Videos: 5 of the Funniest Dog Tricks

Young or old, it’s always fun to teach a dog new tricks. Some tricks are really impressive – and a few are downright hilarious! We’ve collected five of some of the funniest videos of dog tricks we can find. Think you and your dog could tackle these impressive moves? Take a look!

1. For some dogs, self-control is a tough thing when they are presented with a delicious treat. But what about 12? Watch this dog balancing treats on his snout – without eating any! Hilarious and impressive!


2. Carrying in the groceries can be tiresome. So wouldn’t it be great if someone did it for you? What if that someone was your dog? Watch these golden retrievers assist their owner with the groceries. And they look so happy to help!


3. Dogs tend to make a mess of the house from time to time. Don’t you wish your pup would clean up after themselves once in a while? Well this cutie does! Watch as this dog not only cleans the house – but greets his guest too! We’ve never seen a more adorable host.


4. A dog with road rage? And you thought you’d seen it all during your morning commute. This dog can not only honk the car horn, but has a little attitude to go with it. Eyes on the road everyone. Too funny!


5. Move aside Air Bud, we’ve got some hockey players in the house! We bet your dog can’t play hockey like these pups can. The uniforms are cute as a button on these little dachshunds, and their moves are even better. Check out those slap shots and saves – game on!


Have you seen any other funny dog tricks lately? Think your dog can top these? Let us know in the comments below!

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