Belgian Laekenois Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Belgian Laekenois breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

If you are a breeder and would like to be added to list, would like to update you’re listing or would like to be removed from this list, please use this form.

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Breeder Name City State
Runes Belgians Park Forest 60466 Illinois
Wandrylyn Belgians Baldwin Wisconsin


Breeder Name City State or Country
Be Aware Malinois And Tervueren Austria
Germalis Malinois Kennel Belgium
Laekense Belgium
Les Laekenois Deroudur Anderlues Belgium
Mechelaars Van Het Berkenmeer Malinois Negundor Belgium
Sportmalinois Elevage De Berger Belge Malinois Belgium
The Red Dragon Tervuerense Herders Poederlee
De Roxy Box Boxer And Malinois Kennel Đurđevac
Anubis Kingdom Kennel Cyprus
Bohemia Col-Bri Rottweiler Kennel Czech
Frosty Fox Kennel Of Malinois Chomutov
Groenoir Prague
Heritage New Jáchymov
Juli Agartha Kennel Czech
Kawai Kaito Czech
Oro Nero Kennel Czech
Plane Louky And Vom Nilpferdhof Olomouc
Sa-Kra Beskydy Malinois Slavonice Czech
Z Ostrova Baber Czech
Od Suche Hory Kupkova 20 638 00 Brno
Bergerbelgedk Denmark
Belsharose Bobbington South Stafford
Bonvivant Lincs
Kennel Scarlett Bevy Estonia
Iikka-Likka Groenendaels Finland
Kennel Gladlystones Finland
Kennel Grondoras Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels Finland
Off Lines Tervuren Finland
A Groenendael Picard Precio De Brunalines Pierrelaye
Des Bullenbeisser Von Ruthen Elevage Malinois France
Elevage Damerican Staff Du Home Molosse France
Elevage De Gaia Vlka France
Leblason À Croix Dargent France
Belgische Schäferhunde Vom Schwarzen Ulan And Vom Quaestenberg Irmelshausen
De Lorigine De Faucon Rougemalinois Zwinger Großlehna / Markranstädt
Malinoiszucht Vom Lahberg Bad Gandersheim Germany
Vom Motodrom Groenendael And Tervueren Altlußheim
Vom Roten Merlin Pölitz Germany
Von Der Schieferhalde Groenendael Ochtrup Germany
Von Der Steinteichmühle Malinois Kennel Cottbus Germany
Von Greifenring Germany
Clever Canin Avlón, Attiki Greece
Thor Og Freya Kennel Pérama Attiki
Von Freileben Greece
Belgianshepherdkennelscom Szeged
Bohemian Grow Malinois And German Shepherd Dogs Hungary
Firefox Malinois Kennel Kiskőrös
Treasure Of Hill Malinois Kennel Miskolc
Loups Du Mousette Italy
De La Ferme Farouche Groenendaelers Netherlands
Del Cachorro Diablo Netherlands
Kennel Tangterr Tananger
Kennel Thargelion Norway
Alta Escuela Malinois German Scheperd Fila Yorkshire Kennel Woj.Lubelskie
Di Trevi Groenendael Lšskie
Extreme Spitfire Malinois Kennel Poland
Kennel Polaris Belgian Sheepdogs And Great Danes Chełmno
Z Koziarni Sheltie Poland
Vale Dos Lobos Malinois German Sheperd Portugal
Gafias Little Pack Kennel Bucharest Romania
Of Braveheart Oradinummalinois Romania
Bella Mafia Griffons And Chien De Berger Belge Groenendael Kennel Stahanovsky
Ford Ot Solnik Russian Federation
Irline Of Beauty Russian Federation
Kennel Iz Serebristoy Gavany Nizhny Novgorod
Graysbrooke Lochgelly Fife
Bekiyara Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois Kennel Serbia Montenegro
Darkfall Kennel Bačka Palanka
Suny Days Belgian Shepherd Kennelfci 4318 Belgrade Serbia Montenegro
Zuchtstätte Vom Haus Zumbach Holderbank Serbia Montenegro
The Best Of Kennel Slovakia
Belliamici Chien De Berger Belgue Spain
Kennel A-Te-Ells Groenendael Skogås
Kennel Vajert Åtvidaberg
Lakkebo Belgian Shepherd/Laekenois Kennel Sweden
Oresprays Kennel Groenendael And Malinois Sweden
Prosport Karlstad Sweden
Ugglebos Kennel Mölnbo
Widholmens Kennel Sweden
Gratsiano Kennel Ukraine
Flambards Belgian Shepherds United Kingdom
Goldmali Malinois And Papillons United Kingdom
Grizwold Bsd And German Spitz United Kingdom
Jetaime Groenendaels United Kingdom
Nightsabre Groenendaels United Kingdom
Stonedragon Kennels United Kingdom

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Bonquest Kenwick Western Australia
Chamshep South East Queensland
Delaroche Ironbank South Australia
Deviebelle Jondaryan Queensland
Grandbelge Sunbury Victoria
Hardog Terowie South Australia
Kandrara Perth Western Australia
Onyxvale Nambour Queensland
Teangibelge Wyee New South Wales

Canada – No breeders at this time.