Stranger Does The Unimaginable When a Dog Is Hit By a Car

Eric & Injured Dog

A stranger stayed with an injured dog in the rain until Solano County’s animal control could rescue the dog.

A photo of a man assisting a dog who had been struck by a car was posted by Solano County Sheriff’s on Facebook and has been shocking the web since March 12, as it has been shared over 600 times.

The Good Samaritan, who is recognized as Eric witnessed a hit and run involving a dog and stopped his car to check on the dog right away. Deputies reported that they found Eric lying on the ground, in the rain, comforting the dog while awaiting assistance from animal control. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office wrote “We would like to thank Eric for not looking the other way and driving by – He went above and beyond to help this injured dog” on their Facebook page. Unfortunately the dog didn’t survive the hit and run, however it’s always good to know there are people out there willing to go out of their way to commit an act of kindness.

The Sheriff’s Department applauded Eric for his good deed along with enormous support received from the community.

“Our community is truly amazing,” posted the Solano Sheriffs on their Facebook.

References & Image Via ABC10

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