Boxer Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Boxer breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

If you are a breeder and would like to be added to list, would like to update you’re listing or would like to be removed from this list, please use this form.

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Breeder Name City State
Ablaze Boxers California
Aboxa Boxers New York
Admaro Boxers Colorado
Aleman Euro Boxers Slidell Louisiana
Altamira Boxers Tennessee
Anderly Boxers Maryland
Aria Boxers West Virginia
Aristo Boxers Utah
Bach’s Classic Boxers Connecticut
Baravale Boxers South Carolina
Barcomm Boxers California
Barreras Boxers Washington
Bee-Vee Boxers North Carolina
Beladona Boxers Connecticut
Bella Boxers Washington
Besten Boxers Dean Brenner Mcloud Oklahoma
Big Mac Boxers Kentucky
Big Star Kennel West Point Iowa
Birch Creek Boxers Missouri
Blarney Boxers Pennsylvania
Blitzkrieg Boxers Pennsylvania
Box O’Joy Boxers Ohio
Box Run Boxers Oklahoma
Boxer Blvd Apple Creek Ohio
Box-Sin Boxers Washington
Boxwood Boxers Alabama
Brantmar Boxers Tennessee
Briarhill Boxers Louisiana
Briarwood Boxers Massachusetts
Brier Court Boxers Rhode Island
Broad Top Boxers Pennsylvania
Brookshire Boxers Virginia
Bubba’s Boxers Idaho
Bullyful Boxers South Carolina
Bunratty Boxers Wisconsin
By Design Boxers Utah
Cain Boxers Georgia
Calionis Kennel Arizona
Capri Boxers Georgia
Caraway Boxers Georgia
Cedrick’s Manor Boxers Florida
C-Era Boxers Pennsylvania
Cherokee Boxers Virginia
Cherrywood Boxers New York
Choochoo Boxers Tennessee
Circle G Boxers Arkansas
Cj Boxers Tennessee
Claremont Boxers Michigan
Clearwater Boxers Texas
Coral Bay Boxers Florida
Cornerstone Boxers Texas
Cotton Made Boxers Ohio
Crossroad Boxers California
Crysto Boxers North Carolina
Dabro Boxers North Carolina
Damarta Boxers New York
Dandee Lyon Boxers Massachusetts
Dante Boxers Florida
Daybyday Boxers Massachusetts
Dean-Erik Boxers Missouri
Debut Boxers Michigan
Denate Boxers Arizona
Desert Boxers Arizona
Dogtree Boxers Virginia
Donandru Boxers New Jersey
Donnybrook Boxers Texas
Doo Dah Boxers Iowa
Draws Boxers California
Dugrace Boxers Arizona
Dynamic Boxers Wisconsin
Echo Boxers Michigan
El Encanto Boxers New Jersey
Ellen’s Alley Boxers Washington
Eurown Boxers USA
Excalibur Boxers Georgia
Fire Song Boxers New Jersey
Flashpoint Boxers Illinois
Flemingo Boxers South Carolina
Fourbears Boxers Virginia
Fowler Boxers Ohio
g’d Boxers Georgia
Gemstar Boxers New Hampshire
Gerean Boxers Washington
Ginway Boxers Tennessee
Golden Gloves Boxers Michigan
Gray Dawn Boxers Ohio
Grey Oaks Boxers Wisconsin
Haberl Boxers Florida
Halliwell Boxers Minnesota
Harlyn Boxers Virginia
Harpo Boxers California
Heldenbrand Boxers Kansas
Hidden Acres Of Ohio Ohio
High River Boxers Alabama
Highflight Boxers North Carolina
Highland Boxers California
Hi-Hat Boxers West Virginia
Hi-StepN Boxers New York
Hi-Tech Boxers Massachusetts
Hitide Boxers California
Hi-View Boxers Washington
Holland Boxers Massachusetts
Howdi Boxers Pennsylvania
Idlewild Boxers Missouri
Infiniti Boxers Illinois
Inner Banks Boxers Of Blounts Creek Farm Blounts Creek North Carolina
J Kay Boxers Virginia
Jane Shoemaker Sherrills Ford North Carolina
Jazz Boxers Ohio
Jemland Boxers Georgia
Jenel Boxers Tennessee
Jester Boxers Delaware
Jm Boxers Lancaster Pennsylvania
Jobec Boxers Tennessee
Jodi Boxers Michigan
Jo-El Boxers New Jersey
Jo-San Boxers Oklahoma
Jupiter Boxers Pennsylvania
Kalimar Boxers Connecticut
Karan Walsh Madera California
Karizma Boxers Georgia
Kash Boxers Oklahoma
Kazz’s Boxers Illinois
Kee Boxers Indiana
Kevel Boxers New Jersey
Kiebla Boxers Texas
Kloud 9 Boxers and Pugs Colorado
Korvette Boxers Georgia
Kristenhoff Boxers Alabama
Kristi Kenny Galt California
L And B Boxers Pennsylvania
Landfall Boxers Tennessee
Lazy K Boxers Maryland
Legend Boxers California
Liberty Hochburg Boxers Ohio
Liebsthal Boxers and Bulldogs Texas
Lotsaboxers USA
Lucky Dog Enterprises Miami Florida
Luvdoze Boxers Louisiana
Lynel Boxers Oregon
Mac Boxers Ohio
Maria’s Balmar Boxers North Carolina
Masues Boxers Virginia
Mclord Boxer Dogs Laguna Niguel California
Meca Boxers Ohio
Megs Boxers Michigan
Mermysta Boxers Oregon
Midievel Boxers California
Midnight Boxers Pennsylvania
Mike Swager Los Lunas New Mexico
Mike’s Boxers Daviess
Mischief Boxers Georgia
Moonstone Boxers California
Myell Boxers California
Mykai Boxers North Carolina
Mystic Boxers New York
N And L Kennel Ivanhoe Texas
P J Boxers Rhode Island
Padlock Boxers Idaho
Parasol Boxers Louisiana
Patrice Hinsley Honey Grove Texas
Pearland Texas Boxers Pearland Texas
Pigeonwoods Boxers Illinois
Pinebrook Boxers Ohio
Premier Boxers Texas
Psyfi Boxers Georgia
Raann Boxers North Carolina
Rainmaker Boxers Florida
Romalis Boxers Georgia
Roving Boxers Florida
Rp Boxers Georgia
Ruffnrowdyboxers Piedmont Alabama
Russglen Boxers Texas
Sahara Boxers Michigan
Sandbar Boxers Maine
Sandhill Boxers California
Sandman Boxers Fayetteville North Carolina
Sassy Lane Boxers Milford Michigan
Schigles Boxers New Jersey
Schmidt Boxers Columbus Ohio
Shadow Boxers Massachusetts
Shawnee Boxers Wisconsin
Shelley Burns Hollywood Maryland
Shellpointe Boxers Florida
Shelterwood Boxers California
Sherton Boxers Louisiana
Short Boxers Illinois
Silver Glade Enterprises Rathdrum Idaho
Silverado Boxers California
Sisco Boxers Tennessee Selmer Tennessee
South Wind Boxers Indiana
Southern Shade Boxers Tennessee
Stardust Boxers New Mexico
Stone Boxers California
Stonewall Boxers Ohio
Suncrest Boxers Florida
Sunlit Boxers Missouri
Taj Classic Boxers Oregon
Tara Boxers New York
Tass Boxers Ohio
Thomas Bowers Port Jervis New York
Topline Boxers Oklahoma
Treeline Boxers Connecticut
Trinity Boxers New Mexico
Triple Crown Boxers Pennsylvania
Tri-Starr Boxers Ohio
True Boxers West Virginia
U-Bet Boxers California
Utopia Boxers California
Vaia’s Precious Boxers Glendale California
Valhalla Boxers Connecticut
Vansan Boxers Pennsylvania
Venician Boxers Nevada
Wah-Sha-She Boxers Oklahoma
Wendy Palmer Townville South Carolina
West Shore Boxers Michigan
Wolcott Boxers California
Yankee Boxers Massachusetts


Breeder Name City Province
Bellcrest Boxers Perm Reg’d Ontario
Biancales Boxers Ancaster Ontario
Breka Boxers Dawson Creek British Columbia
Counterpunch Boxers Carberry Manitoba
Debria Kennels Reg’d Quebec
Dorado Boxers Reg’d British Columbia
Eastport Kennels Ontario
Elharlen Kennels Reg Nova Scotia
Everlong Boxers Mississauga Ontario
Faberly Boxers  Carvel Alberta
Kaco Boxers Reg’d Toronto Ontario
Lookaway Kennels Tofield Alberta
Lynbary Boxers Reg’d Quebec
Mephisto Boxers Reg’d British Columbia
Papageno Boxers British Columbia
Paradigm Boxers Okotoks Alberta
Redsand Boxers Hunter River Prince Edward Island
Rikar Boxers Reg’d Calgary Alberta
Rodlin Kennels Reg’d Ontario
Rubyred Boxers Wicklow Ontario
Tienlung Boxers Reg’d Barrhead Alberta
Titlefight Boxers Manitoba
Trimanor Kennels Reg’d Ontario
Xelascon Boxers Reg’d Georgetown Ontario
Zaracon Boxers Reg’d White City Saskatchewan
Zarah Boxers Cape Breton Nova Scotia


Breeder Name City State or Country
Boxerzucht Schwadorferstrasse Kleinneusiedl
Satansberg Kleinneusiedlerstr Fischamend
Florenville Deutscher Boxer and Griffon Petit Brabacon Belarus
Kennel Silver Spirit Boxer And Small Brabant Griffon Belarus
Boxer Kennelsaphoshoeve Schorestraat Leke-Diksmuide
Engelenburcht Belgium
Vayasbox-Boxers Wambeek Ternat
Boxerkennel Erdenbox Bosnia Herzegovina
De Roxy Box Boxer And Malinois Kennel Croatia
Gymnema Sylvestre German Boxers Croatia
Hanabox Oakland Park Florida
Iggy Box Boxer Kennel Croatia
Fodan Czech
Loco Poco Czech
Maximus Deus Czech
1Boxer Czech Republic
Arwin Kruhy Mohelnice Nad Jizerou
Boxeri Czech Republic
Z Frankovky Přelouč Czech Republic
Danedali’s Denmark
Kannoget’s Denmark
Criadero Familiar Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Blueshore Devon
Bogonzo Royston Hertfordshire
Clarricks Swanley Kent
Daervlish Birmingham
Fun Flash Old Isleworth Middlesex
Jinnybrux Mablethorpe Lincolnshire
Leigharac Ferndown Dorset
Longsdale Middlesbrough
Newlaithe Silkstone South Yorkshire
Reddmolosser Bristol
Rustibee Tyne And Wear
Stockerbox Knutsford Cheshire
Surfstone Loughborough Leicestershire
Tartarian Hertfordshire
Terole Kent
Testwood Hampshire
Yelesom Kent
Zenmaxkay Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
As Gunapal Katya Great Estonia
Boksbestsaiz Harku Vald C Harjumaa
Bokser Tartu
Kennel Kreisid Estonia
Kennelability Tartu
Lakifan Rehemetsa Küla Tartumaa
Marisraik Estonia
Saga-9 Estonia
Boxmann Boxers Finland
Kennelmoonraker Finland
Stonecutter’s Finland
Athos France
Boisdecavaro Du Pouligou Pornichet
Boxtengor France
Clos De Matisar Chartonnière Saint Bonnet Les Oules
Clossweetie Savoie
Contilia France
Davnette Puygironde Nabinaud
De La Velette Bouches Du Rhone Ceyreste
De L’arche Des Terres Du Sud France
Diablotins Du Sud Bormes Les Mimosas
Du Soleille De Rouveyrolles St Bauzille De La Sylve
Duhault Saint Leu La Forêt
Elevage Des Perles Du Nord France
Irossa France
Jardinsdepassiflore Monts Du Lyonnais
Lairsalin Verneil-Le-Chétif Pays De La Loire
Les Anges Du Clocher Tors France
Saintquinis Saint-Thomas-En-Royans
Souslelac Chatètre Soucieu En Jarrest
Tall And Small Pontlevoy Loir Et Cher
Trosky Et Voxanne France
Arco-Unserfreund Germany
Baerenland-Boxer Germany
Bockreiter Püttstraße Übach-Palenberg
Boxer-Laehdenerholtort Germany
Boxer-Merlin Brodersdorfer Kiel
Boxer-Vom-Arkadius Am Kiebitzmoor Lachendorf
Boxer-Vom-Weissen-Tor Germany
Boxer-Vom-Wolfstein Saarlandstr Neumarkt
Boxer-Von-Felix Kleistweg Hiddenhausen
Boxerwelpe Germany
Boxerzucht-Zeibig Germany
Bresicke Doberstaubei Leipzig Halle In Deutschland
Deutscher Boxer Breathtaking-Beauty Germany
Of Lucky Souls German Boxer Germany
Waterloo Nostrum Germany
Xaver Und Xena Germany
Atrotos Kennel Boxer Greece
Boxer Forum Greece
Boxer Greece Greece
Boxerator Greece
Detomara Greece
Dogwinboxers Greece
Familiaros Greece
Forumboxer Greece
Fragmabox Greece
Volcanossecret Attiki
Andrea’s Angel Boxer Kennel Nyíregyháza
Ceca Box Hungary
Chrisboxer Petõfi Hódmezõvásárhely
Delizia Boxer Kennel Hungary
Karpati German Boxer Kennel Hungary
Kazse-Box Kennel Hungary
Kis-Bics Boxer Kennel Karcag Damjanich Út
Marzonara Hungary
Pannon-Box Máté Siófok
Sangreal Boxers Hungary
Simpatico Hungary
Sonnenaufgang Hungary
Tigrato Giallo Boxer Kennel Hungary
Von Gross Kampfer Boxer Kennel Hungary
Von Herzig Kennel Hungary
Boxer Iceland Háeyrarvellir Eyrarbakki
Sperdill Iceland
Duffles Boxers Ireland
Allevamento Boxer Di Casa Bartolini Italy
Allevamento Scudo Di Talos Italy
Allevamentodelsolgimar Monreale Poplar
Asiadellerta Italy
Boxer Casa Bigi San Pancrazio Castello D’Argile
Boxer Che Linse Italy
Boxer degli Scarronzoni Italy
Boxer degli Scrovegni Italy
Boxer dei Cavalieri Templari Cefalù
Boxer del Maschio Angioino Pozzuoli Napoli
Boxer del Nettuno Bologna
Boxer della Galassia Aonedis Villanova Di San Daniele Del Friuli
Boxer delle Scalere Italy
Boxerkennelwapper Italy
Boxerweb Italy
Cadelcorsi Quattordio Alessandria
Cairatiboxer Casterno Of Robecco Sul Naviglio Pastrengo
Dei Pallavicini Allevamento Di Boxer E Bouledogue Francesi Italy
Del Nettuno Boxer And Pugs Italy
Delcolledellinfinito Via Addolorata Recanati
Deldavid Certaldo Florence
Dellamaga Via Della Grave Italy
Dellaroccacostanza Baiocchi Pesaro
Dellaterraselvaggia Italy
Dicasalucrezia Via San Giovanni In Monte N Barbarano Vicentinovicenza
Gruppolanterna Altervista Via Montallegro Genoa
Lady Ml Kennel Italy
Tesorieri Kennel Italy
Aivery Bell Kennel Pr. Gagarina Almaty
Laimes Zvaigzde Boxer Kennel Lithuania
House Of Pride German Boxer And Boston Terrier Kennel Macedonia
Boxers Malta Malta
Bullen Boxers Malta
Superclassic Boxers Malta
Yellowstone Boxers Malta
Alkaios Molenstraat Boven-Leeuwen
Amoredeldio Netherlands
Blijewereld Netherlands
Boxerkennelfanopticastate Netherlands
Boxerworld Hoornstezwaag
Frisiastate Netherlands
Van De Hoevensehof Noord-Brabant
Van De Wiltimana Netherlands
Van Het Boksrox Ijsselmuiden Overijssel
Bebeboxer Sorlandet Vennesla Norway
Birkeboxer Birkelandsvegen Sauda
Bogerudmyra Norway
Dahlinas Boxers Norway
Fearplay Boxer Norway
Bokser-Pagi W Interia Poland
Boxer-Rex Poland
Czystanuta Poland
Eksodus Anashar Poland
Inferno-Boxer Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Pologne
Luminous Way Boxer Kennel Poland
Minotaur Krakowska Hodowla Bokserow Poland
Torques Boxer Kosynierów Koszalin
Canirutilus Portugal
Casafrankinho Portugal
De Bottega Boxers Portugal
Von Steinmain Boxers Portugal
Boxer Romania Romania
Platinium-Box Romania
Aivengo Russia
Almeras Moscow
Annette’s Boxers Moscow Russia
Lar-AreteSpb St. Petersburg Marine
Boxers Russie Russian Federation
Ipolbox Kennel Of German Boxers Russian Federation
Kennel Della Monte Klio Fci Russian Federation
Kennel S Zelenogo Goroda Zelenograd Moscow
Kennel Terra Fantastika Moscow
Los Ninios Russian Federation
Bellebox Gretna
Garnox Garnox Chihuahuas Ayrshire
Glenauld Strathaven South Lanarkshire
Mcrobs Wigtownshire
Walkon Stranraer Wigtownshire
Boxer Kennel VDCer Gebirge Serbia Montenegro
Kuningas Von Kishko German Boxer Serbia Montenegro
Poppytown Serbia Montenegro
Von Feketic Serbia Montenegro
Zogohof Boxer Kennel Serbia Montenegro
Ewabo Slovakia
Fender Edda Matejovec Krajné
Athenasdream Hrastulje Škocjan
Boxer Slovenia Hrvatini Ankaran
Zoycik Slovenia
Alminar De Daimalos Bocer Kennel Spain
Atopesiempre Boxer Spain
Bonbico Spain
Boxer De Mirall Del Box Spain
Boxer Del Golfo Artabro Spain
Boxers Urkabustaiz Vitoria
Criadero Boxer Del Euro Spain
Da Toleria Boxers Spain
Dalkorbox El Viso De San Juan Toledo
De Sa Vinya Vella Boxers Spain
Delsuryole Spain
Entre Boxer Spain
La Fortea Spain
Riberbox Alfaro La Rioja
Royalavalon Spain
Valle Del Tormes Boxer Spain
Verdemar Igollo De Camargo Cantabria
Villa Astur Boxer Nature Spain
Von Den Regenbogenkriegern Spain
Almighty Highs Sweden
Bethmars Sweden
Debutant’s Boxers Sweden
Himlagarden’s Boxer and Keeshond Kennel Sweden
Teotheboxer Sweden
Brisart Nordom Donetsk
Eleve Boxer Kennel Kiev
Fci-Kennel Signo Del Tori Ukraine
Ivella House Ukraine
Kennel Minodora Ukraine
Kennel Solnechnaya Dinastiya Zenbox Ukraine
Nordom German Boxer’s Ukraine
Sunny Valley East Ukraine
Abythornboxers United Kingdom
Alcomar Boxers United Kingdom
Alcoto Boxers United Kingdom
Belire United Kingdom
Burndenboxer Denise North Somerset
Dibrid Boxers United Kingdom
Jafeica United Kingdom
Marbeltonboxers United Kingdom
Mindenwoodboxers United Kingdom
Piechottka United Kingdom
Redmask Boxers United Kingdom
Ruptionboxers United Kingdom
Shakatan Boxers United Kingdom
Siacybox Batley United Kingdom
Tevelen Wrexham
Westernmoor Boxers United Kingdom
Winuwuk Berkeley Gloucestershire
Xandene Highbridge Somerset
Z For Ever Boxer Uruguay
Tyberg Gwynedd

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Abanza Carindale Queensland
Abizac Thirlmere New South Wales
Alcance Thornbury Victoria
Angelpark Mittagong New South Wales
Bambalorouge Cranbourne Victoria
Bandido Burpengary Queensland
Bardinet Devonport Tasmania
Baxazu Boxers Australia
Bay Harbour Busselton Warren
Belmanta Southern River Warren
Bernivia Longreach, Nowra New South Wales
Blueprint Camden New South Wales
Blythe Albanvale Victoria
Bobbalil Kununoppin Warren
Bocsavil Tallong New South Wales
Bokson Canning Vale Warren
Bortoria Adelaide South Australia
Boxamore Galston New South Wales
Boxberry Riverina Region New South Wales
Boxcrest Richmond New South Wales
Boxfeld Weston New South Wales
Boxfull Perth Warren
Boxjam Redland Bay Queensland
Boxsta Caerphilly South Wales
Boxtrinity Helaesville Victoria
Boxvale Jimboomba Queensland
Bradshire The Basin Victoria
Branmere Cooroy Queensland
Brythornrose Para Vista South Australia
Carlberry Canning Vale Warren
Carstev Sunbury Victoria
Casqueen Bringelly New South Wales
Chasethat Lake Boga Victoria
Chelleason Ipswich Queensland
Chestafield Canberra Australian Capital Territory
Chizack Gisborne South Victoria
Clauddane Mt Marshall near Toowoomba/Warwick Queensland
Craihall Bringelly New South Wales
Dderwen Carmarthenshire South Wales
Delboxa Petrie Queensland
Denes Brisbane Queensland
Doha West Haldon Queensland
Fantasyway Brisbane Queensland
Garraboo Yarck Victoria
Geeteear Frankston Victoria
Gemcharm Armidale New South Wales
Gingabred Walloon Queensland
Gocanroc Toowoomba Queensland
Goldbuckle Caboolture Queensland
Gottaplay The Oaks New South Wales
Gracnbrook Townsville Queensland
Grahoc Heathcote Junction Victoria
Guntop Pheasants Nest New South Wales
Heromiari Boxers Doncaster East Victoria
Hogwartz Upper Caboolture Queensland
Imoen Canberra Australian Capital Territory
Indugarrawal Townsville Queensland
Invidia Mount Barker South Australia
Jadenchi Charters Towers Queensland
Jaksamlee Bundaberg Queensland
Jamlorros Derrimut Victoria
Jatzbee Bacchus Marsh Victoria
Jetboom Byford Warren
Jorgia Cairns Queensland
Jotanikama Griffith New South Wales
Juelle Boxers Glasshouse Mountains Queensland
Karomili Salt Ash New South Wales
Kashminder Brisbane Queensland
Keljamar Caboolture Queensland
Kellynda Melbourne Victoria
Kesdar Boxers Of Winslow Australia
Kirravindee Armidale New South Wales
Kriscross Yunta South Australia
Kudirka Burpengary Queensland
Lambda Boxers Australia
Larcontam Swan Hill Victoria
Laykoda Marborough Queensland
Leejaram Don Valley Victoria
Lehearn Glossodia New South Wales
Lustic Melbourne Victoria
Luzdelaluna Berwick Victoria
Mcboxa Hervey Bay Queensland
Metopi Adelaide South Australia
Miannastar Jindivick Victoria
Natmons Brisbane Queensland
Nija & Telde Dural New South Wales
Nikkabocs Boxers Warnbro Warren
Nindethana Young New South Wales
Njord Ipswich Queensland
Oartumn Cooroy Queensland
Oleala Young New South Wales
Omarella Wynyard Tasmania
Onlyskyhigh Hervey Bay Queensland
Ozstock Boxers Narellan New South Wales
Ozstralis Acacia Hills Tasmania
Pennybryn Geelong Victoria
Penzberg Athlone Victoria
Phoenway Toowoomba Queensland
Picamac Brighton Tasmania
Pulcenella Bass Victoria
Raanan Wantirna South Victoria
Raevon Mornington Peninsula Victoria
Rampid Boxers Adelaide South Australia
Redbush Upper Caboolture Queensland
Rhadlon Sawyers Gully, Hunter Valley New South Wales
Rmg Boxers Reservoir Victoria
Rougle Park Maryborough Victoria
Roxbud Murray Bridge South Australia
Saxonee Gladstone Queensland
Scriggoslabs Coomera Waters Queensland
Shazlan Rochester Victoria
Sinyra Underwood Queensland
Sjecoin Devon Meadows Victoria
Stephara Brighton Tasmania
Suavea Douglas Park New South Wales
Taratan Boxers Of Distiction Australia
Taswest Southern River Warren
Taxibow Brisbane Queensland
Thasrite Goulburn New South Wales
Tirbolead Lockrose Queensland
Traxx Kings plains New South Wales
Tuttalavita Adelaide South Australia
Tyeanbo Greenvale and Cyde Victoria
Ungwilla Bunyip Victoria
Vanillaice Redlake South Windsoe New South Wales
Vineen Orangeville near Camden New South Wales
Westedge Albion Park New South Wales
Whipcracka Primrose Valley New South Wales
Willope Bundaberg Queensland
Woodella Lewiston South Australia
Wunya Nowra New South Wales
Allegiant Taupo New Zealand
Bavaria Boxers New Zealand Hamilton New Zealand
Boxton Christchurch New Zealand
Eseldown Napier New Zealand
Fortress Gore New Zealand
Glenmorne Palmerston North New Zealand
Gremlix Waiuku New Zealand
Hillstead Auckland New Zealand
Kadence Auckland Pukekohe
Mavquade Tokoroa New Zealand
Quasar Christchurch New Zealand
Rampage Boxers North Canterbury New Zealand
Ronin Boxers Woodville New Zealand
Roski Rotorua New Zealand
Tamataki Blenheim New Zealand
Tuafly Auckland New Zealand
Valeska Waikato New Zealand