Happy National Dog Day! Could This Be the Year You Adopt a New Best Friend?

Forget Christmas and birthdays! National Dog Day is the holiday all dog lovers and their furry friends truly look forward to. Every year on August 26th, dog owners and their four-legged companions have the chance to celebrate the special bond humans and canines share. Across the country, humans and dogs will be enjoying special treats, new adventures, and taking plenty of photos in the process!

But for this year’s National Dog Day, have you considered celebrating by adding a dog to your family? An animal shelter in Knoxville, TN is offering special deals on adoptions in honor of this annual holiday.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that Knoxville animal shelters will be hosting adoption awareness events throughout the day on Friday. One animal shelter will place a reduced fee on the adoption of dogs for the entire week! At the Young-Williams Animal Center, puppies will cost $150, adult dogs will cost $25, and senior dogs aged 6 years or older are free.

The reduced fees are meant to encourage the adoption of dogs in need and discourage future owners from purchasing dogs from unreputable sources. “We continue to discourage people from buying dogs from puppy mills and backyard breeders when shelters are full of wonderful dogs available for adoption,” shelter director Monica Brown told WBIR.COM. In fact, the holiday itself was started in 2004 as a way to encourage and celebrate the adoption of dogs.

But maybe you won’t be near Knoxville during this doggie-holiday season. If you’re still interested in adopting a dog however, the official National Dog Day organization is here to help.

Set to launch this year on August 26th, a database of adoptable dogs has been in the works at National Dog Day. The “adoption portal” will display dogs from several rescue groups that partner with National Dog Day to encourage the adoption of these dogs in need.

For some of us, it may not be the right time to adopt a dog. But dog lovers everywhere are always looking for ways to lend a helping paw. If you can’t adopt this year, try celebrating in any of these other ways:

  • Volunteer – Adoption centers are always looking for assistance. Check you local shelters to see what kinds of volunteer programs are available
  • Donate – Whether it’s money or supplies, animals shelters could always use a little something extra! Blankets, food, water dishes, and toys are all great things to donate. Or you can donate a little money that will be used towards keeping pets healthy and happy.
  • Get the Word Out – Don’t forget to share on social media! Lots of adoption centers will be hosting events on National Dog Day. So spread the word! Maybe you can’t adopt a dog this year, but one of your friends on Facebook might be looking for a new furry friend.

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating! Happy National Dog Day everyone!

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