Activists Go Crazy After She Does This to Her Dogs


A dog owner in Singapore has set off the opinions of activists and many other people around the world after dyeing her pure-bred Chow Chows to look like Pandas. Meng Jiang, pictured above with her three Chow Chows, Toudou (Potato), Yumi (Sweetcorn) and DouDou (Bean) claims that her dogs all had a new level of energy after being dyed.

Meng and her husband brought their dogs over from London when they moved and started off by only dyeing Yumi, but according to Jiang the other dogs were jealous so she proceeded to dye them as well.

Her dogs have been spotted all over Singapore and have become quite popular as people constantly ask to take photos with the “Panda Chows.” Meng used the attention to create a service called Panda Chow Chow which permits people to rent her dogs for photo shoots. However even since her new service was launched she’s been receiving a ton of criticism for cruelty which resulted in the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore to launch an investigation into the Panda Chows. In addition, the Society of Prevention for Cruelty to Animals also expressed that they are strongly against pet owners altering the appearance of their pets as it’s neither natural nor necessary. The SPCA went on to say that “There are also potential side effects with no benefits to the animals – it can be physically harmful and subject the animal to stress in the process. Animals have natural coats and should be appreciated for what they are, rather than trying to alter them artificially.”

Meng obviously denies all accusations of cruelty and on her website claimed that her dogs were naturally white so she used “100% organic” dye to give her dogs a Panda-like appearance. Furthermore she also claimed that two experienced dog groomers were employed to oversee the dyeing process to ensure the dogs were safe and no product ended up in the dogs’ eyes or was ingested.

Everyone has mixed feelings about these Panda Chows; some people think they’re extremely cute and adorable, but on the other hand some think this a horrible and cruel idea. On one side people feel if the dye is organic and safe then there shouldn’t be a problem; however others feel that dogs’ appearances shouldn’t be altered and that the dye could be potentially harmful.  Let us know down below in the comments whether or not you think Meng was justified in her actions.


Image Via Panda Chow Chow Facebook

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