So Sweet: Watch What this Animal Shelter Staffer Does for a Suffering Dog

Prissy is a 4-year-old hound mix who was found abandoned in a junkyard in Tennessee with her three puppies. The dogs were brought to the Conway Area Humane Society where Prissy needed to be spayed. Virginia Moore – the executive director of the rescue organization – told ABC News that like many dogs who wake up from anesthesia, Prissy “was having a tough time.”

But one Kennel Supervisor at Conway Area Humane Society wanted things to be different for Prissy. She wanted to comfort her as she woke up from surgery.

Chrissy Ireland has worked at Conway Area Humane Society since 2009. After seeing that Prissy was having a tough time post-surgery, she decided to do something about it.

“I saw [Prissy] and she was all shaky and she didn’t feel good,” Ireland told ABC News. “It made me feel so sad for her. So I just found myself laying on the floor with her and kissing her and loving her.”

The selfless act was caught on tape by Ireland’s co-worker Debra Cameron, and already the video has gone viral. But Ireland says she was just doing her job.

“Coming out of anesthesia and you’re behind walls and you’re behind a gate; it’s just scary,” she told ABC News. “I know if I was getting fixed and I woke up in a kennel, I’d be scared.”

When humans are put under anesthesia during surgery, an anesthesiologist must be present to ensure the patient is responding well to the anesthesia. The same is true for pets, according to Tufts University Veterinarians. A veterinary anesthesiologist is present to ensure a pet is responding well to the anesthesia. This is because anesthesia takes control of the nervous system and depresses brain function. This process ensures your pet will not wake up because of a bodily response to pain. But once the surgery is over, waking up while coming down from anesthesia can be an uncomfortable process.

Ireland says that she hopes the viral video will help Prissy get adopted. “I think she’d be great in any home and in any situation. I would love to see her go with kids so she can be outside playing in a yard and having a good time.”

CAHS started as a cat adoption center in 2003, and expanded to include a dog adoption center in 2004. Since then, the organization has helped over 10,000 animals who deserve a second chance. In August CAHS will be hosting their 7th Annual Putt for Pets Day to raise money for the shelter. If you cannot attend the event but would still like to help, you can donate via the CAHS website.

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