Borzoi Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Borzoi breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

If you are a breeder and would like to be added to list, would like to update you’re listing or would like to be removed from this list, please use this form.

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Breeder Name City State
Hounds Of The Wildhunt USA
Sunburst Borzoi USA
Rose Hill Windhounds USA
Howlinwolf Kennel Anderson Missouri
Caerlin Borzoi USA
Cernak Borzoi USA
Chalk Buttes Borzoi USA
C’Lestial Borzoi USA
Cobblestone Borzoi USA
Denby Farm USA
Echovesna USA
Eidolon Borzoi USA
Elisabeth Szymanski Milford Pennsylvania
Ferlinka Borzoi USA
Golightly Borzoi USA
Hounds Of Laureate USA
Howff Carbonel Borzoi USA
Hvala Hounds USA
Maringa Borzoi USA
Midnight Borzoi USA
Mufasa Borzoi USA
Northwoods Borzoi USA
River Run Borzoi USA
Secret Garden USA
Selah Borzoi USA
Shalomar Borzoi USA
Silkenswift Borzoi USA
Somerset Borzoi USA
Valeska Borzoi USA
Veni Harlan Baton Rouge Louisiana
Wolfblitz Borzoi USA
Zabava Borzoi USA
Calaron Borzoi USA
Calle Del Borzoi USA
Caritas Farm USA
Celeritas Borzoi USA
O’ Pendragon Borzoi USA
Dipauls Borzoi USA
Royal Sooner Borzoi USA
Bucksilver Borzoi USA
Irish Borzoi USA
Jedawn Kennels USA
Windrift Borzoi USA
Khanzade Borzoi USA
Lagniappe Hounds USA
Majenkir Borzoi USA
Firequest Borzoi USA
Morgandell Borzoi USA
Ozsome Borzoi USA
Palir Borzoi USA
Pinoaks Kennel Worthington Missouri
Regius Borzoi USA
Peacekeepers Borzoi USA
De Novo Borzoi USA
Gladkii Veter Borzoi USA
Skyler Borzoi USA
Chihawk Borzoi USA
Glacier Borzoi USA
Hi Tor Sighthounds USA
Wideview Farm USA


Breeder Name City Province
Rimouski Perm. Reg’D Canada
Fleet Street Borzoi Canada
Coquetel Borzoi Canada
Savladai Canada
Sj Borzoi Canada


Breeder Name City State or Country
Occhi Tchernye Borzoi Argentina
Zarskoje Selo Austria
Vom Schloss Perchino Austria
Des Perles Tsariennes Belgium
Urkofsky Borzois Belgium
Mason De Toiles Brazil
Bostanmi Borzois Columbia
Borzoi Von Belonski Croatia
Cherokke Von Snorlax Borzoi Czech
Czernuszka Von Snorlax Borzoi Czech
Kenell Snorlax Irish Wolfhound And Russian Sithound-Borsoi Czech
Monteka Czech
Infoborzoi Web For You Czech
Leyas Borzoi Czech
Tamocco Highlands Heart Czech
Z Visnoveho Kvetu Czech Republic
Xanthiappe Borzoi Czech Republic
Z Lárišova Czech Republic
Kennel Matrioshka Staříč 226 739 43 Czech Republic
Muj Barzoj Czech Republic
Krazna Fanfara Czech Republic
Athan Castus Czech Republic
Silent Enigma Czech Republic
Jaroslawna Czech Republic
Z Palatinu Moravia Czech Republic
Monteka Czech Republic
Barbie Paradis Snorlax Rusian Sithound Borzoi Horní Kramolín Teplá U Toužimě
Zaranov Denmark
Formositas Newmarket Suffolk
Ms G K French Lowestoft Suffolk
Coronado Borzoi Newbury Berkshire
Tayzalor Borzoi Mansfield Nottinghamshire
Jamarqui Stevenage Hertfordshire
K Wilenczyc Tring Hertfordshire
P Mcgee-Heys Blackpool Lancashire
Stubbylee Borzoi England
Will Whiteley Driffield Yorkshire
Yadasar Belper Derbyshire
Ringokris Goldens And Borzois Estonia
Anna-Su Bienca Borzoi Finland
Anna-Su Kennel Finland
Katin  Finland
Rousen Finland
Tsaarikon Finland
Polongain Finland
Kennel Anna-Su Finland
De Pinedo France
Barzoi De La Homière France
Chateau De La Taurie France
De Xanishka France
Du Clos De Sabine France
Du Domaine D’Iasnaia Poliana France
Du Ranch De Michka France
Les Lévriers De La Famille Laigle-De La Taille France
Les Princes De Kazan Thoissey
Of Aleksandrovsh Pellevoisin Center Of France
Barsois Von Astrachan Germany
Barsois Von Prisca Germany
Feofar’s Borzoi Germany
Von Der Nebelhöhle Barsoi Germany
Astopovo Germany
Vom Brandenstein Germany
Ardagan’s Borzoi Germany
Klingsors Postgasse Oberuckersee Ot Melzow
Von Der Windhundranch Germany
Iz Mira Älf Uthuiser Straße Hörstel
Uljanow-Barsois Germany
Barsois Vom Sölring Hüs Moorhausen Lilienthal
Barsois Von Pohjan-Akka Germany
Balkányi Ágnesprofessional Schnauzer and Barzoj Handler Hungary
Carok Oroksege Hungary
Fata Morgana Borzois Hungary
Nyulasz Kennel Hungary
Amuri-Pajkos Borzoi Kennel 22 Vasut Sor Mako
Alag Dombi Agar Hungary
Szellotanc Barzoi Hungary
Triumphator Hungary
Barnesmore Ireland
Blackrose Castlerea Roscommon
Kennel Zafonic Ireland
Toffs Poodles Ardee Louth
Bagrijana and Friends Trieste
Dreaming Shine Borzoi Japan
Amber Borzoj Kennel Lithuania
Kupidonas Russian Borzoi Kennel Lithuania
Mielas Kupidonas Lithuania
Amberway Borzoi Lithuania
Nuñez Mexico
Mano Runa Borzoi Netherlands
Cotarinn Belfast Antrim
Le Sphinx Norway
Look N Like Oslo Oslo
Gryfonikowy Świat Domowa Hodowla Psów Rasowych Ul. Gdańska 87 M. 4 Bydgoszcz
Bello Di Tatrebest Borzoj Poland
Martinville Kennel Poland
Canaveral Staff Kennel Poland
Flegeton Borzoi Kennel Poland
Magnus Borzoi Poland
Facebook.Com Galgosdalem Portugal
Villa Silva Romania
Basandrin Borzoi Russia
From Wing Russia
Gingersnap Borzoi Russia
This Belle Moscow Russia
Perm Be Perm
Of Depth Russia
Iz Kitez Grada Russia
Senavian Russia
Vaskes Borzoi Russia
Lunnaya Raduga Borzoi Russian Federation
Mraja Slovak Republic
Arsenoe Slovakia
Borzois Life In Slovakia Slovakia
Mraja Slovakia
Halstatberg Slovakia
Smirnowow Slovakia
Tschaikowskij Slovakia
Wolkowo Borzois Slovenia
Ninochka’s Slovenia
Kozlowski’s 820 41 Färila Sweden
Brassok Borzoi Sweden
Everhill’s Borzois Sweden
Krimitos Sweden
Mantsikka Borzoi Sweden
Mishenka’s Sweden
Mysjkin’s Greyhound and Borzoi Sweden
Pomzoi Sweden
The Flying Zoi’s Sweden
Twinbellow’s Kennel Sweden
Ulfur Borzoi Sweden
Dream Rock Borzoi Sweden
Ivegill Borzoi Sweden
Borscana Borzoi Sweden
Starcastle Borzoi Sweden
Velikij Tabergsstigen Göteborg
Zsimusjka Borzoi Sweden
Milorad Borzoi Switzerland
Aeroflot’s Bruderholzstrasse Therwil
Von Dolinskaja Switzerland
Belojara Ukraine
Iz Volnogo Vetra Ukraine
Volniy Veter Borzoi Ukraine
Z Halitsii Ukraine
Pampardour United Kingdom
Mischran Pontypool Gwent
Z Bilmy

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Argowan Murrumbateman New South Wales
Belgnbor Australia
Sashayaway Brisbane Queensland
Clovelly Hernes Oak Victoria
Gershopoin Australia
Kenibea Bishops Bridge (Maitland) New South Wales
Mistraka Sydney New South Wales
Russkimir Brisbane Queensland
Ahsroff Christmas Hills Victoria
Whipridge Hobart Tasmania
Strikeness Sighthounds New Zealand
Mayvale Borzoi New Zealand
Gracelands Waikato New Zealand