Dog Trapped in Barbed Wire Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently got involved in a case of animal cruelty with a dog that was tied up in a field in the East Hants region.

Officials responded to an emergency call late at night in which they were alerted about a dog being tied up in a field and unable to move. Once the officers rescued the dog they were surprised to find that in addition to being tied up the dog was also caught in some barbed wire.

As soon as the dog was free she was rushed to the metro emergency hospital where she was anesthetized in order to remove the barbed wire from her tangled fur.
Currently, the dog is in custody of the SPCA where she is being cared for while the association searches for her owner.

The Nova Scotia SPCA asks that if anyone knows anything about this situation or about who owns the dog, please call 1-888-703-7722 and ask to speak to Cst. Landsburg.
For more information visit the organizations Facebook page here.

Image Via Nova Scotia SPCA Facebook.

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