What Did These 2 Students Throw Off A Rooftop?

On July 5th, a video depicting a man throwing a dog from a roof was going viral – and people were outraged. Mashable reported on the video, stating that several individuals and organizations, including the Humane Society International, were on the hunt for the two people who created this video. The two men responsible for throwing an innocent dog from a roof were finally arrested, but have since been released on bail.

In the video, an Indian man can be seen holding a small dog by the neck and hindquarters. The dog is poised on the edge of a rooftop, looking fearful and making fearful sounds. The man looks directly at the camera and throws the dog from the roof. The camera follows the dog as the poor thing flies through the air and hits the ground far below, at which point the video ends.

The two men who made this video have been identified as medical students in their final year at Tamil Nadu’s Madha Medical College in Chennai, India. Gautam Sudarshan was responsible for throwing the dog from the roof and Ashish Pal was the videographer, according to NDTV. It is reported that the two students have been suspended from their college.

Originally, the dog in the video was thought to be dead, but later reports indicated that the little pup was found alive. Karthik Dhandapani is an animal rights activist in India who originally brought attention to the video via the web. Another animal rights activist named Shravan Krishnan also confirmed that the dog was alive, posting a photo of himself with the injured dog.

The Telegraph reports that the dog was found by Krishnan hiding under the staircase of the building she was thrown from. Her back legs were severely injured, making even standing difficult. When Krishnan picked her up, she peed out of fear. But in spite of all this, “she was still wagging her tail,” Krishnan says.

According to the BBC, the little dog has been named “Bhadra” which in Hindi, translates to “blessed.” A video posted to Twitter can be seen of Bhadra wagging her tail and standing, in spite of her injuries. She is truly a survivor.

Sudarshan and Pal were arrested after a social media firestorm ensued in an attempt to identify and locate the criminals in the video. After their arrest, the judge granted to the two men bail, much to the disappointment of activists.

Krishnan posted to his Facebook page in response to the students receiving bail, “Those criminals have come out on BAIL. This is how ‘strong’ the animal welfare laws are. With video evidence and so much of public outrage we couldn’t remand them even for one day . We are extremely disappointed and it’s a ‘Black Day’ for Animal Welfare in India.”

The BBC states that activists are currently petitioning for harsher penalties.

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