Azawakh Breeders

Paws ‘N’ Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Azawakh breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search.

It’s important to thoroughly research a breeder prior to bringing a puppy home. Do not rush your decision. Ideally, you should visit them before purchasing and take the time to ask questions and learn more about the breeder’s previous experience, the lineage of parent dogs, and the general living conditions of the animals. In addition, you should find out which vaccinations your potential puppy will come with, what items are included in the puppy take-home kit (i.e. some food, a blanket, a toy), and what the policies are regarding a deposit, a refund, and a health guarantee. These are some of the main things to consider once you begin a conversation with a breeder.

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Breeder Name City State
Al-Karuma Rhoadesville Virginia
Azawakh Al-Ifriqiya Toccoa Georgia
Azawakh Al-Karuma Rhoadesville 22542 Virginia
Clarity Newtown Virginia
Kel Simoon Rhoadesville Virginia


Breeder Name City Province
El Oudalan De Nico Napierville Quebec
Jamarqui Burnaby British Columbia


Breeder Name City State or Country
Azawakh-Windhund Austria
Eheren En Tufat Azawakhs Austria
Windhund Mariahilfer Straße Austria
Wuthering Heights 6421 Rietz Österreich
Hadi El Basher Belgium
Kbwc Belgium
Levriers Belgium
Bahira-Zuli Czech Republic
Akh-Anubis Leominster Herefordshire
Royalvale Nr.Wakefield. West Yorkshire
Susannah Thyni Hednesford Staffordshire
Sighthounds Estonia
Azawakh France France
Azawakhs Nzi Songo France
De Garde-Epee Villa Pins-Bouleaux 16200 Julienne
Du Domaine Des Trois Clefs Azawakh France
Garde-Epee Julienne France
Levrierdelazawakh France
Marvellous Sugar Beganne Bretagne
NaEma Le Frétay Guemene Penfao
Npa-Whipaz The Guilbaudière Heric
Royaume De Sikishyma Saint Caradec
Seigneur France
Aggamaias-Azawakh Schulzendorfer Berlin
Ak Ilaman 85221 Dachau Bayern
Al-Tawarg Germany
Amenokal Nelkenweg Goch
Aulad-Al-Sahras Kreuzstraße Waldalgesheim
Azawakh Germany
Azawakh-Arnold Schlierbacher Weg Lindenfels
Azawakh-Kel-Tamaschek Germany
Azawakhs Germany
Azawakhs Ak Ilaman Dachau Germany
El Ghafiri Steinstraße Mansfeld
Taikoussou Germany
Tombouktous Am Isarkanal Neufinsing
Takellaout NAfa Azawakhs Hungary
Attimo Fuggente Milano 20154 Michigan
Azawakh-Galgo Italy
Tigidit Italy
Kurtai Kryžiokų G Vilnius
Azawakh Germany Norway
Myndeklubben Norway
Atletico Poland
Delcantico Poland
Eidi NAmanar Azawakhs Poland
The Delcantico Kennel Poland
Castelo De Alfaia Salgados 2640-577 Mafra
Azawakh Romania Romania
Hrti Podnart
Azawakh Spain Spain
Umah-Halal Spain
Amahar Lavagen 182 Lulea S-976 34
Azsk Sweden
Azawakh Switzerland Switzerland
Keldahoussahaq Switzerland

Australia and NZ

Breeder Name City State or Country
Grantulla Melbourne Victoria
Jumadabey Lara Victoria