You Won’t Believe What This Dog Did When Her Owner Returned Home

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This reunion between a soldier and her dog will put a smile on your face!

Buddy, the 13 year old Golden Retriever has never spent time away from her owner Hannah Foraker until the day she left for military training. In addition to being an elderly dog who suffers from arthritis and hearing issues, during the 3 months that her owner was away Buddy seemed depressed as she lacked the energy to go for walks or even climb the stairs. During Private Hannah’s 2 week break from training she returned home to Ohio to receive a heartwarming greeting from her best friend, Buddy!

The elderly dog who seemed depressed came back to life upon seeing her owner, Hannah told Fox news that “Buddy came running, as best as she could, out of the house and said hello to everyone. At first she didn’t even realize I was there, but she did a double take and came bounding over to me whining nonstop in pure glee.” Hannah explained that she’s had Buddy since she was puppy and has had many memorable experiences with her dog such as camping and completing agility courses. Believe it or not, but while absent, Private Foraker even Skypes her dog! “She doesn’t understand that her mommy is on the other side of the screen, but she can hear me (with the volume all the way up) and always perks her ears and starts wagging her tail” said Hannah to Fox.

Pvt. Foraker claimed that completing her basic training at Fort Sill was a very tough experience, however leaving Buddy at home was harder.  Sadly Hannah won’t be able to return home to be with Buddy until Christmas, so until then we hope they both stay strong!

Check out the video of the touching reunion below!


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