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Physical Characteristics:
Height: 15-22”
Weight: 30-60 lbs.
Energy Level: Moderate
The Bordoodle is found in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Golden
  • White

Health & Longevity

Average Life Span: 12-15 years
The Bordoodle is labeled as a designer dog and is a hybrid combination of the Poodle and Border Collie. With any hybrid breed, there are some health concerns that may arise as the puppy may develop health issues from either parent.

For the Bordoodle, there are no known major illnesses, but there are some secondary conditions that you need to watch out for. Some of these conditions include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Hip dysplasia may occur in your Bordoodle and is caused by a hip joint that has not formed correctly or a joint that does not fit properly into the socket. Over time, the cartilage that protects the joint wears down and this causes pressure on the joint. A dog with hip dysplasia will have a hard time going from a lying to standing position.

Epilepsy is the medical term for seizures. Seizures can occur for a number of reasons from diabetes to neurological conditions to trauma and even hereditary reasons. Dogs that experience epilepsy will often need medical intervention to try and prevent them from occurring. Seizures in dogs can range from mild in nature to quite violent.

Allergies are not a stranger to the Bordoodle and can occur in the form of a skin condition, watery eyes, and itching. You should keep a close eye on your pup after he or she has vaccines or if he or she is in contact with a potentially irritating substance.

Lastly, your Bordoodle may develop progressive retinal atrophy, which often leads to blindness in dogs. The condition is common in many breeds; however, it is not reversible. The disease causes the cells that are within the retina to die.

The Bordoodle’s life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

Temperament & Train-ability

The Bordoodle is considered to be intelligent and cheerful. Your new puppy will have a cheery and bright attitude. This breed is known to be playful, especially as a puppy and your new dog will keep your children entertained.

The Bordoodle is a fun dog to have in your home and is gentle with children. This breed loves companionship and will become attached to a single owner or all of the household members.

Since the Bordoodle does have Poodle in it, your pup may bark a lot, but this can be controlled and stopped with proper training. This breed is not considered a watch dog.

The Bordoodle is considered easy to train and since he or she is intelligent, it will not take long for your puppy to pick up on new commands and master them like a champ. This breed does like to please his or her owner, so you can expect him or her to work hard to make you happy.

Positive reinforcement and unconditional love will go far with your Bordoodle. As with any other breed, early socialization with humans and dogs is important for proper development and to prevent any type of aggression.

Your Bordoodle will need to receive regular exercise, but a large yard is not required, as he or she will adapt to apartment living. You should walk your Bordoodle for at least 30 minutes per day. While you can leave your pup at home, separation anxiety may develop if you are gone for long periods at a time.


The grooming needs of the Bordoodle are relatively easy. If you do not have a chance to brush your dog daily, this is the breed for you! You should brush your Bordoodle once per week to ensure that no tangles or mats form in his or her coat.

Since the Bordoodle is mixed with Poodle, he or she will not shed a lot and is ideal for any home that has people with allergies. If you notice that your Bordoodle smells, you can give him or her a bath, but a regular bath schedule is not required.

Cleaning ears and trimming nails is part of the grooming process and should be done regularly to ensure that infections or splitting of the nails does not occur.


It is important that you feed your Bordoodle a quality brand of dog food that provides all of the nutrients that your pup needs. You should avoid dog foods that are made from by products or contain chemicals.

When choosing a dog food for your pup, keep in mind his or her size, age, and activity level. In addition, try to choose a food that has wholesome ingredients that are easy to read and see on the label.

Wet food can be given to your Bordoodle as a treat, but should not be relied upon as the only source of food since it is not a well-balanced diet.

Your Bordoodle should receive anywhere between two and a half to three cups of food per day, divided into two meals.

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The Bordoodle is a difficult breed to find because it is a newer hybrid breed and there are not as many breeders. While this breed is difficult to find, it is not impossible and the average cost of a puppy is anywhere between $600 and $1,200. You may pay more for a female puppy and the price may vary from breeder to breeder.

It is not common to find this breed at an adoption center, but if you do, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 to adopt.

In addition to the cost of the puppy, average annual vet checkups and vaccines can run as much as $600 per year.

Paws ‘N’ Pups Ranking

Paws ‘N’ Pups ranks every breed out of 4 with 1 being easiest to integrate into your life and 4 being the toughest – The lower the ranking the better.

Ranking takes into account a few basic factors including cost, skill level needed, high vs low maintenance and how critical regular training is to success. The Bordoodle is easy to train, easy to care for, and a wonderful companion for anyone. While this breed is difficult to find, if you do purchase or adopt one, you will be very happy with the choice you made. This breed ranks a 1.


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