How Long Did This Dog Wait For His Dead Owner?

A 13-year-old Australian cattle dog was found outside a boarded up home in Mojave, CA. The dog was waiting outside the home for his owner. But sadly, the owner was never going to return.

The dog, now known as Ricky Bobby, was waiting in the yard for his owner. But his owner had died several months before the dog was finally rescued. During those months, a neighbor was keeping him alive with hamburgers and Spam, according to ABC News. It wasn’t until a neighbor contacted Zach Skow from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, CA that Ricky Bobby was finally rescued from his situation.

Skow is the founder and executive director at Marley’s Mutts, and told ABC News that, “at first, [Ricky Bobby] was very defensive, but is now starting to warm up to everybody.” Slowly, Ricky Bobby is growing used to the volunteers who work at Marley’s Mutts.

And when we say slowly – we mean it! Ricky Bobby weighs 108 pounds, classifying him as an obese canine. “We named him Ricky Bobby because it was ironic,” Skow wrote to ABC News. The name Ricky Bobby is in reference to the movie “Talladega Nights” which centers around racecar drivers. But this Ricky Bobby is not speedy.

But true to form, this Ricky Bobby isn’t giving up. He is currently with a foster mom who is devoted to helping him regain his health. “His foster mom is taking him for long walks and giving him the correct amount of food for a good diet,” Anne Klein, the media liaison for Marley’s Mutts, told ABC News.

Fortunately for Ricky Bobby, regaining his health is entirely possible. Marley’s Mutts checked for underlying health problems and found that he was simply obese. “There’s no thyroid problem or nothing,” said Klein.

As the chubby Australian cattle dog continues to improve both his health and his temperament, Marley’s Mutts is hopeful that they can find a forever home for Ricky Bobby. “We WILL get him adopted,” Skow said in his email to ABC News. And when dealing with a dog who was devoted enough to wait months for his owner, that’s exactly the kind of dedication Ricky Bobby deserves

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