HEARTBREAKING – Dog Tied to Shovel & Left to Drown

Dog Tied to Shovel Marina del Ray

A couple of canoers spotted a dead dog tied to a shovel in Marina del Ray.

The group was by Mother’s Beach when they spotted a shovel poking out of the water by the shore so they decided to check it out, and that’s when they discovered that a dog was tied to it.
According to the police the dog was tied to the shovel which was buried quite deep so that it could not escape the high tide and would drown.
Sgt. Jeff Slutske stated that the paddlers moved the animal up to a dry area of the beach and that the dog also had and I.D. tag that will be used in an effort to find who committed this cruel act.
One of the canoers, Malia Zimmerman uploaded a picture of the dog and its I.D. tag on her Facebook in hopes of generating some sort of lead and catching who killed the dog. The tag reads out “Dog License Animal Services 1476765,” if anyone knows anything about this incident or the owner they are encouraged to call the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department at 310-582-6200.

Image Via Facebook

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