This Teen Attempts the Impossible in Hopes of Getting a Puppy

Clara Foster, a senior at the High School for the Preforming and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas thought of a creative way to get herself a puppy.

Clara texted her dad asking how many retweets she would need to get a puppy and when he said 1,000,000 she talked him down to a more reasonable number at 100,000. This is still tough for someone with only around 1000 followers so if you want to go help her out visit her Twitter profile @claraf_ication and give her a retweet or check out the embedded tweet below! As of March 16, about 2 weeks into her challenge she has received a total of 51,000 retweets!

The puppy she plans to get is from her cousin’s litter and she has already named him Olly and he can be seen above.

UPDATE: As of March 18th Clara is at 88 000 retweets, way to go!

Image Via Twitter

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