North Wales
Gladiatorbulls Norway
Anima Villis Poland
Anivellen Bull Terriers Poland
Bullwitmo – Miniature Bull Terriers Kennel Poland
Bully Poland
Buteo Poland
Buteo Bull Terriers Poland
Ex Se Natus Kennel Poland
Firebox Bull Terriers And English Bulldogs Poland
Gotrek Bull Terriers Poland
Hodowla Psów Rasowych Ian’s Dogs Poland
Kosmalkowo Kennel Bull Terrier Poland
Miniature Bull Terrier Poland
Niziolek Kennel Poland
Opalplast Kennel Poland
Swietliste Cienie Bulterier Polska
Wantedbulls Miniature Bullterrier Poland
Canildm Portugal
Douricobulls Portugal
Terrier clube de Portugal Portugal
Bullbrand Reading Berkshire
4Horsemenkennel Romania
Bull Terriers Romania Romania
Bullterrier Romania
David King Of Bulls Kennel Romania
Leonardia Kennel – Bullterrier’s Home Romania
Take Me High Kennel Romania
The Four Horsemen Kennel Romania
The-Vets-Bullies Romania
Astidog Russia
Minibull Russia
Minibullterrier Russia
Chebens Tebel Bull Terrier Kennel Russian Federation
Gjunp Feya Samo Sovershenstvo Russian Federation
Gjunp Kennel Bullterrier and Miniature Bullterrier Russian Federation
Gran Vencedor Kennel Great Swiss Mountain Dog Russian Federation
Grand Bull Terrier Russian Federation
Irgen Gold Kennel Russian Federation
Marsee May Russian Federation
Minibulik Russian Federation
Miravingen – Bull Terriers Russian Federation
Moolti Russian Federation
Song Of Soul – Fila Brasileiro Kennel Russian Federation
Valkyr Bullterrier Russian Federation
Bilboen S. Wales
Bullynis Kennel Serbia Montenegro
Kennel Von Bercek Serbia Montenegro
Mr. Bull Kennel Of Bullterrier Serbia Montenegro
White Bullets Bullterrier Kennel Fci 5555 Serbia Montenegro
Gucci Friendly Bulls – Mini Bullterrier Slovakia
Kennel Domin-Jr Beluša
Z Prašnej Cesty Slovakia
Balcanboy Slovenia
Skt Slovenia
Topfield Kennel Slovenia
De Los Tukitos – Miniature Bull Terrier Spain
Demara Spain
Emeritabull Kennel – Miniature Bullterriertes Spain
Garnata Alvejud Bull Terriers Spain
Kennel Gargola Bulls Spain
Los Narizotas Bull Terrier Miniatura Spain
Masderufa Spain
Nibheis Kennel Spain
Searough Spain
Vom Deutsche Stil Spain
Björkfallets Molkom
Boromir Sweden
Bulls Of Art Sandviken
Chynos Skellefteå
Lejongapet Mörrum
Milla Strandheim Sweden
Team Cozco Säve
Terrierklubben Sweden
Tinybull’s Nacka
Zambezi’s Kennel Sweden
Drew Gateshead
Pangor Bull Terrier Kennnel Ukraine
S’Annybut Kennel Miniature Bull Terrier Ukraine
Terra Viva Kennel Ukraine
Zak Evraziya Bullterrier Ukraine
Bryonteez Bull Terriers United Kingdom
Bullygolytly Bull Terriers United Kingdom
Draydur Bull Terriers United Kingdom
Ducassos Bull Terrier United Kingdom
Kalsar United Kingdom
Kellouacy Bull Terriers United Kingdom
Kingsline Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers United Kingdom
Marshelseabullterriers United Kingdom
Nationalterrier Durham
Nostradamos Kennels United Kingdom
Quentinhill Bull Terrier Kennel United Kingdom
Roseville Bull Terrier And Saint Bernard United Kingdom
Secbtc United Kingdom
Topfuelbullterriers Norwich Norfolk
Ukusa Bull Terriers Suffolk
Walleruebullterriers West Yorkshire
Warbonnet Essex
Wengormick West Midlands
Bullyview West Yorkshire
Shacadia West Yorkshire

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Akiran Perth Western Australia
Alsueno Hackham South Australia
Amatol Nabiac New South Wales
Aparagon Innisfail Queensland
Aponi Lockyer Valley Queensland
Asgill Windsor New South Wales
Awwalia Beaudesert Queensland
Azonax Lewiston South Australia
Azwykdaz Berrigan New South Wales
Balgay Avoca Victoria
Baranbali Hunter Valley New South Wales
Beckybull Perth Western Australia
Bekmar Bathurst New South Wales
Belamda Mackay Queensland
Besenth North Maclean Queensland
Bigbullies Northside Brisbane Queensland
Bonspotty Gympie 4570 Queensland
Bosybull Branxton Area New South Wales
Brasshead Lewiston South Australia
Braxstar Cranbourne Nth Victoria
Bullacktiv Sydney New South Wales
Bullarahki Stockleigh Queensland
Bullimarvic Lake Macquarie New South Wales
Bullmystic Gorokan New South Wales
Bullpatchy Victoria Victoria
Bullplus Brisbane Queensland
Bullraider Melbourne Victoria
Bullroy Country Victoria Victoria
Bullwonga Yarrawonga Victoria
Bullysik Bendigo Victoria
Bullzeye Caboolture Queensland
Bulroarus Central Coast New South Wales
Bysonbulls Townsville Queensland
Calesea Logan Reserve Queensland
Ceanndana Mannum South Australia
Charcharodon Rouse Hill New South Wales
Chepantah Two Wells South Australia
Chewbacca South West New South Wales
Chewymutz Albion Park New South Wales
Chkano Molesworth Tasmania
Chopsbullis Cowra New South Wales
Corwin Warneet Victoria
Credem Forbes Central West New South Wales
Cyclop Nannup Western Australia
Daluja Uralla New South Wales
Delestro Rosedale Victoria
Delphinus South West Victoria
Denotany Stockleigh Queensland
Dinostti Brisbane Queensland
Doubleudwood Ipswich Queensland
Duhust Grafton New South Wales
Excalibul Singleton New South Wales
Excelsis Yallourn North Victoria
Faringdon Windsor New South Wales
Fratenco Inala Queensland
Glenbull Gippsland Victoria
Goulburnia Shepparton Victoria
Hannibull Branxton New South Wales
Harrick Mary Valley Queensland
Hellofabull Albury New South Wales
Hepeaicoka Launching Place Victoria
Honhazsta Perth Western Australia
Hulia Bendigo Victoria
Ifdawn Cairns Queensland
Impie Cairns Queensland
Ivasha Emu Park Queensland
Jacamar Ballarat Victoria
Jailorbul Clare Valley South Australia
Jamorco Walloon Queensland
Jamsoc Wollongong New South Wales
Jenrbully Lawnton Queensland
Jordybulla Penrith New South Wales
Jotiff Versedale Scrub Queensland
Krisimoto Warrawong New South Wales
Kubhaven East Gippsland Victoria
Kupala Gladstone Queensland
Kyketami Ballarat Victoria
Littcove Brisbane Queensland
Lowdina Brighton Tasmania
Maolmhin Adelaide South Australia
Micasa Camira Queensland
Milangimbi Geelong Victoria
Missigai Sutton NSW, near Canberra ACT New South Wales
Moboza Allora Queensland
Muddruza Toowoomba Queensland
Niallan Newcastle New South Wales
Pariben Brisbane Queensland
Potens Melton West Victoria
Rmrkabul Wodonga Victoria
Robarc Jimboomba Queensland
Rohmahn Lawnton Queensland
Samahdi Sydney New South Wales
Sarajeni Pearcedale Victoria
Satori Boronia Heights Queensland
Scarlettoro Mid North Victoria
Schardale Windsor New South Wales
Semajon Country Victoria Victoria
Shirvin Maryborough Victoria
Shuzbut Basin View New South Wales
Sirram Mackay Queensland
Speiread Adelaide South Australia
Stacade Albury New South Wales
Stardom Central Coast New South Wales
Starstruck Lewiston South Australia
Strongnproud Thagoona Queensland
Sugarbaye Lake Maquarie New South Wales
Supremecy Townsville Queensland
Taalisav Woy Woy New South Wales
Teeeefoo Nemingha New South Wales
Tenaz Toowoomba Queensland
Unthinkabull Medowie New South Wales
Veroli Adelaide South Australia
Widgee Gunnedah New South Wales
Boromir Waihi New Zealand
Boromir Bull Terriers New Zealand
Bramble Darfield New Zealand
Brixton Christchurch New Zealand
Charlemagne Christchurch New Zealand
Legionnaire Auckland New Zealand
Montana Christchurch New Zealand